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  • 1. Sittin On The Side
  • 2. Sittin On The Side (Instrumental)
  • 3. Callin Shots
  • 4. Rock With You
  • 5. Rock With You (Instrumental)
  • 6. Ridin Chrome
WOW! Highly recommended new 12" from this little known Dublin crew on All City Records. Forget about the vocal cuts, Don't mean to be rude but you'll understand why when the needle hits the grooves of "Callin Shots" & "Riddin' Chrome"............wooooaahhhh Mumma! Fans of Sa-Ra & Waajeed etc need to check this out. There's an awful lot of average instrumental beats flying around in the shop at the moment........ Soooooo If you only buy one beats 12" it has to be this one!