Sound Iration Sound Iration In Dub

    Year Zero
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      • 1. Iration Time
      • 2. New Style
      • 3. Satta Light
      • 4. Revelation Dub
      • 5. C. T. U. F. B.
      • 6. Free I
      • 7. Holshe's Dub
      • 8. Dub Seal (Part 3)
      • 9. Melody Roots (Part 1)
      • 10. Melody Roots (Part 2)
      • 11. Ruff Song
      • 12. The Storm
      • 13. Nasty Dub
      • 14. The Ether
      • 15. Tubby's & Rock 92 Style
      • 16. Charlie's Roots (Part 2)
      • 17. C.T.U.F.B. (4 Trk Parts 1 & 2)
      • 18. Seventh Seal (Tn Dub)
      • 19. Satta Light (Cts Dub)
      • 20. New Style (Melodica Dub Plate)
      • 21. New Style (Scruff's Dub)
      • 22. CTUFB (Dub Plate Style)

      Released in 1989, Sound Iration In Dub spear-headed a new age in homegrown British reggae, continuing a mission started by Nick Manasseh and Scruff" which pioneered what became "UK steppers." They were among the first producers to pioneer what's now known as '80s digi-dub, which has become so sought-after by today's dubstep producers. Swapping drum machines and synths for real instruments, they created an awesome sound. This is exemplified on this important debut release. First in a series of reissues drawn from both WAU!'s roots reggae and house archives, the original album presents eight beautiful excursions into deepest roots in embroidered skeleton dub form, which has lost none of its magic. Tracks like "New Style" turned the London take on pure reggae rhythm into a different kind of art form with the new technology coming in, but the album is also a reminder of reggae before it lost much of its richness and spiritual current through digitalization. The second CD will be of particular interest, featuring seven tracks originally intended for the follow-up, plus demos and one-off dub plates including the much sought-after "7th Seal" and unreleased mixes. With reggae still progressing and often in danger of ignoring its spiritual heritage, new generations still continue to discover the unique, timeless quality of roots music. The reissue of this long-feted but much sought-after milestone is timely indeed. With the previously-unreleased material, it stands as a vital document of a crucial time in the music's evolution. Extensive sleeve notes written by Kris Needs.

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      • – Iration Time
      • – New Style
      • – Satta Light
      • – Revelation Dub
      • – C.T.U.F.B
      • – Free 1
      • – Holshe's Dub
      • – Dub Seal (Part 3)