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  • 1. Icy Lake (Original Arena Mix)
  • 2. Icy Lake (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
  • 3. Icy Lake (L-Vis 1990 Fire Alarm Mix)
  • 4. Icy Lake (Total Freedom Remix)
  • 5. Icy Lake (Rashad & NA Remix)

Reissue of this absolute gem of a weirdo, tribal house tune that was championed by the likes of Junior Vasquez in NYC during his Sound Factory reign of the late 90's. Picked up again by Fade To Mind's Total Freedom, this issue (split between Fade To Mind's UK-based sister, Night Slugs) features new remixes from L-Vis 1990, Total Freedom and Rashad & Na, plus the classic original version!