French Connections From Discotheque To Discovery

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By 1978 disco culture was so central to the French entertainment media that the country's leading television personality was a transvestite ex-disco dancer. From the mid-eighties Paris evolved to become a leading force in hip-hop, dance and ambience, building the reputations of bands and DJs such as Orange, Motor Base, Air, Daft Punk, Mirwais and Etienne de Crecy. Their music has taken cross-over into the mainstream with Madonna using Mirwais for her 'Music' collection, Daft Punk appearing on a GAP television advertisement, Air laying the soundtrack to a major film, touring the world and collaborating with Beck, and Etienne de Crecy providing the award-winning soundtrack to the worldwide Renault campaign. Drawing on exclusive interviews by many of the leading names and aided by the French Music Bureau, this book provides in-depth accounts of the growth of the biggest names in the scene, from inception to global domination.