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  • 1. A To The Z
  • 2. Heartbreaker Pt. 2
  • 3. For A While
  • 4. Heartbreaker
  • 5. I Loved You Interlude
  • 6. Hard And Strong
  • 7. To Dust
  • 8. I Loved You
  • 9. Twin Peaks
  • 10. Heartbreaker Interlude
  • 11. Let Go (Breakdown)
  • 12. Drinking Song Interlude
  • 13. Citizens
  • 14. Different (Bonus Tracks)

The much loved soul singer-songwriter Alice Russell releases her 5th solo album, ‘To Dust’. This is the 1st solo album from her since 2008’s acclaimed ‘Pot Of Gold’,

To Dust’ sees Alice exploring every letter of the soul lexicon. From the Prince-esque strut of “Hard And Strong” to the epic intensity of the title track. Heartstring tugging “I Loved You”; the sonically smooth yet emotionally raw “Twin Peaks” to the pulse-quickening build of “Let Go (Breakdown)” & psychedelic social consciousness of “Citizens” Alice is never less than scintillating as she displays emotions so real you feel you could reach out & touch them. The idiosyncratic structure of the LP, peppered with interludes & reprises, makes for a unique & satisfyingly whole ‘album’ experience.