• 1. Sick On You
      • 2. I Call Your Name
      • 3. Tumble With Me
      • 4. Tonight
      • 5. I Don't Care
      • 6. Soda Pressing
      • 7. No Money
      • 8. First Time
      • 9. Box Number
      • 10. Kiss Like A Nun
      • 11. Cop Cars
      • 12. Keep Running
      • 13. Tenement Kids
      • 14. Living In The City

      LP Part of the first wave of mid-70s UK punk explosion alongside The Damned, Sex Pistols and Clash, The Boys formed in London in 1975 and were to become the first UK punk band to sign a record deal. They released their acclaimed self-titled debut in 1977 which featured 'I Don't Care' and 'First Time'. Limited edition vomit splatter vinyl. 1000 copies.

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