Elbee Bad The Prince Of Dance Music - More True Stories Of House Music

Rush Hour
  • 12" RH 121-12-2 £6.99
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  • 1. Lisa Angel – Show Me
  • 2. Keith, Kat & Blondie – Gotta Get Some Money
  • 3. Lord KCB – I'm Housin' It (Dub Mix)
  • 4. The Wizard & The Prince – The Wiz Is A Genius

Four exclusive tracks from Elbee Bad that conclude the True Story of House music compilation on Rush Hour....more class cuts!

Following the recent Elbee Bad compilation, we bring you four more tracks that were not included on the album. This EP showcases tracks that he produced for and/or with other artists. More classic stuff that was released on some of the leading NYC house labels at the time. Keith, Kat & Blondie for Nu Groove, Lord KCB for Easy Street and The Wizard & The Prince for City Limits.