Har-You Percussion Group Sounds of the Ghetto Youth (1967)

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  • 1. Feed Me Good
  • 2. Barretts Bag
  • 3. Ngoma
  • 4. Oua Train
  • 5. Welcome to the Party
  • 6. Santa Cruz
  • 7. Tico
  • 8. Har-You Theme
  • 9. Montego Joe's Har-You Postscript

Super-cool, super-rare latin jazz album reissued on the original ESP label with a special bonus track!

Classic indy label latin jazz album from a Harlem youth group that was released on the hippy free jazz/folk label ESP as a positive and creative project for poor kids in the aftermath of the 1964 Harlem riots! The standard of musicianship is so high you would never guess this was recorded by such a young group!

Includes the deep, Coltrane-influenced Oua Train and the dance classics Welcome to the Party and Tico! Ace!

This is the first time this album has been reissued on the original label with the original artwork and it comes with a very special thirteen minute spoken word bonus track of Montego Joe recollecting the circumstances surrounding the album's conception - very interesting stuff!