Carl Craig More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art

    Planet E
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    • Carl Craig – Es 30
    • Carl Craig – Goodbye World
    • Carl Craig – Dreamland
    • Carl Craig – At Les
    • 1. Es 30
    • 2. Televised Green Smoke
    • 3. Goodbye World
    • 4. Alien Talk
    • 5. Red Lights
    • 6. Dreamland
    • 7. Butterfly
    • 8. Act 2
    • 9. Dominas
    • 10. At Les
    • 11. Suspiria
    • 12. As Time Goes By (sitting Under A Tree)
    • 13. Attitude
    • 14. Frustration
    • 15. Food And Art (in The Spirit Of Revolution)

    2014 remastered version of this Carl Craig classic on Planet E.

    A strange, epic follow up to Carl's solo debut, Landcruising. It says "recorded throughout time in Detroit, London and Einhoven" and it does feel like a deep, extensively developed work. Blissful electronic soundscapes are slowly built up, rolled over and spaced out via slow beats, no beats, stunning atmospherics and pure alien transmission. A gorgeous, staggering record of emotional output from an artist at the peak of his powers. 

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      Straight Jacket Greatest Part of Loving YouAthens Of The North

      BACK IN PRINT!!!

      Amazing Detroit Modern soul / boogie 45. Very very sought after lovely record brought back into the limelight by Athens Of The North!

      • – Greatest Part Of Loving
      • – Fun
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      CalypsoSoul Jazz Records

      Deluxe CD, 2xLP (+ free download) and worldwide digital 

      Available in all good retail and internet stores  from 2 June 2014 or direct from Soul Jazz Records right now!

          This new album features the music of Calypso in its many styles. Included is music from its birthplace - the island of Trinidad - as well as a number of other Caribbean islands (including Jamaica and the Bahamas) and its subsequent onwards journey (Britain, Panama and the United States), recorded during the years 1955-69.

      Calypso is one of the most exciting and enduring forms of musical expression to emerge from the beginning of the 20th century - swinging, persuasive rhythm, brilliantly expressive melodies and lyrics of great humour and wisdom.

      Calypsonians songs play out a role in society similar to the storytelling Griots of West Africa (and the corresponding music of Kaiso); with their own tales about popular and incredible news items, modern life, local politics all mixed up with sexual innuendo, one-upmanship, comedy and more.

      At its source, Calypso is intricately and inextricably bound to the social history of Trinidad and its myriad of traditions, beliefs, folklore and fables. As the music spread around the world, both from the diaspora of many of its performers, as well as its commercial success, the subjects of songs similarly took on local topics.

      The most notable singer of Calypso in England was the Trinidadian Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts), who came to Britain in 1948 on HMS Empire Windrush  (along with fellow Calypsonians Lord Beginner and Lord Woodbine).

      Here on this album you will also find other members of Calypso’s aristocracy & royalty – including Lord Cobra, Lord Hummingbird, Lord Growler, King Fighter, Lord Byron, The Mighty Viper, Lord Ivanhoe & more.

      The songs vividly capture the popular news stories and fashions of the era - the first Man on the Moon, James Bond’s Pussy Galore, bed bugs, Voodoo, love in cemeteries, West Indians in England, Bossa Nova, the Iron Curtain, and a story of a white man who had a black heart transplant operation.

      This album celebrates a criminally unsung and under-documented art form in the modern age and comes with extensive sleevenotes on the history, social context and geography of Calypso, as well as exclusive and stunning photography, original artwork and notes on all the artists and songs featured.

      CD with 50 pages of notes, labels and exclusive photos in slipcase. 2xLP gatefold heavy vinyl + full notes, insert, free download code. Worldwide Digital release.


      "Decades before hip-hop became black America's most visible news source, Caribbean and British calypso stars were singing about current events in lilting tunes so seemingly carefree you barely noticed how sharply they were sticking it to the man. With chatty and conversational voices front and center, carnival stars like Viper, Lord Hummingbird and Lord Flea delivered their sass amid suave, jaunty horns and percolating Afro-Caribbean percussion. This collection focuses more on pop culture than on politics: Lord Cobra's enthusiastic account of the 1969 moon landing, for example, is followed by Young Growler's bawdy celebration of James Bond consort "Pussy Galore." Calypso's predominant voice, Lord Kitchener, is represented by the hilarious "Love in the Cemetery," wherein a resident warns him, "Mister, you be brave / To be bringin' your girlfriend atop me grave."

      Top 50 best reissues of 2014 - Rolling Stone magazine

      • Lord Cobra – Man On The Moon
      • Young Growler – Pussy Galore
      • Lord Hummingbird – Teenage Bossa Nova Girl
      • Lord Byron – Yes Parrsin
      • Cyril Diaz Orchestra – Voodoo
      • Lord Flea – Out De Fire
      • Brownie – The Bed Bug Song
      • Count Zebra & The Seasiders – Cat 'O' Nine
      • Carlos Malcolm – Elena
      • Azie Lawrence – West Indians In England
      • Lord Cobra – Negro Heart
      • Lord Kitchener – Love In The Cemetery
      • Charlie Binger Quartet – Jamaica Is The Place To Go
      • Mighty Dougla – Exhange Is No Robbery
      • Viper – Dog Better Than Man
      • Lord Kitchener – Jamaican Woman
      • J.B. Williams Band – Gee Bongo Lay
      • Lord Ivanhoe – Lift The Iron Curtain
      • King Fighter – People Will Talk
      Model 500Digital SolutionsMetroplex

      It's the third Model 500 album, and the first in 16 years, following 1995's Deep Space and '99's Mind And Body, both of which came out on R&S Records. 'Digital Solutions' has a rootsy Detroit techno feel drawing upon the sounds of old-school electro, disco and funk. Killer! 

      • – Hi NRG
      • – Electric Night
      • – Standing in Tomorrow
      • – Encounter
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      • 2×LP£16.99
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      Motor City Drum Ensemble Raw Cuts Remixes - Marcellus Pittman / Mike Huckaby / Recloose MCDE

      Its fair to say that Motor City Drum Ensemble "Raw Cuts" 12" series have become modern house classics gaining love from everyone from Moodymann to Gilles Peterson.  Fuelled by his love of deep Detroit house and disco, it is only right that those who inspired should tackle the remixes.  3 Chairs member Marcellus Pittman, deep house synth nerd Mike Huckaby and Recloose = brilliant! 

      • – Marcellus Pittman Remix
      • – Mike Huckaby Remix
      • – Recloose Remix
      • 12"£7.99
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      Cooly G Wait Til NightHyperdub

      Cooly G is one of the best artists in the UK and we love this album. Cooly's second album release for Hyperdub hints at R’n'B, reggae sound system culture, dark synthpop and beyond. Her wry, seductive streak remains intact amongst the suggestive track titles...

      • – Wait til Night
      • – Like a Woman Should
      • – Your Sex
      • – I Like
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      • CD£10.99
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      AzimuthAzimuth (1975)Far Out Recordings

      Far Out reissue the stunning debut album from Brazilian fusion jazz trio Azymuth (here as 'Azimuth'), originally released in 1975! 

      • – Melô Dos Dois Bicudos
      • – Faça De Conta
      • – Estrada Dos Deuses
      • – Esperando Minha Vez
      • – Manhã
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      • CD£9.99
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      Mestre Cupijo E Seu Ritmo Siria Analog Africa

      Breathtaking, full of life bass heavy tropical music from the Amazon - courtesy of amazing worldwide diggers Analog Africa! Introducing here a very little explored genre, Siria; a cross pollination between the music of the inhabitants of the Quilombos, (a Brazilian hinterland settlement founded by escaped slaves of African origins) and the Indigenous People of the Amazon Rainforest.  Mestre Cupijo brings a refreshing "street party" twist to the sound over these infectious, pulsing set of tracks.  Hand-picked from six Mestre Cupijo albums, recorded between 1975 - 1982. 

      • – Mingau De Acai
      • – Mambo Do Martelo
      • – Morena Do Rio Mutuaca
      • – Ventinho Do Norte
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      • LP£16.99
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      Black Fire ! New Spirits !Soul Jazz Records

      Soul Jazz Records’ new release Black Fire! New Spirits! is a deluxe double CD (and limited triple LP) exploring deep, radical and spiritual jazz in the USA in the period 1957-1975.

      In the 1960s and into the 1970s jazz music in the USA was in an almost constant state of revolution, with the music and lives of African-American artists radicalised by the advent of the civil rights movement, Black Power, and a new spiritual awakening.

      For over 20 years now Soul Jazz Records have been exploring this rich area of deep and spiritual jazz music with an array of albums such as Freedom, Rhythm and Sound, Universal Sounds of America, New Thing, Soul Jazz Love Strata East and more. Soul Jazz Records have also released a steady stream of reissues of lost and classic deep jazz releases over the years from artists such as Art Ensemble of Chicago, Steve Reid, Pharaoh Sanders and others.

      This new album features groundbreaking and revolutionary artists such as Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, The Last Poets and Yusef Lateef as well as many rare and deep lost tracks from lesser known artists such as Creative Artists Ensemble, Granchan Moncur, Lloyd McNeill, Tyrone Washington and others.

      This album coincides with the recent ‘Black Fire! New Spirits! Images of A Revolution: Radical Jazz in the USA 1960-75’ book, published by Soul Jazz Books, which as well as including pioneering artists such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Roland Kirk and Alice Coltrane also features many of the artists included in this album. 


      "This double-disc set is the companion soundtrack to Soul Jazz's book of the same name. It documents 14 wide-ranging tracks by well-known foundational artists and those who followed the New Thing path to other realms during a fertile period during and after the Civil Rights Era. Soul Jazz has always done an admirable job both in curation and presentation." All Music

      Read full All Music review here

      • Yusef Lateef – Chang, Chang, Chang
      • The Last Poets – It's A Trip
      • Don Cherry – Utopia and Visions
      • Richard Davis – Dealin'
      • Archie Shepp and Jeanne Lee – Blase
      • Harold McKinney and The Creative Profile – In The Moog
      • Grachan Moncur III and The Jazz Composers Orchestra – Angela's Angel
      • Creative Arts Ensemble – Flashback Of Time
      • David Lee Jr – Second Line March
      • Lloyd McNeill and Marshall Hawkins – The Banjo Lesson
      • Tyrone Washington – Universal Spiritual Revolt
      • Pheeroan Ak Laff – Tzaddi Vau (Part 1)
      • Joe Henderson – Black Narcissus
      • Doug Hammond – Spaces and Things
      Psyche / BFC Elements 1989–1990 (2013 Remastered Version) Planet E

      Double gatefold, triple vinyl release of seminal early 90's works from Carl Craig! ALL TIME TECHNO CLASSIC!!!! 

      Long-out-of-print for donkey's years this is an essential purchase! Psyche / BFC is Carl Craig's most seminal and influential works. This compliation followed several single 12" releases for Transmat released between 89-1990 and has never had a reissue since it's first release until now! 

      Created using a borrowed 4-track, an Alesis MMT8 sequencer, and HR-16 drum machine, with some of the tracks mixed or/and recorded at Derrick May's studio in Detroit, as well as edits from Anthony 'Shake' Shakir. Carl Craig cites a vast and varied palette of influences from Liaisons Dangereuse, Todd Terry to UK ravers Shut Up and Dance. These groundbreaking futurist breaks-techno tracks raised the bar with electronic / techno producers and inspired a whole new generation.  

      This special edition comes with three additional tracks to the original vinyl version: ‘Crackdown’, ‘Andromeda’ and ‘Evolution’ and is limited to only 1000 copies worldwide so don't sleep! 

      • Psyche – Elements
      • Psyche – From Beyond
      • Psyche – Neurotic Behavior
      • BFC – Chicken Noodle Soup
      • BFC – Galaxy
      • BFC – D.Funk
      • Psyche – Crackdown
      • Psyche – Andromeda
      • BFC – Evolution
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      Andrew HillGrass Roots (1968)Blue Note

      Andrew Hill's best album, very highy recommended!

      • – Mira
      Paperclip People The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich Planet E

      ALL TIME CLASSIC TECHNO from Carl Craig

      Polished up, remastered edition of this 1996 classic compilation from Carl Craig under one of his many aliases, complete with brand new artwork.  Some of Carl Craig's finest work - featuring classics "Oscillator", "Climax" & "Throw".  Groundbreaking material and continues innovate until this day - ruddy brilliant!

      • – oscillator
      • – paperclip man
      • – the climax
      • – floor
      • – throw
      • – steam
      • 2×LP£14.99
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      Getatchew MekuryaEthiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 5L'Arome Productions

      The fifth in the Modern Music series! 

      Gétatchèw Mèkurya is probably the most revered veteran of Ethiopian saxophone. A real giant, both physically and musically. Not only is he at the very top level of Ethiopian saxophonists, but he is the “inventor” of an extremely distinctive musical “style”.

      • – Ambassel
      • – Almaz Yeharerwa
      • – Yene Hassab Gwadegna
      • – Shemonmwanye
      • – Yegenet Muziqua
      • – Gofere/Antchi Hoye
      • – Akale Wube
      • – Aynotche Terabu
      • – Muziqua Heywete
      • – Tezeta
      • LP£13.99
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      Voices Of DarknessVoices Of DarknessSuperfly

      Long-awaited Superfly reissue of legendary Nigerian Funk UFO LP, this record is so rare in its original format that only a handfull of copies are known to be in existence, co-produced with Voodoo Funk, this LP is filled with Afro Funk nuggets, check 'Mota Ginya' or 'We're Gonna Make It'. As usual, beautiful quality repress with paste on covers made in Japan and 180gm vinyl, limited to 1000 copies only!

      • – We're Gonna Make It
      • – No More Tears To Cry
      • – Caution
      • New LP (180g)£19.99
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      Kerri ChandlerAtmosphere EP Vol. 1 (Reissue)Shelter Records

      Classic Mid 90's Deep, New Jersey latenight house from the mighty Kerri Chandler, labelled as his finest output alongside his Album 'A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin'' Essential!

      • – Track 1
      • – Track 2
      • – Climax 1
      • – Climax 2
      • Reissue 12"£7.99
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      Baden PowellA Vontade (1964)Universal Sound

      Soul Jazz Records Original Brazil Classics:

      Brazilian guitarist and composer Baden Powell successfully radicalised and revolutionised Brazilian music when his album 'Baden Powell A Vontade' was first released in 1964.

      Powell and his songwriting partner, the celebrated Brazilian poet and diplomat Vinicius de Moraes launched with this album a new style known as Afro-Bossa, which connected Bossa Nova, Jazz and the heavyweight Afro-Brazilian rhythms of north-east Brazil to stunning effect.

      After succeeding in launching the bossa nova movement with his fellow composer Tom Jobim and singer Joao Gilberto, the poet and diplomat, Vinicius de Moraes, this time in partnership with the genius young guitarist Powell, looked deep into Afro-Brazilian culture for his inspiration.

      This resulted in a set of classic new songs such as Berimbau, Candomblé and Consoloçao all of which featured on the album Baden Powell a Vontade for the first time.

      These songs became standards in Brazilian music almost overnight (and remain so today) having been covered by everyone from Elis Regina, Edu Lobo, Nara Leao, Sergio Mendes and many 100s more.

      This album was the debut Baden Powell release on the super cool Elenco Records, an independent label in Rio de Janeiro set by Aloysio de Oliveira,  that was at the forefront of the Bossa Nova scene throughout the early 1960s. Elenco Records released many stunning albums by Powell, Sergio Mendes, Tom Jobim, Nara Leao, Vinicius de Moraes and other legends of Brazilian music.

      Baden Powell A Vontade features the iconic, stark and stunning artwork of the designer Cesar G Villesa, whose classic minimal black, white and red designs helped define the style of Bossa Nova throughout the world and for generations to come.

      This is a bespoke high quality box-edition hardback-cased card CD edition of this seminal album with exact-reproduction artwork from the original album.

      There is also a very collectable limited edition (1000 worldwide), exact-repro vinyl edition with a hardback American-pressed heavy card sleeve and also a heavyweight 180 gm vinyl pressing.

      • – Garota De Ipanema
      • – Berimbau
      • – O Astronauta
      • – Consolacao
      • – Sorongaio
      • – Samba Do Aviao
      • – Saudades Da Bahia
      • – Candomble
      • – Conversa De Poeta
      • – Samba Triste
      • New LP (180g)£17.99
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      • CD£11.99
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      • MP3 Release£7.99
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      TransllusionThe Opening Of The Cerebral Gate Tresor

      Back in stock! A C-L-A-S-S-I-C electro album by Drexciya under their Transllusion guise!

      Produced by the late James Marcel Stinson and released in 2001 via Supremat, a short-lived sub label Tresor dedicated to a more abstract and experimental electro sound, “The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate” was conceived as the second part of the so-called Drexciyan Storms – a whopping stack of seven albums by the Detroit pair released under different monikers within a single year (the Tresor album “Harnessed The Storm” being the first). Informed by esoteric concepts, the music on this brilliant album is chock full of hypercharged arpeggios and driving pulse patterns. BRILLIANT.

      • – Transmission Of Life
      • – Negative Flash
      • – Walking With Clouds
      • – Cerebral Cortex Malfunction
      • – Cluben In Guyana
      • – Look Within
      • – Unordinary Realities
      • – Dimensional Glide
      • – War Of The Clones
      • – Crossing Into The Mental Astroplane
      • – Do You Want To Get Down?
      • – Do You Want To Get Down? (Vocal De Void)
      • 3×LP£20.99
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      • CD£7.99
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      Toby Tobias Rising SonDelusions Of Grandeur

      Seven years after his debut album 'Space Shuffle', Toby Tobias returns on Delusions Of Grandeur with 'Rising Son'. The wait has been worthwhile as we see more of the London producer's influences shine through his hardware excursions. The album goes right across the spectrum from downtempo to IDM to house music. The common thread is the futuristic sci-fi feel drawing on elements of Detroit Techno, Chicago House, Synth Boogie, Ambient, Deep House, Balearic and Electronica. This long player is rich in melody and shine - a classy offering from Mr Tobias.

      • – The Wonder (feat Be Atwell)
      • – Love Affair
      • – Hot 22
      • – Sloflava
      • – Only Getting Better (feat Be Atwell)
      • – Sending Signals
      • – I Robot
      • – Broken Computer
      • – Ban Co Nights
      • – Vague Vogue
      • – Friday Analogue Jam
      • – Whisper It
      • – Weird Danger
      • – Headway
      • 2×LP + Bonus CD£15.99
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      • CD£9.99
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      Saturday Night FeverOriginal Movie Soundtrack (1977)RSO

      Does anyone know this record? Or what the film is like? Very obscure film from 1977 with surprisingly good tunes throughout. Someone should reissue this.

      • Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing
      • Original 2×LP£9.99
        Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' money-back guarantee!
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      Joe Le BonHouse Music Love MusicMoods & Grooves

      Over the last sixteen years Moods & Grooves has amassed a staggeringly impressive label family that includes names like Theo Parrish, Mr G, Kyle Hall, Rick Wade, Andres & Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann. Now, the legendary Detroit label returns with a strong thirteen-track, deep house odyssey from veteran DJ & producer Joe Le Bon, younger brother of Simon.

        • 2×LP£15.99
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        • CD£14.99
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        RevelationGet Ready for This / Where It's Warm (1975)RSO

        The A side is a wicked early Philly sound Disco tune, and there's a nice Modern Soul tune on the flip.


        • – Get Ready for This
        • – Where It's Warm