Culture Two Sevens Clash 30th Anniversary Edition

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  • 1. I'm alone in the wilderness
  • 2. Pirate Days
  • 3. Two Sevens Clash
  • 4. Calling Rastafari
  • 5. Im Not Ashamed
  • 6. Get Ready to ride the lion to Zion
  • 7. Black Starliner Must come
  • 8. Jah Pretty Face
  • 9. See Them A Come
  • 10. Natty Dread Taking Over
  • 11. See Dem A Come 12" mix
  • 12. See Dem Dub
  • 13. Natty Dread Taking Over (12" with I Roy)
  • 14. Im Not Ashamed (12" with I Roy)
  • 15. Not Ashamed Dub

C-L-A-S-S-I-C reggae album given the deluxe reissue treatment! Culture were reggae's greatest harmony group and Two Sevens Clash is their best album! It is also a historic recording in that it literally brought the city of Kingston to a standstill and inspired a whole generation of punk rockers! This is the deluxe edition with 5 rare bonus tracks, digital remastering, 12 page booklet with vintage photos plus the story of the record. Comes in a rectangular deluxe package! Essential reggae album (from 1977 when the two sevens clashed in an anticlimax of Biblical proportions)!