Terry Reid The Other Side Of The River

    Future Days Recordings
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    • Terry Reid – Let's Go Down
    • Terry Reid – Avenue (F# Boogie)
    • Terry Reid – Things To Try
    • Terry Reid – Country Brazilian Funk
    • 1. Let's Go Down
    • 2. Avenue (F# Boogie)
    • 3. Things To Try
    • 4. Country Brazilian Funk
    • 5. River
    • 6. Listen With Eyes
    • 7. Anyway
    • 8. Celtic Melody
    • 9. Funny
    • 10. Late Night Idea
    • 11. Sabyla

    In 1973, Reid  released "River", a near-flawless album of roots, blues, rock 'n' roll, folk and jazz that quickly became a collector's item. The Other Side of the River  is a new collection of 11 tracks from  River's session, six of which are previously unheard.

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