Alwin Nikolais Choreosonic Music Of The New Dance Theatre

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  • 1. Eruptions And Evolvements
  • 2. Lythic
  • 3. Illusional Frieze
  • 4. Shivaree
  • 5. Aeolus
  • 6. Paraphrenalia
  • 7. Lyre
  • 8. Prismatic Forest
  • 9. Fixation
  • 10. Glymistry
  • 11. Fetish

Choreosonics was the name of the music for the choreography of Alwin Nikolais – a unique theatre exposition that was described in the late 50s as “the new theatre of shape, motion, light and sound.” In 1953 Nikolais attracted people interested in new art to his dance concerts at the Henry Street Playhouse in New York City. In these concerts dancers became colourful motivating sources for sculptural shapes; moving in changing atmospheres of light and sound their relationship carefully integrated into a new kind of audiovisual abstract theatre art. The sounds created for this were not con- ceived from traditional music points of view but were designed to share and support the total visual dynamics.