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  • 1. Rooms Between Us
  • 2. Memorabilia
  • 3. Leland Sprinkle
  • 4. Horse Opera
  • 5. Worry Your Time
  • 6. Left Right Behind
  • 7. Daniel Fern
  • 8. A Treasure Smile
  • 9. Winter The Heart
  • 10. Answering Echo So Near
  • 11. Dark Early
  • 12. Press:

Numero, well-known for their brilliant archivial 60's and 70's beautifully packaged re-issues, move to slightly new terrain with a more recent offering from digger virtuoso and Personal Space compiler Dante Carfagna, under the cover of Express Rising. Released in 2003, on the obscure Memphix label, this album is the result of a four-year recording process. Wonderfully intimate, piecing together breakbeats and samples of guitar, Wurlitzer, banjo, steel guitar, synthesizer on his Akai four track, and an arcane drum machine. 

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