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    • The Yabby You Sound – Tribal War Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Creation Rock Version
    • The Yabby You Sound – United Africa Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Lord Of Lords Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Dub U So
    • The Yabby You Sound – Black Is Our Colour Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Vengeance In Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Heads A Roll Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Repatriation Rock
    • The Yabby You Sound – Death To All Racist
    • The Yabby You Sound – Aggression Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Warrior No Tarry Yah Version
    • The Yabby You Sound – Now I Know Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Mash Down Rome Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Babylon A Fall Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Man Of The Living Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Time Changing Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Turn Me Loose Dub
    • The Yabby You Sound – Chanting Version
    • The Yabby You Sound – Yabby U Sound
    • The Yabby You Sound – Plague Of Horn *
    • The Yabby You Sound – King Pharaoh Dub *
    • 1. Tribal War Dub
    • 2. Creation Rock Version
    • 3. United Africa Dub
    • 4. Lord Of Lords Dub
    • 5. Dub U So
    • 6. Black Is Our Colour Dub
    • 7. Vengeance In Dub
    • 8. Heads A Roll Dub
    • 9. Repatriation Rock
    • 10. Death To All Racist
    • 11. Aggression Dub
    • 12. Warrior No Tarry Yah Version
    • 13. Now I Know Dub
    • 14. Mash Down Rome Dub
    • 15. Babylon A Fall Dub
    • 16. Man Of The Living Dub
    • 17. Time Changing Dub
    • 18. Turn Me Loose Dub
    • 19. Chanting Version
    • 20. Yabby U Sound
    • 21. Plague Of Horn *
    • 22. King Pharaoh Dub *

    In the early 1970s the island of Jamaica, and in particular its reggae musicians, developed a love affair with small Japanese motor bikes. Honda bikes were eulogised in Big Youth’s ‘S90 Skank’ and Dillinger’s ‘CB200’, whilst their rival was lauded on Shorty The President’s ‘Yamaha Skank’, to name the most obvious examples. The plot of the film ‘Rockers’ revolved around how transformative a motorbike could be, providing a livelihood whilst projecting an image of success in the ghetto. Vivian ‘Yabby You’ Jackson had been fiercely independent as a singer and producer, and the success of his early self-pressed productions, mostly on the Prophets or Vivian Jackson labels, had given him a sense of hard earned autonomy. A motorbike was one of the fruits of his labours, acquired as a way of zipping around the capital’s roads to deliver records and organise recording sessions. His wife Jean could often be see hanging on to the back. Twelve years after his death, she remembers various exploits on the pot-holed roads of Kingston.
    Jean Vencella Williams: ‘His first motorbike was a Honda 50 and then a 100, a Yamaha. I remember the Yamaha, it was a dark blue colour, it must have been from the mid 70s til the early 80s. I used to ride around on the back and we ride all over, like we go to the country cos his mother lived in Clarendon. And he had a little carrier thing for boxes of records, so we go to Mandeville in Manchester, sometimes to Spanish Town fe sell records. Most of the time he sell them to the shops, like Randys, and the people them buy it from there. He had pressing plants like Byron Lee and later Tuff Gong, so when the records pressed we find out the time when we get back the records, which usually was at least a couple of days or about a week. And later when we living in Clarendon we come into Kingston to pick them up at the pressing plant. And when he book the studio he might book two or three days and we come in and usually stay til late.

    ‘He used to carry the records from the different pressing plants on the bike, but because of the rain and weather you know it not so good for the records, and also the sun beating down. Then Wayne Wade had an accident on the Yamaha, and he was hurt quite bad, and he had to go to the hospital for quite a while. Well Yabby didn’t ride it after that, cos it was getting dangerous with so many cars coming in. So he gave up the Yamaha and bought a Toyota Carina, and that car was very good to him. Then the Carina become a little shaky, so he got a Toyota Corolla which he drove until his death.’

    This album presents a sample of the best of those ‘Dubs and Versions’ that Yabby was ferrying around town, whether rarities, B-sides or tracks culled from albums that showcase the breadth of Yabby’s productions between 1975 and 1982.

    This release comes with sleevenotes original artwork. Double vinyl lp and single CD.

    * CD Bonus Tack


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        • – When One Road Close (Another One Go Open)
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            • – East Man Sounds
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                • – Look No Further
                • – Gone Are The Days
                • – Meanwhile Shuffle
                • – Cee Rocka
                • – The Underground
                • – Where The River
                • – Harder
                • – Futile Cause
                • – Down River
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                • Monks Road Social (feat Wonderfulsound) – Golden Day
                • Monks Road Social (feat Matt Deighton) – 12 Bar Remote
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                His third and most adventurous record to date, 'Here And There' is a conscious exploration and deep dive into the waters of life; complex yet harmonious...
                • – Merkato
                • – Weleta
                • – Enate
                • – Ethiopia
                • – Mender
                • – Digis
                • – Maleda
                • – Pendulum
                • – Tinish Tinish
                • – Circles
                • – Abetu
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                  • The Winstons – Wheel Of Fortune
                  • The Winstons – The Days Of Sand And Shovels
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                  • The Winstons – Traces
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