The Shadow Orchestra The Shadow Orchestra

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    • The Shadow Orchestra – Sweet As A Nut
    • The Shadow Orchestra – Rain Music Feat. Amy Duncan
    • 1. Sweet As A Nut
    • 2. Mentalist Mandolinist
    • 3. Plucking And Bowing
    • 4. Creaking And Bowing
    • 5. Spriing 2005
    • 6. Feedback No.2
    • 7. Rain Music Feat. Amy Duncan
    • 8. The Biggest Animal Of Them All
    • 9. Dark And Sweet
    • 10. Theme From Backpacker Orpheus
    ?Found sounds, crazed rhythms, twisting basslines, cello, harp, glockenspiel and melodies that rise up like half-forgotten memories; the Shadow Orchestra is a sumptuous mix of electronica, folk, jazz, and acoustic instrumentation Two years in the making, this stunning debut album features, amongst other highlights, a gorgeous collaboration with new Scottish singer-songwriter and double bassist, Amy Duncan on ?Rain Music?, the theme to ?Backpacker Orpheus?, (a play about the Asian Tsunami which premiered in London?s West End last year), composed using recordings taken from a Javanese Gamelan, and a celebration of the lost art of whistling on ?Spring 2005?! Chris Bangs, the main creative force behind The Shadow Orchestra describes this album as ?a creative homage to my many musical influences, from Aphex, Four Tet and DJ Shadow, to Ali Farka-Toure, Charles Mingus, and The Penguin Café Orchestra.? This initial release is limited to 500 copies, so we advise moving quickly on this one! Highly recommended.?

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