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                Airto de MoreiraSamba De Flora (1980)Soul Jazz Records

                Soul Jazz Records are re-releasing Airto Moreira’s classic album ‘Samba de Flora’, out of print for 30 years ever since its original release in 1988. The album is very limited to just 1000 copies only, pressed on both vinyl and CD.

                The impact of Airto Moreira in both the world of American jazz and in Brazilian music is unparalleled. At the start of the 1970s Airto was invited to join Miles Davis’ groundbreaking ‘electric’ group, which with albums such as the seminal ‘Bitches Brew’ helping Davis regain his title from John Coltrane as the most important jazz artist of all time.

                Two years later Airto helped establish two of the most important jazz fusion groups of all time: Weather Report, with Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul and Miroslav Vituous; and Return to Forever, with Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Flora Purim.

                Airto Moreira also began his solo career in the USA in 1970, and alongside his wife, the singer Flora Purim, and Brazilian artists such as Hermeto Pascoal, Sivuca, Deodato, Raul de Souza, Azymuth, all played a major part in the Latinised sound of American jazz fusion throughout the 1970s.

                By this time Airto established himself in the USA in the 1970s, he had already had a formidable career back in Brazil in the 1960s as an important figure in the Bossa Nova movement, which soon after spread throughout the world. Airto played in a number of important groups during this time – Quarteto Novo Sambalanco Trio and Sambrassa Trio (all of with Hermeto Pascoal) – which proved to be three of the most ground-breaking groups of this era.

                The album ‘Samba de Flora’, including the seminal jazz dance title track, is a masterpiece of jazz and Brazilian fusion and features Airto Moreira alongside Flora Purim, fellow Brazilian artist Raul de Souza and heavyweight USA jazz musicians Alphonso Johnson, percussionist Don Alias (from Stone Alliance), Cuban conga player Cachete and Argentinian pianist Jorge Dalto.

                The album was originally released on the small independent Montuno Record label (which was run out of the unassuming Record Mart record store situated in the Times Square underground subway station!) and has been unavailable for many, many years.

                This album is fully re-mastered and re-released by Soul Jazz Records for the first time ever, packaged in full original artwork on both vinyl (+ download code) and CD.

                • Airto – Parana
                • Airto – Samba De Flora
                • Airto – La Puerta
                • Airto – Dedos
                • Airto – Yanah Amina
                • Airto – El Fiasco
                • Airto – Mulambo
                • Airto – Latin Woman
                Mammal HandsCaptured SpiritsGondwana Records

                Mammal Hands return to Gondwana with their refreshingly original sound from a disparate array of influences, drawing on spiritual jazz and classical music to create something inimitably their own.

                • – Chaser
                • – Chaser
                • – Late Bloomer
                • – Versus Shapes
                • – Spiral Stair
                • – Floating World
                • – Riddle
                • – Rhizome
                • – Shoreless
                • – Into Sparks
                • – Little One
                • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£27.00
                  Limited clear vinyl version
                  Out of stock
                • CD£13.00
                  Out of stock
                Lloyd McNeillElegiaSoul Jazz Records

                Super rare deep spiritual jazz album with a heavy Brazilian influence featuring Nana Vasconceles, Dom Salvador, Portinho, Cecil McBee and more. Originally released privately by the artist and flautist Lloyd McNeill in 1980 and out of print for nearly 40 years.

                Soul Jazz Records' newly remastered edition of ‘Elegia’ is released as a limited-edition 1000-copies worldwide on Vinyl (+ download) and 1000-copies worldwide CD edition.
                Lloyd McNeill is a cultural polymath – a multi- disciplinarian flautist, painter, academic, poet, and photographer – who has worked with everyone from Mulatu Astatke to Nina Simone, Eric Dolphy and Nana Vasconcelos (and as a painter was befriended by Picasso!). McNeill grew up during the era of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and his life and work is a reflection of those ideals. All of his music was only ever released on his own private-press record label, echoing the Civil Rights and African-American themes of the era - black economic empowerment and self- sufficiency – and there is a beautiful spirituality in all his music.

                This is the fifth Lloyd McNeill album that Soul Jazz Records have made newly available and follows on from the earlier McNeill albums ‘Asha’ (1969), ‘Tanner Suite’ (1969), ‘Washington Suite’ (1970) and 'Treasures’ (1976) all now reissued by Soul Jazz Records.

                • Lloyd McNeill – Samba For The Animals
                • Lloyd McNeill – Behind The Wind
                • Lloyd McNeill – Asha II
                • Lloyd McNeill – Elegiac Suite For Elizabeth
                • Lloyd McNeill – Striped Pants
                • Lloyd McNeill – Memory Cycle
                Matthew HalsallSalute to the SunGondwana Records

                'Salute to the Sun' features lush, wholly improvised tunes inspired by "ambient rainforest and jungle field recordings", deeply soulful music built around hypnotic harp and kalimba patterns; deep Strata-East inspired spiritual jazz grooves and some of Halsall's most beautiful playing and inspiring healing melodies yet recorded. Stunning release!

                • – Harmony with Nature
                • – Joyful Spirits of the Universe
                • – Canopy & Stars
                • – Mindfulness Meditations
                • – Tropical Landscapes
                • – Salute to the Sun
                • – The Energy of Life
                • 2xLP (+ Download Code)£24.00
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                Studio One Records Official Sweatshirt - NAVY or GREYOfficial SweatshirtStudio One/Soul Jazz Records

                Exclusive Studio One Official Sweatshirt!

                One size (large) fits all.


                  GoGo PenguinMan Made ObjectBlue Note

                  Gilles Peterson's hottest tip!

                  Man Made Object is the exciting new release from GoGo Penguin on the iconic Blue Note Records, a follow up to their previous album, v2.0, which saw itself on the Mercury shortlist. Although they're an acoustic band, GoGo Penguin’s music draws from many areas of contemporary electronic music, one where you can hear arcade game bleeps, glitchy breakbeats, hypnotic Aphex-style melodies, grinding basslines and a rumbling low-end. It has been described as “acoustic electronica”, which perfectly sums up the writing process.

                  • – Allres
                  • – Unspeakable World
                  • – Branches Break
                  • – Weird Cat
                  • – Quiet Mind
                  • – Smarra
                  • – Initiate
                  • – Gbfisysih
                  • – Surrender To Mountain
                  • – Protest
                  • – Fading: Feigning
                  • LP£27.99
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                  • CD£11.99
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                  Lee Perry & FriendsBlack Art From The Black ArkPressure Sounds

                  Rare and unreleased roots recordings from The Black Ark and producer Lee Perry with various singers & players featuring two dubplate cuts from Junior Murvin & Jimmy Riley, Lord Creator's killer 2nd cut of "Such Is Life", Henrick Nicholson 12" mix of "Brotherly Love" and many more. Highly recommended!

                  • – Roots Train - Junior Murvin (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
                  • – Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
                  • – Set Up Yourself – The Upsetters
                  • – Brotherly Love – Henrick Nicholson (12” mix)
                  • – Let’s Fall in Love – Junior Murvin
                  • – Say a Little Prayer – Eric Donaldson (12” mix)
                  • – I Never Had It So Good – Jimmy Riley
                  • – Mister Craven – Junior Murvin
                  • – Such Is Life – Lord Creator (12” mix)
                  • – Such Is Life Version – The Upsetters
                  • – Nuh Fi Run It Down – Danny Clarke
                  • – Nuh Fi Run It Down Version – The Upsetters
                  • – What a Sin – Lee Perry (extended mix)
                  • – Ska Baby – Bobby Ellis
                  • – Ska Version – The Upsetters
                  • – Beard Man Shuffle – The Upsetters
                  • – Oh Me Oh My – Bree Daniels CD Bonus track
                  • – Oh Me Oh Dub – The Upsetters Cd Bonus track
                  • 1. – Roots Train - Junior Murvin (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
                  • 2. – Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
                  • 3. – Set Up Yourself – The Upsetters
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  Studio One SoulSoul Jazz Records

                  More classic Reggae from Jamaica's most important label ever .

                  Studio One Soul tracks the link between American Funk and Soul and Jamaican Reggae at the legendary Studio One Records.

                  Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Temptations, King Floyd, Booker T and The MGs - all these artists had a huge influence on Jamaican artists and this CD contains versions of songs by all of them. Featuring classic and rare Reggae Funk and Soul cuts from the Reggae giants alongside rarer cuts, Studio One Soul spans over 20 years of classic Reggae from the Rocksteady Funk through to the deep Roots music.

                  Following on from Studio One Rockers, this second journey into the vaults of Studio One tells the story of the important link between American Funk and Soul and Jamaican Reggae. Ranging from music taken from the mid-1960s (and the arrival of Rocksteady) through to the beginning of the 1980s, Studio One Soul features versions of US Funk and Soul hits (many rarely heard before) from some of the many classic artists who recorded at Studio One. American Soul music has always been an important influence on Jamaican Reggae.

                  The beginning of the Jamaican recording industry at the end of the 1950s started with Clement "Coxsone" Dodd (owner of Studio One) and a group of select in-house musicians (originally The Skatalites) recording their own version of American R'n'B. Playing on the off-beat this music became Ska. As American R'n'B progressed through Funk, Soul and Disco, Jamaican music was going through its own musical changes, from Rocksteady throught to Reggae and Roots music. The house-band at Studio One recorded on a daily basis behind all Studio One vocalists as well as recording instrumentally in its own right.

                  Soul singers such as Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions (Queen Of The Minstrels) had a profound influence on Jamaican artists and many other US artists were constantly re-interpreted and re-worked. Artists such as Aretha Franklin (Respect), Charles Wright (Express Yourself), King Floyd (Groove Me), Otis Redding (How Strong) were all very popular in Jamaica in the 1960s. At the end of the 1960s Black Consciousness became an important part of American Soul music. At the same time many Jamaican artists were starting to look to their roots. Many artists would shortly become involved in Rastafarianism. The "conscious" lyrics of American Funk and Soul again struck a chord with Jamaican artists. "Message From A Blackman" (originally by The Temptations) and "Is It Because I'm Black" (Syl Johnson) are examples of this. Through the 1970s Soul/Disco artists such as Barry White ("Can't Get Enough" and "Deeper and Deeper") and The Detroit Spinners ("I'll Be Around") became the flavour of the day. This CD finishes with Willie William's interpretation of Ashford and Simpson's classic "Ain't No Stopping Us Now".

                  "Compilation of the month" MOJO "Another essential purchase from Soul Jazz" SEVEN "Latest in Soul Jazz's indespensible compilations" I-D "Near perfect" JOCKEY SLUT

                  • Leroy Sibbles – Express Yourself
                  • Norma Fraser – Respect
                  • Leroy Sibbles – Groove Me
                  • Sound Dimension – Time Is Tight
                  • The Heptones – Message From A Black Man
                  • Otis Gayle – I'll Be Around
                  • Jerry Jones – Still Water
                  • Sound Dimension – Soulful Strut
                  • Richard Ace – Can't Get Enough
                  • The Eternals – Queen Of The Minstrels
                  • Ken Parker – How Strong
                  • Ken Boothe – Set Me Free
                  • Senior Soul – Is It Because I'm Black
                  • Jackie Mittoo – Deeper And Deeper
                  • Willie Williams – No One Can Stop Us
                  Studio One Ska FeverSoul Jazz Records

                  A blistering collection of ska tunes from Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd's legendary Studio One Records, Jamaica's foundation label of reggae music. Featuring  classic cuts from the originators of Ska - The Skatalites, The Wailers, Lee Perry -  alongside a heavy dose of superb rarities from the might vaults of 13 Brentford Road - pure Ska Fever !

                  Soul Jazz Records new Studio One Ska Fever returns back to the early 1960s - when Ska was the soundtrack to Jamaica's Independence and Sir Coxsone ruled the land and The Skatalites and Studio One were creating history on a daily basis with an endless stream of blistering, scorching classic tunes.

                  This album includes an incredible line-up of only the finest artists in reggae music, including Roland Alphonso, The Gaylads, The Ethiopians, Don Drummond, Jackie Opel and many more. An all-star cast from Studio One, as Chris Blackwell famously noted, the 'University of Reggae'.

                  The accompanying booklet contains extensive sleeve-notes from Studio One historian Rob Chapman (author of Never Grow Old and Downbeat Special), with information on musicians, tracks, label scans and more.

                  Soul Jazz Records' Studio One Ska Fever is released in CD- jewel case, 24-page booklet with card slipcase, as well as a heavyweight double-vinyl edition in deluxe strong gatefold sleeve (with full sleeve notes) and also as a digital download.

                  • Hugh Godfrey – Mad World
                  • Johnny Moore – Skavling Johnny
                  • Bongo Man & The Skatalites – Marcus Garvey
                  • The Clarendonians – Rudie Bam Bam
                  • Jackie Opel – Old Rocking Chair
                  • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Climb The Ladder
                  • Jackie Mittoo – Jump For Joy
                  • Lee Perry – Gumma
                  • The Soul Brothers – Freedom Sounds
                  • The Clarendonians – You Won't See Me
                  • The Skatalites – Cleopatra
                  • The Gaylads – Don't Try To Reach Me
                  • The Skatalites – Ska Parisienne
                  • Higgs & Wilson – There's A Reward
                  • The Skatalites – Timothy
                  • The Ethiopians – Live Good
                  • Don Drummond – Green Island
                  • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Mr. Talkative
                  100% Dynamite (New Edition)Soul Jazz Records

                  This is the new digitally remastered expanded edition of Soul Jazz Records’ biggest ever selling reggae release, 100% Dynamite: Ska, Soul, Rocksteady and Funk in Jamaica.

                  If you didn't get it the first time now's your chance to find out where it all began - all killer no filler!. If you did and wore it out get it now with bonus tracks and free download code!

                  Since the album’s original release nearly twenty years ago, 100% Dynamite has become a cornerstone of funky reggae music: Eighteen killer tracks that show the influence that American Jazz, Funk and Soul music had on Jamaican Reggae.

                  100% Dynamite features come serious Jamaican funk by Jackie Mittoo, The Upsetters and Toots & The Maytals, the cream of Jamaica's jazz musicians such as Tommy McCook, Cedric Brooks and Lennie Hibbert. Also included here are heavyweight Reggae versions to Soul classics by Marlena Shaw’s ‘Woman of the Ghetto’, Aretha Franklin’s ‘Rocksteady’, Syl Johnson’s ‘Is It Because I’m Black’, William DeVaughan’s seminal ‘Be Thankful’ and more.

                  100% Dynamite also features revolutionary tunes such as Johnny Osbourne’s ‘We Need Love, Sound Dimension’s ‘Drum Song’ and Lloyd Robinson’s ‘Cuss Cuss’, songs that helped define a unique sound for Jamaican music in the sixties and seventies.

                  These influences went both ways – check Brentford All Stars massive ‘Greedy G’, the basis for Boogie Down Productions’ ‘Jack of Spades’, or Willie Williams’ ‘Armagideon Time’ later covered by The Clash.

                  This new expanded edition features seminal tracks from the greatest Jamaican producers – Clement Dodd, Lee Perry, Winston Riley (Techniques) and many more.

                  The album is available as CD, heavyweight double vinyl (+download), plus digital.

                  ORIGINAL REVIEWS

                  "Compilation of the month" MUZIK

                  "Brilliant" TIME OUT

                  "Album of the week" MIXMAG

                  "Compilation of the f***ing year" MELODY MAKER

                  "Buy this excellent compilation immediately" MOJO

                  "I think there’s a good argument to be made for 100% and 300% Dynamite records - along with Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures (Taken From The Vaults) – Vol 1 & 2, Motown Chartbusters Vol. 3 and Blue Note: Blue Juice Vol. One - being among the finest compilations ever assembled. Anyone who has never heard Sister Nancy’s ‘Bam Bam’ or the Brentford Allstars' 'Greedy G' needs to remedy that situation straight away and anyone who is tired of hearing Althea & Donna’s ‘Uptown Top Ranking’, Willie Williams' 'Armageddon Time' and Wayne Smith’s ‘Under Me Sleng Teng’ needs to have a word with themselves anyway." THE QUIETUS

                  • Willie Williams – Armageddon Time
                  • The Maytals – Night and Day
                  • The Marvels – Rock Steady
                  • The Upsetters – Popcorn
                  • Bunny Clarke – Be Thankful
                  • Tommy McCook – Green Mango
                  • Brentford All Stars – Greedy G
                  • Lennie Hibbert – Real Hot
                  • Horace Andy – My Soul
                  • Johnny Osbourne – We Need Love
                  • Bunny Clarke – I Love The Way You Love
                  • Jackie Mittoo – Stereo Freeze
                  • Phyllis Dillon – Woman Of The Ghetto
                  • Cecric Im Brooks – Give Rasta Glory
                  • Alton Ellis – Son Of Man
                  • Sound Dimension – Granny Scratch Scratch
                  • Lloyd Robinson – Cuss Cuss
                  • Sound Dimension – Drum Song
                  • Ken Boothe – Is It Because I'm Black
                  Fire Over Babylon: Dread, Peace and Conscious Sounds at Studio OneSoul Jazz Records

                  Soul Jazz Records’ new Studio One collection ‘Fire Over Babylon: Dread, Peace and Conscious Sounds at Studio One’ features a stellar selection of 70s roots music – classic and rare tracks recorded at Clement Dodd’s musical empire at 13 Brentford Road in the 1970s.


                  Rastafarian-inspired Roots music was an ever-important aspect of Studio One’s output from the start of the 1970s onwards and this album features many of the ground-breaking groups and artists that established the sound of Jamaica during this decade and beyond.

                  Featured here are seminal artists such as Freddie McGregor, The Wailing Souls, The Gladiators, Horace Andy, Devon Russell, Cedric Brooks, Count Ossie, Judah Eskender Tafari alongside a host of lesser-known rare cuts made at Studio One from artists such as The Prospectors, Viceroys and Pablove Black.

                  Studio One and founder Clement Dodd’s connection with Rastafarianism dates back to the early 1960s, with Dodd accompanying members of the Skatalites up to the hills of Kingston to listen to the music of the Rastafarianism Count Ossie and his drummers. The album sleevenotes discuss how Clement Dodd’s musical links, as well as his role in heading the most important record label in Reggae, are in many ways linked to the beliefs of Rastafarianism.

                  This album is released as a heavyweight black vinyl double-album with gatefold sleeve, full notes and download code, deluxe CD with full booklet and slipcase and digital album.

                  • Freddie McGregor – I Am a Revolutionist
                  • The Silvertones – Burning In My Soul
                  • Wailing Souls – Without You
                  • Devon Russell – Jah Jah Fire
                  • Trevor Clarke – Sufferation
                  • The Gladiators – Sonia
                  • Judah Eskender Tafari – Always Trying
                  • The Viceroys – Ya Ho
                  • Im and Count Ossie – Give Me Back Me Language And Me Culture
                  • The Gladiators – Serious Thing
                  • The Prospectors – Glory For I
                  • Wailing Souls – Things and Time
                  • Pablove Black – Inner Peace
                  • The Gladiators – Peace
                  • Horace Andy – Mr. Jolly Man
                  • Wailing Souls – Rock But Don't Fall
                  • Albert Griffiths and The Gladiators – Righteous Man
                  • The Viceroys – So Many Problems
                  JellyEverybody Needs Lovin, Nows The TimeFantasy Love Records

                  Killer, laid-back funky soul power from Detroit '78 by Herman Kelly affiliate ('Dance To The Drummer's Beat'), Aaron McCarthy Jr, a.k.a. 'Jelly'! Fantasy Love doing it once again by unearthing this monster rarity - and what a TUNE! Don't miss!

                  • – Everybody Needs Lovin, Nows The Time
                  • 7"£13.00
                    Out of stock
                  The RevolutionariesKunta KintePressure Sounds

                  BACK IN STOCK!! never officially released,dub plate of all dub plates from channel one, this limited 7" with company sleeve.

                  • – Kunta Kinte
                  Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolias Mardi Gras Indian BandHanda Wanda (Pts. 1 & 2)Soul Jazz Records

                  This is the first ever single from The Wild Magnolias - a massive, massive slice of super-percussive New Orleans second line funk meets Mardi Gras Indian chants and rhymes.

                  Originally issued on the tiny independent Crescent City label in New Orleans in 1970. This was the only ever release on this bespoke label and is issued here on Soul Jazz Records with original label art and loud pressing.

                  The B-side is if anything even HEAVIER than the A-side - and has never been available or issued since.

                  Two killer tunes on this amazing exact replica EXCLUSIVE V.LTD. 45

                  THIS 7-inch can ONLY be bought directly here from Soul Jazz Records or Sounds of the Universe websites and shop. It is a very limited 500-copies pressing and you need to buy it now!

                  See all the EXCLUSIVE 45s titles only available here!

                  • – Handa Wanda (pt.1)
                  • – Handa Wanda (pt.2)
                  MatumbiBrother LouieOld Hard Bread

                  Dennis Bovell & Matumbi 1st single from 1973, their killer version of the Hot Chocolate classic from the same year and complete with great DJ Toasting on the flip...Numbered copies, only 350 pressed. Funky stuff indeed!

                  • Matumbi – Brother Louie
                  • Dennis Bovell & Matumbi – Brother Louie (DJ Toasting Version)
                  Studio One Showcase – The Sound Of Studio One In The 1970sPosterSoul Jazz Records

                  Oh yes! 50 x 70cm KILLER poster!!

                  Choose "Poster Freepost" if you want this poster sent with any other vinyl order item (LP/12" vinyl only) at NO extra postage charge (poster will be folded into six parts)

                  Choose "Poster+Tube" if you want the poster rolled up and sent in a customised, protective tube (more expensive to cover postage)

                  THIS ALSO means if you want more than one poster then you should only put 'Poster+Tube' for one of the posters and select 'Poster freepost' for any others as the rest will be free shipping.

                    Earth & StoneRing Craft / Dreader MafiaJoe Gibbs Record Globe

                    Killer re-lick of Lloyd Parks huge tune "Mafia" recorded for Joe Gibbs around 1980, check the superb B-Side "Dreader Mafia". Come with Joe Gibbs masterbag.

                    • – Ring Craft
                    • – Dreader Mafia
                    • 7"£9.49
                      Out of stock
                    Right On Time: Trojan Rock SteadyMusic On Vinyl

                    Second part of MOV's Trojan compilation series, which celebrates the best works from the legendary reggae label Trojan Records. It was compiled by Laurence Cane-Honeysett, who also wrote the linernotes. Some of Trojan’s finest are featured on this compilation; as there are The Gladiators, The Melodians, The Gladiators, Ken Boothe a.o. 750 individually numbered copies on orange vinyl. The package also includes an exclusive Trojan / Music On Vinyl coaster.

                    • Joe White – My Guiding Star
                    • Delroy Wilson – I Want To Love You
                    • Alton Ellis – Why Did You Leave Me (To Cry)
                    • The Sealmates – She Said She Loves Me
                    • The Sensations – Right On Time
                    • Leslie Butler – Revival
                    • Stranger & Gladdy – Over Again
                    • The Maytals – Reborn
                    • Glen Brown – Girl You're Cold
                    • Black Brothers – Baby Come Back To Me
                    • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£28.00
                      Limited, numbered, orange vinyl edition inc. Trojan / Music On Vinyl coaster!​
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    Mafia & FluxyFireJah Shaka Music

                    Superb new instrumental rhythm cut from Mafia & Fluxy on limited 7" from Jah Shaka.

                    • – Fire
                    • 7"£11.00
                      Out of stock