Disrupt The Bass Has Left The Building

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  • 1. The Bass Has Left The building
  • 2. 21st Century Planet Smashas
  • 3. Berzerk Dub
  • 4. Echobombing
  • 5. Bruce Lee
  • 6. Sega Beats
  • 7. Hail The Robots
  • 8. It's More Fun To Dubpute
  • 9. Wir Rufen Die Venus
  • 10. Mission Impossible III
  • 11. Bit Defender
  • 12. Love On

‘The Bass Has Left The Building’ is the long-awaited sequel to Disrupt's debut album ‘Foundation Bit’, which appeared on the wonderful Werk Discs in 2007 and quickly became one of the classic works of modern bass culture. On this new epic voyage Disrupt pushes the genre boundaries of 8Bit-ChipHop, roots dub and old-school gaming soundtracks into one big swirling black hole of low end mayhem.

Raw, ultra-shuffling drum machine action and re-wired skanks create the gateway for a mind bending reference network of retro-SciFi movies, arcade classics and dub soundscapes in infinite loop mode. All riding on a non-stop wave of subsonic bass blasts to ensure an intense outah space blip-trip for all the 21st Century Planet Smashas out there.

Essential Listening!!!