Jamaica used to be the source of much of Britain's wealth, a tropical paradise for the planters, a Babylonian exile for the Africans shipped to the Caribbean. It became independent in 1962 but Jamaica is now a country in despair. It has become a cockpit of gang warfare, drug crime and poverty. Haunted by the legacy of imperialism, its social and racial divisions seem entrenched. Its extraordinary musical tradition and physical beauty are shadowed by casual murder, police brutality and political corruption.

    Ian Thomson shows a side of Jamaica that tourists rarely see. He met ordinary Jamaicans in their homes and workplaces; and his encounters with the white elite, who still own most of Jamaica's businesses and newspapers, are unforgettable. Thomson brings alive the country's unique racial and ethnic mix; the all-pervading influence of the USA; and, the increasing disillusionment felt by its people, who can't rely on the state for their most basic security. At the heart of the book is Jamaica's tense, uneasy relationship with Britain, to whom it remains politically and culturally bound.

    Other Releases on Faber and Faber

    Stockhausen: Life and Workby Karl H. WornerFaber And Faber
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      SaltBy Earl LovelaceFaber and Faber

      Earl Lovelace was born in Toco, Trinidad, and has spent most of his life on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. His books include While Gods Are Falling, the Caribbean classic The Dragon Can't Dance, and Salt.


      After 19 years of teaching his pupils to emigrate, Alford George, elitist schoolteacher turned populist politician, is forced to work out a welcome for the diverse races of Trinidad to their own island and how to liberate those who, despite emancipation, are still struggling under old captivities.

      (secondhand hardback book ex library)

        Elliot PerlmanThe Reasons I Won't Be ComingFaber and Faber

        Uncorrected proof UK edition 2000.

        Box 1

          England's DreamingSex Pistols And Punk Rock by Jon SavageFaber And Faber

          Seminal text on the rise of punk and the Sex Pistols. Essential music history!

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            • Book (750g)£7.00
              Secondhand paperback in ok cond (difft cover)
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            With The Contras A Reporter In The Wilds Of NicaraguaFaber and Faber

            Published in 1985, this was the first book about the Nicaragua-Contra war to reach a wide readership.

            S/hand hardback book

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              Available for limited period at special discount price!

              100% Absolutely essential! Super-deluxe 12x12" hardback 200 page plus, hundreds of classic Studio One sleeves including loads of killer rarities!

              Introduction by Steve Barrow.

              This is a seriously heavyweight guide to the great Studio One Records, Reggae's greatest ever record label. From the extensive introduction by Steve Barrow (Author of the Rough Guide to Reggae/Founder of Blood & Fire Records), through hundreds of full size classic sleeves to the clossing 'collector's section' featuring rare silkscreens, alternate sleeves and more, Cover Art of Studio One brings you the artwork from Sir Coxsone's greatest achievement.

              Features classic and rare sleeves from Horace Andy, The Skatalites, Jackie Mittoo, Ken Boothe, Alton Ellis, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Toots and The Maytals, Dillinger, Sugar Minott, Lone Ranger and many, many, many more. A goldmine of design, and a who's who of Reggae.

              Features on the book:

              The Quietus (A Guide to Soul Jazz and Studio One)

              The Independent

              BBC London - Robert Elms Radio Show (Steve Barrow and Stuart Baker talk about Studio One)

                Blood Posse (1994)by Phillip Baker

                Yardie stylee!

                'This book follows the life of Danny, a young Jamaican growing up in Brooklyn in the 1970s. At the age of 18, in the middle of a sectarian war, he gets his hand on a gun and his life completely changes he becomes a vigilante, leads a gang, and starts making money by dealing in drugs'

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                  Steelbands & ReggaeBy Pail FarmerLongman (1981/88)

                  Nice out of print pamphlet in ok cond (has some writing inside)

                    Jamdownfeaturing Toots & The Maytals / The CongosMVD Visual

                    JAMDOWN takes you on a journey back to 1980, straight into the heart of the Jamaican reggae scene, following legendary Reggae artists Toots Hibbert and The Congos. The film was shot in 1980 had a limited release in France and therefore remained undiscovered by the rest of the world. Since it's initial release over 30 years ago 'Jamdown' has become what reggae footage collectors often refer to as "The holy grail of reggae films" due to it's rarity and difficulty in finding an original copy. For the first time this film has now been made available to own on dvd. It contains some of the only known early footage of The Congos, performing tracks from their legendary Heart Of The Congo's LP which was produced by Lee Perry at the Black Ark at the height of their career.

                    Jamdown contains some of the most electrifying live reggae footage to have ever been captured on film !

                    NTSC DVD REGION 0

                      • NTSC DVD£19.99
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                      Inna LiverpoolBenjamin ZephaniahAK PRESS (1995)

                      Nice out of print private press pamphlet of poems

                        • Original Book (200g)£20.00
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                        The First RastaBy Helene LeeLawrence Hill Books

                        (secondhand paperback)

                        Going far beyond the standard imagery of Rasta - ganja, reggae, and dreadlocks - this cultural history offers an uncensored vision of a movement with complex roots and the exceptional journey of a man who taught an enslaved people how to be proud and impose their culture on the world. In the 1920s Leonard Percival Howell and the First Rastas had a revelation concerning the divinity of Haile Selassie, king of Ethiopia, that established the vision for the most popular mystical movement of the 20th century, Rastafarianism. Although jailed, ridiculed, and treated as insane, Howell, also known as the Gong, established a Rasta community of 4,500 members, the first agro-industrial enterprise devoted to producing marijuana.

                        In the late 1950s the community was dispersed, disseminating Rasta teachings throughout the ghettos of the island. A young singer named Bob Marley adopted Howell's message, and through Marley's visions, reggae made its explosion in the music world.

                          • Book (500g)£16.99
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                          Gangsta RapBy Benjamin ZephaniahBloomsbury (2004)

                          Ray has given up school. He sees no point in education and despises authority. And then he has no choice about school as he is excluded. But Ray also has troubles at home, which means he has nowhere to stay and ends up sleeping in the local record shop, owned by his friend Marga Man. Ray and his friends attend a Social Exclusion Project which means they can develop their music skills. Marga Man gets a record deal for them, and they become local heroes. But another rap band takes a dislike to Ray's music and gang warfare is the result.

                          s/hand hardback

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                            Premier Rasta A Film By Helene Lee Kidam

                            EXCLUSIVE! This film is the bomb!

                            An amazing new documentary tracing the history of the first Rasta (Leonard Howell) and the setting up of the Pinnacle rastafarian encampment (some of the remaining last survivors are interviewed). Filmed in Jamaica with music and interviews with Bunny Lee, Max Romeo, The Abyssinians, Count Ossie's Drummers, Bongo Herman and more - this is a seriously excellent documentary. Looks good, the music is awesome - roots rastafari music in natural settings, the research and integrity of the film fabulous.

                            The film is directed by Helen Lee and based on her earlier book of the same name.

                            All Regions DVD

                              • DVD£19.99
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                              Welcome to My CountryJamaica Watts

                              secondhand hardback. Informative guide, nice pics

                                Cedric Im BrooksUnited AfricaWater Lily

                                Classic roots / funk / jazz album from Cedric Im Brooks. Long out of print. "Satta-Masa-Ganna" & the killer "Silent Force".

                                Essential purchase !

                                  • CD£8.99
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                                  Earthquake on Orange StreetBuster's Jamaican Singles Story

                                  New book/zine - Full discography, nice pics, wicked label scans - a work of love - it's the bomb! Only 10 squid!

                                  A4 55 pages

                                    • Book (300g)£10.00
                                      Expected 30 Nov
                                    King Tubbys PresentsSoundclash Dubplate StyleTaurus

                                    KILLER, KILLER, KILLER !

                                    Released in approximately 1990 this is by far the best collection of "sound-boy" tunes. Live recordings from dubplates with intros by the legendary Fuzzy Jones! This is the bomb!

                                    Both volumes now available on one super 2xLP !!

                                    • – Line Up - Johnnny Osbourne
                                    • – Gregory Isaacs - The Ruler
                                    • – Little John - Fade Away
                                    • – Conroy Smith - Original Sound
                                    • – Charge Dem - Pad Anthony
                                    • New 2×LP £15.99
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                                    • CD£12.99
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                                    Lament For Rastafari and Other Playsby Edgar WhiteMarion Boyars

                                    Lament for Rastafari is part-ritual, part-panoramic vision of black/white relations within the confines of Rastafarian consciousness. It begins in the West Indies and follows the trials and tribulations of black families as they move from their island communities to London and finally to New York.

                                    Edgar White was born in the West Indies. He has lived in the United States and England. His plays have been successfully presented in New York, London and Africa. Other books by Edgar White also available from Marion Boyars include Redemption Song and other plays and The Rising.

                                      Rotten : No Irish, No Blacks, No DogsThe Autobiography Of John LydonPlexus

                                      A definitive key to understanding the man that was Rotten - file alongside other punk essentials such as Jon Savage's 'England's Dreaming'. Johnny Rotten's autobiography is surprisingly human and an extremely entertaining read.

                                        • Original Book (500g)£10.00
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                                        • Book (450g)£14.99
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                                        Bass CultureBy Lloyd BradleyPenguin Books

                                        The first major account of the history of reggae, black music journalist Lloyd Bradley (who also wrote the sleevenotes for Soul Jazz Records' own Studio One Roots!) describes its origins and development in Jamaica, from ska to rock-steady to dub and then to reggae itself, a local music which conquered the world. There are many extraordinary stories about characters like Prince Buster, King Tubby and Bob Marley. But this is more than a book of music history: it relates the story of reggae to the whole history of Jamaica, from Colonial Island to troubled independence, and Jamaicans, from Kingston to London.

                                          • Book (550g)£15.99 £5.00
                                            Out of stock
                                          Bob MarleyConquering Lion Of ReggaePlexus Publishing

                                          Rebel, visionary and uncompromising champion of human rights, Robert Nesta Marley rose from the slums of Kingston, Jamaica to become a spiritual and political force throughout the world. Stephen Davis has created an intimate portrait of the charismatic reggae superstar, which takes us through his life and career and charts the legal battles surrounding his estate.

                                            • Original Book (600g)£8.00
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                                            Have Gun Will TravelThe Spectacular Rise and Violent Fall of Death Row RecordsQuartet Books

                                            Or How Not to Run A Record Company! Outrageous book, outrageous label. Founded by Suge Knight, gangster, and employing lots of LA gang members, it really is a mental story. Rivetting!


                                            Death Row Records is one of the most successful music labels of all time. From its inception in 1992, it exploded on the rap music scene with sales climbing to the $125 million mark in just four years. Even more noticeable than the label's financial success is the effect it had on American youth culture, making gangsta rap more popular with suburban white youth and MTV viewers than traditional rock groups. But under the guidance of six-foot-four-inch, 300-pound CEO Marion "Suge" Knight, Death Row also became the most controversial record label in history--a place where violence, gang feuds, threats, intimidation, and brushes with death were business as usual.

                                            Have Gun Will Travel details the spectacular rise and violent fall of a music label that had at its heart a ferocious criminal enterprise cloaked behind corporate facades that gave it a guise of legitimacy. With inside access no other writer can claim, Ronin Ro, the country's preeminent rap journalist, exposes the facts everyone else is afraid to divulge--from the initial bankrolling of Death Row by a leader of L.A.'s notorious Bloods gang, to links with New York's Genovese crime family. Have Gun Will Travel lays bare the full story behind this influential label, including the still-unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., as well as Suge Knight's rise to power, his fight with East Coast rap titans such as Sean "Puffy" Combs, and his eventual imprisonment.

                                            Although it has been all over the news--from The Wall Street Journal to Rolling Stone--this is a timeless story about an empire built on greed, corruption, murder, and exploitation. With exclusive interviews and bloodcurdling eyewitness accounts, Have Gun Will Travel combines the behind-the-scenes fascination of books like Hit Men and Hit and Run with the violence and dramatic sweep of The Godfather, in a brilliant and blistering document of contemporary culture.

                                              • Original Book (350g)£7.00
                                                Sleeve condition: VG-Original UK paperback in ok condition
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                                              On AnarchismBy Noam ChomskyPenguin

                                              On Anarchism sheds a much needed light on the foundations of Chomsky's thought, specifically his constant questioning of the legitimacy of entrenched power. The book gathers his essays and interviews to provide a short, accessible introduction to his distinctively optimistic brand of anarchism. Refuting the notion of anarchism as a fixed idea, and disputing the traditional fault lines between anarchism and socialism, this is a book sure to challenge, provoke and inspire. Profoundly relevant to our times, it is a touchstone for political activists and anyone interested in deepening their understanding of anarchism, or of Chomsky's thought.

                                                • Book (150g)£6.00 £5.00
                                                  Out of stock
                                                Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Kiss Me NeckThe Scratch Story In Words, Pictures And RecordsCherry Red Books

                                                With more than 1,000 releases to Lee "Scratch" Perry's name in some form or other, there is a wealth of material for fans and collectors to immerse themselves in, and here is the essential reference—an extensive, detailed, heavily illustrated guide to the records produced by Perry and those that hailed from his legendary Black Ark Studio. Innovator, genius, forward thinker, and trendsetter—there are few individuals who have stamped quite as unique a footprint onto the musical landscape as Lee "Scratch" Perry, aka the Upsetter, aka Pipecock Jackxon. Instantly recognizable, both in appearance and musical approach, he has become a legend in his own lifetime and earned himself an international army of admirers. His resumé is beyond compare in the worlds of reggae and dub; two genres which he has helped create and define since the 1950s. Perry is a classic maverick who helped create today's musical landscape by pushing himself, and studio technology, to the point of destruction.

                                                  • Book (700g)£14.99
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                                                  Joe GibbsMajestic DubJoe Gibbs

                                                  Killer Joe Gibbs dub reissue that contains a wicked version of the Salsoul disco hit Getaway !!!

                                                  Originally released in 1979 using the cream of jamaica's musicians under the title "the professionals" with the mighty two (joe gibbs & errol thompson) producing.

                                                    • Reissue LP£12.00
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                                                    • CD£10.49
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                                                    Vending MachinesCoined Consumerismmbp

                                                    A holy water dispenser in ancient Greece serves as the first known historical reference to a vending machine. What a long way this invention has come! With our ever-growing desire to eliminate the cashier from the retail equation, Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism documents the journey vending machines have made from ancient Greece to the consumer environments of today. There is no doubt that the Japanese lead the way when it comes to vending machines and the items they dispense. In cities and suburbs alike, vending machines in Japan are ubiquitous, providing everything from the expected (hot tea, food, candy) to the surprising (umbrellas, toilet paper, liquor, porn). Taking a cue from the Japanese, the growing trend to sell anything and everything via vending machines has caught on across the globe. In airports, iPods, headphones and other technological gadgets are sold in vending machines; in California, where medical marijuana is legal, vending machines supply patients with their medicine; artists from London to Buenos Aires have converted cigarette vending machines to sell art; along New York Citys St. Marks Place numerous kiosks provide fresh food for late night snackers via, you guessed it, vending machines. Key Sales Points Examines vending machines from all over the world Visual point of reference for every consumer on the go Begs the question, What wont they sell in a vending machine? 

                                                      Reggae SoundsystemOriginal Reggae Album Cover ArtSoul Jazz Books

                                                      Reggae Soundsystem! is a new deluxe 200 page hard-back 12”x12” book featuring hundreds of stunning full size record cover designs that span the history of reggae music. 

                                                      The book is compiled by the celebrated author and reggae expert Steve Barrow (Rough Guide to Reggae/ Blood and Fire Records) and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records). 

                                                      Beginning in the 1950s, Jamaican music developed into one of the most important and influential music industries in the world. From its early Mento (Jamaican Calypso) beginnings through to the invention of Ska, Rocksteady, Roots, Dub and Dancehall, Jamaican music is also one of the richest and innovative veins in popular music.

                                                      This stunning hardback deluxe book looks at the endless visually creativity of  reggae record cover designs, iconic, classic, rare and unique artwork spanning sixty years of Jamaican sounds.

                                                        Never Grow OldStudio One Discography & Rhythm Directory

                                                        This is the definitive new edition of Rob Chapman's 100% essential discography of Studio One. Rob Chapman has written sleevenotes for a number of our Soul Jazz/Studio One releases is one of the most respected of all Studio One aficionados! This book is the bomb!

                                                          • Book (300g)£15.00
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