S. E. Rogie The Sounds Of S. E. Rogie

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  • 1. Twist With The Morningstars
  • 2. Please Go Easy With Me
  • 3. Do Me Justice
  • 4. I Wish I Was A Cowboy
  • 5. She Caught Me Red Hot
  • 6. A Time In My Life
  • 7. My Lovely Elizzabeth
  • 8. Advice To Schoolgirls
  • 9. Baby Lef Marah
  • 10. Nyalima Nyapoi
  • 11. Easy Baby
  • 12. Man Stupid Being

Reissued early work of Sooliman Ernest Rogers, aka SE Rogie, Sierra Leone's legendary 'Palm Wine' guitarist.

Truly beautiful songs from the 1960's ranging from sweet acoustic solo numbers to blazing full band electric music. SE Rogie had a very long & pioneering career in Sierra Leone - gentle & lilting, timeless melodies. One of the greats!

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