Ethiopiques 16 Asnaqetch Werqu - The Lady With The Krar

Buda Musique
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  • 1. Tezeta
  • 2. Mèngèdègnaw Lebé
  • 3. Endègèna
  • 4. Mèla Mèla
  • 5. Gubèlyé
  • 6. Sabyé
  • 7. Alèmyé
  • 8. Endénèh Bèlulegn
  • 9. Erèyé Demamu
  • 10. Wègèné
  • 11. Endè Lyèrusalém
  • 12. Lomi Talubat
  • 13. Altchelèwem Berd Nèw
  • 14. Feqryé Tèrèda
  • 15. Shèmonmwanayéwa
  • 16. Feqrié Dèhna Hun
  • 17. Tchela Atbèlègn
  • 18. Gum Gum
  • 19. Eh Lebèl
  • 20. Alèm Shègga
  • 21. Sèla Bèlelegn
  • 22. Mètche Nèw

Before she became famous as a singer and krar (traditional lyre) player, Asnatqèch Wèrqu was known as an actress and a dancer. At a very young age she taught herself the krar, the favourite instrument of the azmari, Ethiopia’s wandering minstrels. She has found the voice to transform the vicissitudes of life into poignant laments or sarcastic ditties,which have earned her respect and recognition. Asnaqètch Wèrq is the last great singer, story-teller and free-thinker to carry on the tradition of 'poetic jousting'.

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