• 2xLP + Download Code NSLP005£23.99
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    • Girl Unit – WYWD ft. Kelela
    • Girl Unit – Stuck ft. Taliwhoah
    • Girl Unit – Sucker Free ft. Ms. Boogie
    • Girl Unit – Head
    • Girl Unit – Pull Up ft. Thast
    • Girl Unit – Evidence ft. Rush Davis
    • Girl Unit – B.A.C.K
    • Girl Unit – 24 Hours ft. Brook Baili
    • Girl Unit – Roll
    • Girl Unit – Pure Gold
    • Girl Unit – WYWD ft. Kelela (Remix)
    • 1. WYWD ft. Kelela
    • 2. Stuck ft. Taliwhoah
    • 3. Sucker Free ft. Ms. Boogie
    • 4. Head
    • 5. Pull Up ft. Thast
    • 6. Evidence ft. Rush Davis
    • 7. B.A.C.K
    • 8. 24 Hours ft. Brook Baili
    • 9. Roll
    • 10. Pure Gold
    • 11. WYWD ft. Kelela (Remix)

    Key Night Slugger, Girl Unit, returns with 'Song Feel' - a neon lit, guided trip into fluorescent R&B realms featuring guest spots from the likes of Kelela and more.

    Other Releases on Night Slugs

    HelixGreatest Hits Vol. 1Night Slugs
    Sampler 12" from Helix's 'Greatest Hits' mixtape featuring a selection of functional, original and highly idiosyncratic club tracks from the Night Slugs...
    • Helix – Disko Chop
    • Helix – Beat I Made In Miami (Helix Edit)
    • Helix – DX Crowd (Chordy Version)
    • Helix – The Chord Beat Edit
    HelixGreatest Hits Vol. 2Night Slugs
    Sampler 12" from Helix's 'Greatest Hits' mixtape featuring a selection of functional, original and highly idiosyncratic club tracks from the Night Slugs...
    • Helix – Another Miami Jack Track
    • Helix – House Beat 2
    • Helix – House Beat 3
    • Helix – 21st July feat. DJ Roy
    HelixGreatest Hits Vol. 3Night Slugs
    Sampler 12" from Helix's 'Greatest Hits' mixtape featuring a selection of functional, original and highly idiosyncratic club tracks from the Night Slugs...
    • Helix – The Lyot Remix
    • Helix – Pulse Techs
    • Helix – Spin My Break
    Jam CityDream A GardenNight Slugs
    Jam City releases his second long-player for Night Slugs and flips the stark, cold futuristic vision of grime heard on 'Classical Curves' for this album...
    • Jam City – The Garden Thrives
    • Jam City – A Walk Down Chapel
    • Jam City – Unhappy
    • LP£17.99
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    • CD£10.99
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    Hysterics Club Constructions Vol.5Night Slugs
    Slamming new addition to the label's 'club constructions' series and a debut for Girl Unit's new production moniker, Hysterics. Working  simple, catchy...
    • Hysterics – Pleasuredrome
    • Hysterics – Code Switch
    • Hysterics – Code Switch (Club Mix)

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    Congo Revolution - Revolutionary and Evolutionary Sounds From The Two Congos 1955 - 62Soul Jazz Records
    This stunning new release looks at the explosion of music that came out of the Congo in the years leading up to independence in 1960. Congolese rumba,...
    • Brazzos et OK Jazz – Cha Cha Cha Del Zombo
    • Brazzos Et OK Jazz – Tcha Tcha Tcha Mi Amor
    • Essous et Rock-A-Mambo – Baila
    • Edo et O.K. Jazz – Kumavula Tubakueto
    • O.K. Jazz – Sois Sage Amour
    • Nino & Rock-a-Mambo – Allegria
    • Bagette et Le Vedette Jazz Orchestre – Rhythmo Vedette Jazz
    • Franco et O.K. Jazz – Tokeyi Kobina Calypso
    • Essous et Orchestre Bantou – Luiza
    • Beguen Band – Yo Me Moera
    • African Jazz – Vive Patrice Lumumba
    • Dewayon & Conga Jazz – Na Lingi Na Ngai Kubala Te
    • Kongo Jazz – La Belle Lucie Botayi
    • Grupo O.K Jazz – Grupo O.K Jazz
    • Rock-A- Mambo – Cherie Nini
    • African Jazz – Flowers of Luckness
    • African Fiesta – Merengue Nico
    • Rock-a-Mambo – Les Voyous
    • Wendo Kolosoy with Beguen Band – Marie Louise
    • African Jazz – Ngonga Ebeti Independance
    • African Jazz – MNC Uhuru
    • 1. Brazzos et OK Jazz – Cha Cha Cha Del Zombo
    • 2. Brazzos Et OK Jazz – Tcha Tcha Tcha Mi Amor
    • 3. Essous et Rock-A-Mambo – Baila
    • View full info and tracklisting
    • 2xLP + Download Code£23.00
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    • CD£11.00
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    • MP3 Release£7.99
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    Barry BrownBig Big Politician / No Wicked Shall EnterDub Store
    Two late 70s heavyweight roots rockers from Barry Brown, produced by Bunny Lee. Reissued on original "Justice" label from the time. Clear and loud pressing!
    • Barry Brown – Big Big Politician
    • Barry Brown – No Wicked Shall Enter
    Cedric Im BrooksBlackness Of Darkness / Africa CallingDub Store
    Two mid 70s afro reggae killers from Cedric Im Brooks, both tracks taken from "One Essence" Lp. 1st time on 7"..don't Miss!
    • Cedric Im Brooks – Blackness Of Darkness
    • Cedric Im Brooks – Africa Calling
    Lloyd McNeillElegiaSoul Jazz Records
    Super rare deep spiritual jazz album with a heavy Brazilian influence featuring Nana Vasconceles, Dom Salvador, Portinho, Cecil McBee and more. Originally...
    • Lloyd McNeill – Samba For The Animals
    • Lloyd McNeill – Behind The Wind
    • Lloyd McNeill – Asha II
    • Lloyd McNeill – Elegiac Suite For Elizabeth
    • Lloyd McNeill – Striped Pants
    • Lloyd McNeill – Memory Cycle
    For the first time ever on vinyl - find 3 hours of music across 6 limited edition purple records including 'The Holy River', 'Somebody's Somebody, 'The...
      The Gladiators / Tommy McCookLie Low / How SoonTreasure Isle / Push Music
      Two unreleased rocksteady nuggets from 1966/7 recorded at Treasure Isle by Duke Reid.limited stock of other Treasure Isle 7" check it..
      • The Gladiators – Lie Low
      • Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – How Soon
      Amelia HarmonyMy Sound's Top-A-TopUnrulee
      Amelia Harmony's take on Millie's 60s classic "My Boy Lollipop" Turn it up!
      • Amelia Harmony – My Sound's Top-A-Top
      • G-Man – G-Man Special
      The Techniques / Tommy McCookMy Whole Life Depends On You / GoldfingerTreasure Isle / Push Music
      One Vocal & one instrumental ska tunes featuring The Techniques & Tommy McCook's version of "Goldfinger" Limited Stock..check other 7" Treasure Isle titles..
      • The Techniques – My Whole Life Depends On You
      • Tommy McCook's Orchestra – Goldfinger
      • 7"£13.99
        Out of stock
      Kyle Dixon & Michael SteinStranger Things Volume 3
      Third sound instalment from the most recent series of the popular Netflix show 'Stranger Things'
        Studio One DJ PartyFeaturing Dillinger Prince Jazzbo, Lone Ranger, Michigan & Smiley and many moreSoul Jazz Records
        Soul Jazz Records’ new Studio One DJ Party is the latest instalment from the mighty Studio One Records catalogue, a wicked new collection of the finest...
        • Screechie Dan – We A Don
        • Lone Ranger – My Number
        • Dennis Alcapone – Riddle I This
        • Kentrus – It A Fi Bun
        • Lone Ranger – Apprentice Dentist
        • King Sporty – DJ Special
        • Prince Jazzbo – Little Joe
        • Ragga Muffin – Ragga Muffin
        • Mad Roy – Universal Love
        • King Sporty – Choice Of Music
        • King Stitt – Rhyming Time
        • Prince Jazzbo – Fire Coal Version
        • Dillinger – Fountain on The Mountain
        • Michigan & Smiley – Thank You Jah
        • Prince Garthie – Raindrops
        • Jah Buzz – Automatic Clapping
        • Dennis Alcapone – El Paso
        • Big Joe – Nanny Version Skank
        Tribe Of ColinAge of AquariusHonest Jon's
        Soundboy techno, juddering bangers and hypnotic body-rockers; dazed spells and rootical wig-outs spun from early Detroit, West African field recordings;...
        • Tribe Of Colin – Creator God
        • Tribe Of Colin – Alan
        • Tribe Of Colin – Ogun Calling
        • Tribe Of Colin – Eye Of Ra
        • Tribe Of Colin – Woman Of Amazon
        • Tribe Of Colin – Self / Distance
        • Tribe Of Colin – Paradise Lost
        • Tribe Of Colin – Frequency Interference
        • Tribe Of Colin – Cradle To The Sunset
        Ana MazzottiAna MazzottiFar Out Recordings
        Ana Mazzotti's second and final album, another Brazilian cult classic, given the much overdue reissue treatment from Far Out Recordings. Featuring tracks...
        • Ana Mazzotti – Agora Ou Nunca Mais
        • Ana Mazzotti – Canto De Meditação
        • Ana Mazzotti – Cordão
        • Ana Mazzotti – Sou
        • Ana Mazzotti – Em Acalanto
        • Ana Mazzotti – Êta, Samba Bom
        • Ana Mazzotti – De Um Jeito So
        • Ana Mazzotti – Bairro Negro
        • Ana Mazzotti – Roda Mundo
        • Ana Mazzotti – Eu Sou Mais Eu
        AfrodeutscheBreak Before MakeSkam
        Essential album from the hugely-talented, Afrodeutsche who provides Skam with her debut, 'Break Before Make'. Tough, Detroit techno and electro inspired...
        • Afrodeutsche – Day Tuner
        • Afrodeutsche – And!
        • Afrodeutsche – Guess What
        • Afrodeutsche – Work It
        • Afrodeutsche – Now What
        • Afrodeutsche – Start Again Part Four
        • Afrodeutsche – Blanket Ban
        • Afrodeutsche – Filandank
        • Afrodeutsche – WTFWTFWTF
        • Afrodeutsche – You Heard Me the First Time
        • Afrodeutsche – The Middle Middle
        • Afrodeutsche – HIAEA
        • Afrodeutsche – OD
        • Afrodeutsche – The Beginning
        • 2×LP£23.99
          Limited 2xLP pressed on 180g, transparent red vinyl + braille sticker
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        • CD£11.99
          Transparent red jewel case + braille sticker
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        Mariana IngoldCara A CaraLeft Ear Records
        In 1986, Uruguayan vocalist and musician Mariana Ingold took the advice of a storied Uruguayan composer and musicologist and recorded her first album (Todo...
        • Mariana Ingold – Tiempo Leve
        • Mariana Ingold – Otros
        • Mariana Ingold – Fue Ayer
        • Mariana Ingold – Capitulos
        • Mariana Ingold – Trasnoche
        • Mariana Ingold – Corazones Solitarios
        • Mariana Ingold – Ni Una Brisa
        • Mariana Ingold – Cara A Cara
        • Mariana Ingold – La Del Domingo
        • Mariana Ingold – Co-Autoría
        • Mariana Ingold – Sin Tus Pestañas
        • Mariana Ingold – Noche De Brujas
        • Mariana Ingold – Asiestar
        Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark IIIControlMr Bongo
        Extremely hard-to-find Ghanaian LP from legendary musician Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, originally released in 1980.The third in the series of Gyedu Blay Ambolley...
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Control
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Woye De Adofo
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Don't Go
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Mercy Kae Dabi
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Take Am So
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – The Message (God Is Love)
        Paranoid London feat. Simon ToppingCult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me)Paranoid London
        Paranoid London enlist A Certain Ratio's Simon Topping on these rough, corrosive acid house traxx!
        • Paranoid London feat. Simon Topping – Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me) (Album Edit)
        • Paranoid London feat. Simon Topping – Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me) (Club Mix)
        • Paranoid London feat. Simon Topping – Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me) (Slow)
        • 1. Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me) (Album Edit)
        • 2. Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me) (Club Mix)
        • 3. Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me) (Slow)
        • View full info and tracklisting
        DJAX-RE-UP VOL. 2Various ArtistsDekmantel
        Dekmantel focus in again on cult Dutch techno label, Djax-Up-Beats which was responsible for releasing some trans-atlantic classics (particularly from...
        • Terrace – Bewitched
        • Glenn Underground – Real Space
        • Felix Da Housecat – Temptation (Color Mix)
        • China White – Theme From The Underground
        • The Operator – The Mind Strike
        • Steve Poindexter – Body Jam
        • Mike Dearborn – Deviant Behaviour (Instrumental Mix)
        • DJ Skull – Don't Stop The Beat
        Palm UnitDon’t Buy Ivory Anymore!Komos Records
        French psychedelic jazz outfit Palm Unit follow up on recent tribute to Jef Gilson by highlighting the revolutionary side of French jazz figurehead, Henri...
        • Palm Unit – Amir
        • Palm Unit – Homme Rouge
        • Palm Unit – Les La-Bas
        • Palm Unit – Simone Signoret
        • Palm Unit – Le Piroguier
        • Palm Unit – Mad Nomad
        • Palm Unit – Don’t Buy Ivory Anymore!
        • Palm Unit – La Companera
        De AmbassadeDuistre KamersKnekelhuis
        Coldwave and minimal synth tracks from De Ambassade - album debut via Knekelhuis!
        • De Ambassade – Duistre Kamers
        • De Ambassade – Zo Hoog Als De Bogen
        • De Ambassade – Geen Genade
        • De Ambassade – Malefica
        • De Ambassade – Verloren
        • De Ambassade – Niet Van Mij
        • De Ambassade – Wat Voel Je Nou
        • De Ambassade – Laatste Uur
        • De Ambassade – Wapengekletter
        Nils FrahmEncores 3Erased Tapes
        The third and final instalment of Nils Frahm 'Encores' series! Whilst Encores 1 focused on an acoustic pallet of sounds with solo piano and harmonium at...
        • Nils Frahm – All Armed
        Sidiku BuariFeelings / Sidiku Buari And His Jam BustersBBE
        BBE presents two back-to-back, impossibly scarce and NYC Afrodisco by Sidiku Buari & His Jambusters, originally released on short-lived and highly collectible...
          Cornell CampbellI Man A The Stal-A-Watt17 North Parade
          Cornell Campbell I Man A The Stal-A-Watt, highlighting the singer’s prominence in the golden era of reggae from the early 70s to early 80s. The title...
          • Cornell Campbell – The Investigator
          • Cornell Campbell – Jah Jah Me Horn Ya
          • Cornell Campbell – The Gorgon
          • Cornell Campbell – The Stal-A-Watt
          • Cornell Campbell – Mash You Down
          • Cornell Campbell – No Man's Land
          • Cornell Campbell – Rasta Come From Jail
          • Cornell Campbell – Two Face Rasta
          • Cornell Campbell – Hypocrite
          • Cornell Campbell – Boxing Around
          • Cornell Campbell – Two Timer
          • Cornell Campbell – Bandulu
          • Cornell Campbell – Rope In
          • LP£17.99
            Out of stock
          Massive AttackMassive Attack vs Mad Professor Part II (Mezzanine Remix Tapes ’98)UMC
          Re-workings by Mad Professor originally created in 1998; includes 'Teardrop', 'Angel' and 'Inertia Creeps' as well as rarities 'Wire' and 'Superpredators'.
            • LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£20.99
              Limited pink vinyl edition
              In stockAdd to Bag
            Stump ValleyNatural RaceDekmantel
            An EP of deep, dream house music from Stump Valley (Off Minor / Dopeness Galore) via Dekmantel!
            • Stump Valley – Natural Race (feat. Wayne Snow)
            • Stump Valley – Marimbamba Isle De Joie
            • Stump Valley – Magnifico Notturno
            • Stump Valley – Barrilete Cosmico
            • Stump Valley – Proletarians In Space
            • Stump Valley – Zoo Planet X
            • Stump Valley – Ritmo Atomico
            • Stump Valley – Starbugs
            Made In USANever Gonna Let You Go (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)De-Lite
            First ever official issue of Theo Parrish's in demand edit of Made In USA's "Never Gonna Let You Go. Bootlegged endlessly in the past and racking up prices...
            • Made In USA – Never Gonna To Let You Go (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
            • Made In USA – Original Mix
            • 12"£11.99
              Out of stock
            Ana MazzottiNinguem Vai Me SegurarFar Out Recordings
            Far Out reissue 'Ninguem Vai Me Segurar' by Ana Mazzotti, a samba-jazz-dance masterpiece that plays host to many groove-heavy Brazilian cult-classics!
            • Ana Mazzotti – Agora Ou Nunca Mais
            • Ana Mazzotti – Roda Mundo
            • Ana Mazzotti – Acalanto
            • Ana Mazzotti – Cordao
            • Ana Mazzotti – De Um Jeito So
            • Ana Mazzotti – Eu Sou Mais Eu
            • Ana Mazzotti – Canto De Meditacao
            • Ana Mazzotti – Feel Like Making Love
            • Ana Mazzotti – Bairro Negro
            Buddy Collette SeptetPolynesiaTrunk Records
            Trunk reissue one of the rarest of all of all exotica/easy listening LPs - Buddy Collette Septet’s bizarre concept LP about Polynesia and Japan, 'Polynesia'...
            • Buddy Collette Septet – Taboo
            • Buddy Collette Septet – Flight
            • Buddy Collette Septet – Gauguin
            DeepMatter releases the debut album from London jazz outfit Pyjaen. A unique, high energy blend of funk, afro-beat and contemporary sounds, whilst acknowledging...
            • PYJÆN – Nah
            • PYJÆN – Free Your Dreams
            • PYJÆN – Steve
            • PYJÆN – Leading The Times (Part 1)
            • PYJÆN – Leading The Times (Part 2)
            • PYJÆN – Creation
            • PYJÆN – Waiting for Perry
            • PYJÆN – In Search Of The Sticky Side
            Joe Armon-JonesTurn To Clear ViewBrownswood Recordings
            The wildly-talented keys player returns with a luminous jazz-funk masterstroke for Brownswood Recordings!
            • Joe Armon-Jones – (To) Know Where You’re Coming From
            • Joe Armon-Jones – The Leo & Aquarius feat. Jehst
            • Joe Armon-Jones – You Didn’t Care feat. Nubya Garcia
            • Joe Armon-Jones – Self:Love feat. Obongjayar
            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£19.99
              Limited coloured vinyl edition
              In stockAdd to Bag
            • CD£10.99
              In stockAdd to Bag
            Lovely JonYou Just Don't Turn it Off!Not On Label
            More DIY business from the one and only Lovely Jon! To celebrate the new (and final) Rambo movie, 'Last Blood', Lovely Jon presents an epic, out of control...
              • CD£9.99
                20 numbered copies only in a DIY style, stapled camouflage sleeve with mini poster.
                In stockAdd to Bag
              No Wahala In The DanceAdventures In Contemporary Reggae, Dub & ElectronicsNo Wahala Sounds
              The tracks on this album are a snapshot of contemporary reggae, dub and electronics from mainly London based artists. In addition to the UK capital, there...
              • Majah Tunder – Wicked Man
              • Teshay Makeda – OMG
              • Owen Hender & Trevor Westcarr – Last Days (Dub)
              • U.K. Principal ft. Charmaine Holder – Theme
              • Mosi (All The People) – Search
              • D'Oxman – The Best Is Yet To Come
              • Mad X – Real Sensimilla
              • Charmaine Holder ft. U.K. Principal – Carry Come
              • Markee Ledge – Conscious Brother
              • U.K. Principal – More Peace (Junglist Remix By Sasha Khan)
              Dan SubtifugeBlackboard Jungle DubTotally Dubwise Recordings
              Featuring 2 wicked cuts, the original mix produced and engineered by Label boss man Dan Subtifuge.A heavy weight soundsystem rumbler designed to rock the...
              • Dan Subtifuge – Blackboard Jungle Dub
              • Dan Subtifuge – Version
              Riddim ConferenceCobraKingston Connexion
              Brand new 7" from Tokyo based producer Nobuhiro Suzuki aka Riddim Conference on Kingston Connexion
              • Riddim Conference – Cobra
              • Riddim Conference – Dub Cobra
              ChristelGovernment Man (Alt. Cut)Partial Records
              Unearthed roots rarity from 1998 from Christel & Goldmasters All Stars produced by Malcolm Diss.
              • Christel – Government Man (Alt Cut)
              • Christel – Political Version
              Dreadlock TalesHorn Of ZionDreadlock Tales Music
              Heavyweight sound system tune from Finland with Dreadlock Tales's "Horn Of Zion" play loud!
              • Dreadlock Tales – Horn Of Zion
              • Dreadlock Tales – Dub Of Zion
              V.C.V.SHum (feat. DJ Sotofett remix)Vodkast
              Georgian production duo Irakli Shonia and Sandro Kozmanishvili aka V.C.V.S deliver an EP of new wave / minimal synth tracks, smudged n' dubbed by the one...
              • V.C.V.S – Hum
              • V.C.V.S – Trapped In A Corner
              • V.C.V.S – Trapped In A Corner (DJ Sotofett AM Remix)
              EVM128Input Vol. 1Studio Rockers
              Collaborative release from some of London's finest, breakthrough broken beat producers and vocalists. EVM128 and James Rudie and are at the heart of the...
              • EVM128 – Changes (feat. Renato Paris)
              • EVM128 & Turbojazz – Read Him
              • EVM128 & iLL Smith – Gold (feat. Nesha Nycee)
              • EVM128 & Gonzi – Gut Leve
              • EVM128 & Shy One – One Design (feat. Steve Edwards)
              • EVM128 – The Edge (feat. Daiva)
              • EVM128 & Ishfaq – Complete Me (feat. Natalie May)
              • EVM128, Gonzi, James Rudie & Ishfaq – Naughty Groove
              Judah Eskender TafariLong SufferingRhygin
              Long awaited new vocal roots album from Judah Eskender Tafari, this time working with California based label Rhygin Records. Kicking off the LP with a...
              • Judah Eskender Tafari – Rastafari Tell You
              • Judah Eskender Tafari – Feeling
              • Judah Eskender Tafari – Pay Attention
              • Judah Eskender Tafari – Jehovah
              • Judah Eskender Tafari – Why
              Greg Foat & James ThorpePhotosynthesisAthens Of The North
              Athens Of The North present the second part in their nod to the world of library music with a new concept album from Greg Foat and James Thorpe. Heavy...
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Elementary Physiology, Pt. 1
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Elementary Physiology, Pt. 2
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Balloon Ride
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Circadian Rhythms
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Diametrically Opposed
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Grockle Box
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Living the Dream
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Platform Game
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Stacey's Theme
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Photosynthesis
              • Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Chronobiology
              Resolution 88RevolutionsLegere
              Wicked jazz-funk/fusion from the Resolution 88 crew! Hot, buttery funk with dreamy Fender Rhodes licks and hum-along sax melodies in the style of 70's...
              • Resolution 88 – Pitching Up
              • Resolution 88 – Out of Sync
              • Resolution 88 – Revolutzions
              • Resolution 88 – Runout Groove
              • Resolution 88 – Sample Hunter
              • Resolution 88 – Dig Deep (feat. Marcus Tenney)
              • Resolution 88 – Matrix
              • Resolution 88 – Tracking Force
              • Resolution 88 – Warped Memories
              The Polyversal SoulsSiakwaa / Nana Agyei (Medley)Philophon
              Wicked highlife 45 via the ever reliable Philophon label! 'Siakwaa / Nana Agyei' are two songs taken from Dr. K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings' album 'Sikyi...
              • The Polyversal Souls – Siakwaa / Nana Agyei (Medley) [feat. Sir Frank Karikari]
              • The Polyversal Souls – Odo Agye Gye Me (feat. Sir Frank Karikari)
              Sleepers Poets ScientistsVarious ArtistsCES Records
              A compilation of nine, female Georgian artists, showcasing works by students at the CES (Creative Education Studio), where artist Natalie Beridze teaches...
              • Anushka Chkheidze – The Old Man And The Sea
              • sTia – One
              • Anushka Chkheidze – Only Notes
              • Anushka Chkheidze – 995
              • Katie Eristavi – Monument (feat. Dea Bezhuashvili)
              • Anushka Chkheidze – Sleepers, Walkers, Scientists
              • Eto Gelashvili – Rivers
              • Tamta Gwarliani – Thoughts
              • Ani Zakareishvili – 5 Margarets
              • N. Chavchavadze – Queen Size
              • Dea Bezhuashvili – Snow Queen
              • Tamta Gwarliani – Failed To Open
              • Natalie Beridze – Girl Galaxy
              HodiniThe Untitled EPWOLF Music
              Wolf Music regular, Hodini, dusts off the MPC for an EP of raw, sample-heavy house music goodness! RIYL Glen Astro through to Andres - ace!
              • Hodini – Velved Groove
              • Hodini – Special Shoutout
              • Hodini – Doggo Content feat. HulkHodn
              • Hodini – Where’s The Wine
              • Hodini – One4Fries
              Billy BoyoOne Spliff A Day / One Dub A DayVP Records
              Great reissue of Billy Boyo's killer tune from the early eighties "One Spliff A Day" with Scientist's mix on the flip. Comes in company sleeve.
              • Billy Boyo – One Spliff A Day
              • Billy Boyo – One Dub A Day
              Raw Silk / Barbara Mason / Shirley LitesDr. Packer ReworksWest End Records
              Ace new edits of three CLASSIC NYC disco cuts from the vaults of the legendary West End Records. Dr. Packer tastefully gets to work on club classics from...
              • Raw Silk – Do It To The Music (Dr. Packer Multi Track Mix)
              • Barbara Mason – Another Man (Dr. Packer Rework)
              • Shirley Lites – Heat You Up Melt You Down (Dr. Packer Rework)
              • 1. Raw Silk – Do It To The Music (Dr. Packer Multi Track Mix)
              • 2. Barbara Mason – Another Man (Dr. Packer Rework)
              • 3. Shirley Lites – Heat You Up Melt You Down (Dr. Packer Rework)
              • View full info and tracklisting
              Winston Reedy & The Inn House CrewHere I Come (Medley)Room In The Sky
              Winston Reedy with a killer fresh take on rocksteady with instrumental on the flip. Wrong label's on the record..Ready or not!
              • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Here I Come (Melody)
              • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Version
              Skyy / The Salsoul OrchestraMoplen ReworksSalsoul
              Two classic Salsoul disco jams get respectfully revamped and overhauled by Italian disco producer, Moplen.
              • Skyy – Here's To You (Moplen Boogie Down Mix)
              • Skyy – Here's To You (Moplen Boogie Dub)
              • The Salsoul Orchestra – Ohh I Love It (Love Break) (Moplen Remix)
              • 1. Skyy – Here's To You (Moplen Boogie Down Mix)
              • 2. Skyy – Here's To You (Moplen Boogie Dub)
              • 3. The Salsoul Orchestra – Ohh I Love It (Love Break) (Moplen Remix)
              • View full info and tracklisting
              Trinidadian Deep pres. Native CultureNative CultureShelter
              Deep, spiritual house vibes from occasional Ron Trent collaborator, Trinidadian Deep. Killer release via legendary NYC label, Shelter!
              • Trinidadian Deep pres. Native Culture – Native Culture
              • Trinidadian Deep pres. Native Culture – Eggun
              Juliaiasiash & SaluteRaw DiamondRoom In The Sky
              Montego Bay born singer songwriter Juliaisaiah teams up with The Room In The Sky label for fresh new roots album featuring 21 songs with Vin Gordon, Winston...
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – Here I Stand
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – Better Must Come
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – Blessing I Receive
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – Pass The Kutchie
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – Cool Nah Man
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – Feel The Fire
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – Chikka Chikka
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – In Paradise
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – Welcome Home
              • Juliaiasiash & Salute – Love You Right
              The Inn House CrewThe RoachRoom In The Sky
              Wicked new tune from The Inn House Crew with this infectious Violin led roots instrumental.
              • The Inn House Crew – The Roach
              • The Inn House Crew – Rathid