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  • 1. Head Start
  • 2. Freaky Zeke
  • 3. Beatle Ballads A. Blackbird, B. Julia, C. I Will
  • 4. Lanoola Goes Limp
  • 5. the fling dutchman
  • 6. Part 1. Pickin´ Taters Blues
  • 7. Part 2. Oh Didn´t He Ramble / High Society
  • 8. Part 3. Jungle Sound
  • 9. Part 4. Swing Era
  • 10. Part 5. Be Bop
  • 11. Part 6. In The Vineyard / Avant Garde
  • 12. Lament For John Coltrane
  • 13. A Love Supreme
  • 14. Holiday For A Graveyard
  • 15. A Few Thoughts For The Day (Biafra, King John And Robert, The American Indian)

“Head Start” was nothing short of a manifesto by Flying Dutchman boss Bob Thiele. The four sides include a history of jazz, an electronic experiment, some finger-poppin’ hip soul jazz and a tribute to John Coltrane, whom Bob had produced at ABC Impulse where he made his greatest artistic statements. The Coltrane tribute side is the album’s finest moment and features his drummer Elvin Jones, New York radio DJ Rosko and an otherwise unavailable Ornette Coleman cut. The rest of the album is equally fascinating and includes such names as Tom Scott, Horace Tapscott, Howard Roberts, Joe Pass and Jon Appleton. This is the first time the album has been reissued.