Carl Craig The Album Formerly Known As...

Rush hour
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  • 1. Technology
  • 2. They Were
  • 3. Mind Of A Machine
  • 4. Science Fiction
  • 5. One Day Soon
  • 6. Landcrusing
  • 7. Einbahn
  • 8. Home Entertainment
  • 9. Sparkle
  • 10. A Wonderful Life
  • 11. Technoloambient (Max dub)
  • 12. Home Entertainment (Caya dub)

True master of Detroit techno steps up again and shows us his old skool techno side, which made him so popular in the first place. Though this album has been released before as Landcruising some 10 years ago, it has been completely remastered and reworked. It also features a the track Sparkle as well as ambient versions of Teknology and Home Entertainment. This music is timeless anyway and theres plenty of people who missed out on this first time around. An essential piece of Detroit music. Tip!