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  • 1. Pinball
  • 2. Noglitvh part 1 & 2


 Akira Kiteshi are a super Scots android duo currently hiding out in the automata underground after being wrongly accused of cross device sex crimes involving an SP1200, two analogue reels and a heavily warped copy of “Commadore 64 sound FX 4”. Their sound is a melting pot of all things interesting about the current electronic credit crunk climate, the wet meets the dry and the curiously wooden is taunted by the oddly synthetic. Pinball is like an 80’s arcade game soundtrack for an orgy organised by R2D2 and Rick James Trapped within Tron. Wonky meets

Noglitch Pt 1&2 on the flip we take it back to the Ol Boom Bap! Here the A.K. kids employ a kick snare combo that Dj Premier could (and would) eat his dinner off with an analogue synth-line invoking the dominance of an apocalyptic storm front. Just when 8 bit grooves are locked and the children are dancing the mainframe crashes and we are thrown into glitch melt down...only to be dragged back to out feet with a massive dancehaul rerub. Fyaaaaahhhh!

Highly Recommended!!!!

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