Big Strick Alpha & Omega featuring Generation Next

7 Day Entertainment
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  • 1. Alpha & Omega
  • 2. Origin
  • 3. Bloodline (Produced by Generaton Next, Bassline by Big Strick)

Big Strick is back and this time his brought a mate, the appropriately named Next Generation, a ridiculously talented 16 year old youngster from the "D".

"Alpha & Omega" is a hypnotic, taut house groove with sprinklings of jazzy, astral rhodes dotted in for good measure. "Origin" goes in harder with ricocheting acid twangs, sizzling hi-hats and a stomping tribal beat.  "Bloodline" sees Big Strick handling the b-line, whilst Next Generation keeps it tight and simple with a metronomic, locked-in groove.