Glenn Branca Symphony Number 6 (devil Choirs At The Gates Of Heaven)

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  • 1. First Movement
  • 2. Second Movement
  • 3. Third Movement
  • 4. Fourth Movement
  • 5. Fifth Movement

1993 CD release and one of Mr. Branca's absolute masterworks: 10 guitars and bass & drums, beautifully studio-recorded. Originally released by Blast First in 1989. From the liner notes by Tim Holmes: "If one piece of music could possibly be all music, then you're holding it in your hands. I have played this album thousands of times since 1989 & it's still metamorphosing, trillions of layers pealing away translucent sound vibrating new electric worlds the hammer and hum of the infernal/celestial engine...the ubermusik of the spheres, as terrible and gorgeous as desire."