Al Kent Secret Sounds

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  • 1. i like it
  • 2. come back home
  • 3. getgetget downdown
  • 4. disco sex
  • 5. get funky
  • 6. mint minus
  • 7. reverb is your friend
  • 8. strung out
  • 9. tenner rap

Al Kent is the man behind the world's first fully Orchestrated new disco music One Million Dollar Orchestra. Al keeps it a much smaller affair 'Secret Sounds' using a l;ot less live instrumentation whilst still mainting his vintage 70's soul sound.  First class DJ, Northern and Modern Soul lover Al Kent has produced nine killer tracks consisting of neck snapping drum breaks, heavy boogie bass lines and the bottom heavy aspects of Disco.  The LP starts off with a banger and track tempos vary from fired up dancers to mid tempo hustles and down tempo steppers, all the while woven through recordings of lost DJ interviews, commercial advertisements for old Discos, and even revisits the Disco Sucks riot in Chicago's Comiskey ball park over the course of the LP.

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