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  • 1. Net weight
  • 2. Geiom & Spamchop – Geile Zwazo

The Berkane Sol family continues to grow with release number nine, a mesmerizing 12”, that sees Geiom collaborating with 2 of Nottinghams’ most promising producers, Spamchop and Earlybird. 'Geile Zwazo' is a twitchy, unsettling exploration of the dubstep sound, with a churning bassline and demented percussive rhythms, driven through club floors to the hypnotic beat of a broken 4/4 riddim.On the flip, Net Weight surges, from sparse beginnings, into an epic, garage-addled monster.

Skipping, infectious drums propel shuddering bass and distant melodies, through a proper song structure that stems from a haunting, synthesized chorus line. Despite Geiom’s irrepressible musical presence, both collaborators find a clear voice on this 12”.

Spamchops’ techno sensibilities resonate throughout Geile Zwazo’s rumbling bottom end, and Earlybird’s own unique dancefloor style charges headlong into Geiom’s twinkling analogue soundscapes, taking the Berkane Sol library to new heights. 

Big spins from Kode 9 (Hyperdub), Martyn (3024), Joe Nice + Dave Q (Dubwar NYC), Pangaea (Hessle Audio), and both tunes have recently featured on the Mary Anne Hobbs Radio One Experimental show.