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      • 1. Reflection
      • 2. Burst
      • 3. Fly 2
      • 4. E.S.P.
      • 5. I
      • 6. Glass
      • 7. Sweetz
      • 8. Her
      • 9. Quandary
      • 10. Freeze
      • 11. Yeti
      • 12. S.D.Y.F.
      • 13. Thaw
      • 14. Tenkyuu

      Brand new album from Zomby. it's been 3 long years since his last album, it's safe to say the man still has it! His ultra-modern sound has a unique character, and 'Ultra' really displays his ability to create varied and detailed mutations fusing grime, 2-step, house and various other forms of bass music. Features Burial, Darkstar, Rezzett, Banshee and HKE.

      Other Releases by Zomby

      ZombyVantaBedouin Records
      An EP of chugging, warehouse style techno bruisers from the man like Zomby!
      • Zomby – Void
      • Zomby – Bleed
      • Zomby – Emerald
      • Zomby – Threshold
      • Zomby – Zexor
      ZombyGASP!Big Dada
      'GASP!' is a 3-track EP driven by a relentless techno chug that fits the mood of the darkest of warehouse dancefloors.Inc. download code redeemable...

        Other Releases on Hyperdub

        Angolan producer Nazar lands his album debut via Hyperdub. A unique collection of tough, Kuduro rhythms. Highly recommended!
          BurialTunes 2011-2019Hyperdub
          A compilation of 'singles' from Burial to chime out a decade of his music.
          • Burial – State Forest
          • Burial – Beachfires
          • Burial – Subtemple
          • Burial – Young Death
          • Burial – Nightmarket
          • Burial – Hiders
          • Burial – Come Down To Us
          • Burial – Rival Dealer
          • Burial – Claustro
          • Burial – Kindred
          Doon KandaLabyrinthHyperdub
          "Labyrinth features 13 new tracks by producer and visual artist Jesse Kanda aka Doon Kanda, who has collaborated with the likes of Björk, Arca and FKA...
          • Doon Kanda – Polycephaly
          • Doon Kanda – Dio
          • Doon Kanda – Gut
          • Doon Kanda – Enigma
          • Doon Kanda – Wing
          • Doon Kanda – Nastasya
          • Doon Kanda – Pieridae
          • Doon Kanda – Mino
          • Doon Kanda – Search
          • Doon Kanda – Bunny
          • Doon Kanda – Garnet
          • Doon Kanda – Forgive
          • Doon Kanda – Entrance
          Angel-HoDeath Becomes HerHyperdub
          Angel-Ho is known as one of the founders of Non Worldwide, alongside Chino Amobi and Nkisi. Highly regarded as a DJ and electronic music producer, on ‘Death...
          • Angel-Ho – Business
          • Angel-Ho – Drama
          • Angel-Ho – Like A Girl (feat. K Rizz)
          • Angel-Ho – Jacomina
          • Angel-Ho – Muse To You
          • Angel-Ho – Good Friday Daddy (feat. Queezy)
          • Angel-Ho – Cupido
          • Angel-Ho – Live
          • Angel-Ho – Destify
          • Angel-Ho – Pose
          • Angel-Ho – Bussy
          • Angel-Ho – Baby Tee (feat. K-$)
          • Angel-Ho – Like That
          • Angel-Ho – Parachute
          ManaSeven Steps BehindHyperdub
          After Daniele Mana's 2017’s debut EP for Hyperdub, ‘Creature’, which was a taut, evocative suite of beatless, almost neo-classical electronics, on...
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            OkzharpCloser ApartHyperdub
            'Closer Apart' is the debut album by UK/South African duo Okzharp and Manthe Ribane. On Closer Apart, Okzharp and vocalist-artist-dancer and album co-producer...
              BurialYoung DeathHyperdub
              Burial is back!!! This surprise 12" on Hyperdub, his first solo work of 2016, is the Burial we all know and love.
              • Burial – Young Death
              • Burial – Nightmarket
              DVA [Hi:Emotions]NOTU_URONLINEUHyperdub
              DVA’s new album ‘NOTU_URONLINEU’ marks a strong and brave turning point for his music. Made with the [Hi:Emotions] moniker that DVA has used...
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                Jessy LanzaOh NoHyperdub
                Lush, neon-hued synth pop coloured by the sweet R&B indebted vocal from Jessy Lanza. Killer production partnership between Lanza and Jeremy Greenspan of...
                • Jessy Lanza – New Ogi
                • Jessy Lanza – VV Violence
                • Jessy Lanza – Never Enough
                • Jessy Lanza – I Talk BB
                • Jessy Lanza – Going Somewhere
                • Jessy Lanza – It Means I Love You
                • Jessy Lanza – Vivica
                • Jessy Lanza – Oh No
                • Jessy Lanza – Begins
                • Jessy Lanza – Could Be U
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                FHLOSTON PARADIGMCosmosis Vol 2 EPHyperdub
                Part Two of Fhloston Paradigm (aka King Britt)'s beautiful Cosmosis EP series starts with the haunting broken techno of 'Nimoy' ; bass line and subtle...
                  HyperdubHyperdub: All Four Volumes Box SetHyperdub
                  All four compilation instalment's from the Hyperedub series. Features Laurel Halo, Cooly G, Jessy Lanza and more, focuses on house, garage, and techno....
                  Next LifeNext LifeHyperdub
                  ‘Next Life' is a compilation of new material from Chicago's primary footwork crew, Teklife, carrying the torch for the late, great DJ Rashad,...
                  • DJ Spinn x Taso – Burn That Kush
                  • Earl x Taye – Do This Again
                  • DJ Taye x DJ Manny – The Matrixx
                  • DJ Phil – Godz House
                  Ikonika AerotropolisHyperdub
                  Fantasy house and soaring electronics from Ikonika's follow up to her 2010 debut album. Formulating a new forward-thinking, more polished sound from her...
                  • Ikonika – Beach Mode (Keep It Simple) feat. Jessy Lanza
                  • Ikonika – Mr Cake
                  • Ikonika – Eternal Mode
                  • Ikonika – Completion V3
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                  Fhloston ParadigmThe PhoenixHyperdub
                  Epic cosmic wonderfulness from Philly's house legend King Britt, working under his 5th Element-styled Fhloston Paradigm name. A fine mesh of hardware beautifully...
                  • Fhloston Paradigm – Portal 1
                  • Fhloston Paradigm – Race To The Moon
                  • Fhloston Paradigm – Letters Of The Past feat. Pia Ercole
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                  King Britt Presents Fhloston ParadigmFhloston Paradigm EPHyperdub
                  Strong new material from Philly house legend King Britt bringing a 3-track set of soulful, experimental analogue deepness to Hyperdub. Like Afrikan Sciences'...
                  • King Britt Presents Fhloston Paradigm – chasing rainbows
                  • King Britt Presents Fhloston Paradigm – the chase
                  • King Britt Presents Fhloston Paradigm – liloo's seduction