Brenda Holloway The Artistry Of Brenda Holloway

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  • 1. Together 'Til The End Of Time
  • 2. Every Little Bit Hurts
  • 3. Where Were You
  • 4. I've Got To Find It
  • 5. Unchained Melody
  • 6. Hurt A Little Every Day
  • 7. I'll Be Available
  • 8. You've Made Me So Very Happy
  • 9. I've Been Good To You
  • 10. Too Proud To Cry
  • 11. I'll Always Love You
  • 12. Operator
  • 13. When I'm Gone
  • 14. You Can Cry On My Shoulder
  • 15. Just Look What You've Done
  • 16. Starting The Hurt All Over Again
  • 17. Mr Lifeguard (Come And Rescue Me)
  • 18. My Smile Is Just A Frown Turned Upside Down
  • 19. After All That You've Done
  • 20. The Love Line
  • 21. Can't We Be Strangers Again
  • 22. Just Another Lonely Night
  • 23. Where There's A Will There's A Way
  • 24. It's Love I Need

Most of the tracks are soulful ballads, at which Brenda was one of Motown’s foremost exponents. Even her most successful song, albeit as a writer rather than as a performer, ‘You’ve Made Me So Very Happy’, was arranged as a ballad, despite Brenda’s dogged insistence it should be cut as an up-tempo number. Her instincts were proved right when Blood, Sweat & Tears had a #2 hit with the song in 1969, in a jazz-rock arrangement. Brenda’s only up-tempo A-side for Motown, ‘Just Look What You’ve Done’, shows that she was more than capable of handling this kind of material. - See more at: