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  • 1. Please
  • 2. Simulacrum

Hyperdub kick off 2008 the way they intend to proceed, with new tracks from a new artist! On her debut release, Ikonika comes with her own very unique, warped yet soulful bleep sound. With shape shifting beats that switch styles every few bars its hard to pin these two tracks down...cos if it was easy, it just wouldn't be Hyperdub. Both tunes are one minute minimal, one minute maximal, driven along by Ikonikas's special combination of wonky synth and deep swingin' sub bass melodies that place them somewhere between an early, blocky grime instrumental and the sweeter side of Detroit techno- except with better bass of course! Who needs a vocalist when your synth can sing like this? Another astonishing record from a brilliant forward thinking label! Highly Recommended!