Idris Ackamoor Music of Idris Ackamoor 1971-74

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  • 1. The Shepherds Tune
  • 2. land of Eternal song Suite
  • 3. Lalibela
  • 4. Masenko nights
  • 5. Ya A Ya A
  • 6. The River Ganges
  • 7. Mohgo Naga
  • 8. Queen of the Spirits
  • 9. Aomawa
  • 10. Birt/Speed/Merging
  • 11. Black man of The nile
  • 12. Africa
  • 13. Spritual rebirth
  • 14. Topanga
  • 15. Centurian
  • 16. Cubana

2CD collection of the ex-leader of legendary Afro-spiritual/deep funk/free jazz group from 1970s Ohio (later in SF), The Pyramids. Their music is one of the most deep attempts by African-Americans, deep sounds like Strata-East, aggressive performances like Tribe or Black Jazz, every free jazz/funk collectors should agree on it. Featuring 10 pieces of The Pyramids taken from their 3 albums and unreleased (!) recordings (included first live recording in Holland!). Notably The Pyramids had even stayed in African countries like Morocco, Ghana, Kenya & Ethiopia and studied real African culture & music there in the early 1970s. Do you know other African-American jazz musicians who had done such a road trip in early 1970s?? Also featuring never heard pre-Pyramids, P. Sanders & Strata East recording as The Collective, and 4 pieces from the late '70s to '00s, recording as Idris Ackamoor Quartet/Ensemble. Sixteen pieces in total. All digitally re-mastered in excellent sound shapes. This 2CD set comes in big 'DUO' case with complete English liner notes written by Ackamoor himself, bunch of rare photos (really!) & session datas etc... it must be one of the best deep jazz CDs ever produced!