Gil Scott-Heron Storm Music - The Best Of Gil Scott-Heron

  • 1. the revolution will not be televised
  • 2. is that jazz?
  • 3. grandma's hands
  • 4. lady day and john coltrane
  • 5. pieces of a man
  • 6. or down you fall
  • 7. get out of the ghetto blues
  • 8. when you are who you are
  • 9. inner city blues
  • 10. storm music
  • 11. free will
  • 12. the vulture
  • 13. i think i'll call it morning
  • 14. the needle's eye
  • 15. a sign of the ages
  • 16. save the children

'Storm Music' is an excellent 'best of' collection of Gil Scott Heron's music.

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