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  • 1. A Felicidade
  • 2. A Time For Rememberance
  • 3. O Meu Tamborim
  • 4. Era Uma Menina
  • 5. Abre Sou Eu
  • 6. Abrigo De Palavras Em Caixas De Ceu
  • 7. Wake Me, Shake Me
  • 8. Pobre Coracao
  • 9. Sempre Esperando
  • 10. Coracao Que Ninguem Mais Cantou
  • 11. Aria Para a Corda Sol
  • 12. Torta De Morangos
  • 13. Canudinho

Little known band Beat Boys, though only releasing this one LP, proved to be the catalyst to inspire many in the Tropicalia movement and just the band that Caetano Veloso needed to kick off this legendary musical movement. The Beat Boys were settled Argentinian musicians who had lived in Sao Paulo and formed there in the mid-60's. They were first spotted by Caetano at the III Festival de Música Popular Brasileira/FMPB (Festival of Brazilian Popular Music Festival, Paramount Theater, TV Record, São Paulo, 1967), when their performance of "Alegria, Alegria" provoked virulent reactions by the audience that were amplified throughout public opinion and yielded a marked polarization between nationalists and transnationalists against the electric guitar. During this period the Beat Boys recorded with Caetano on "Alegria, Alegria" around 67, supporting Caetano and playing along with Gilberto Gil, Os Mutantes and others (during this period Gil and Veloso were exiled from Brazil). The band later recorded their album in 1968 prior to the release of "Abre Sou Eu/Canudinho" single. The LP on the otherhand is a mixture of psychedelic explosions along with the fuzz driven guitar sound that got many people in Brazil debating their sound during the time but flows well into the songs and explodes into a mass acid trip. The vocals also reflect their Beatles influences!