Be My Baby Ronnie Spector - A memoirIntro by Keith Richards


    Hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the greatest rock memoirs of all time, Be My Babyis the true story of how Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Ronnie Spector carved out a space for herself against tremendous odds amid the chaos of the 1960s music scene and beyond.

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    Very limited one-off pressing. Features the albums ‘Open & Close’, ‘Music of Many Colors’, ‘Stalemate’, ‘I Go Shout Plenty!!!’, ‘Live...
      Notting Hill Carnival 1983 PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Peter Anderson
      Wicked pictures from Notting Hill Carnival 1983 from photographer Peter Anderson!A perfect accompaniment to the Notting Hill Carnival 1974 and Notting...
        Ken McNabAnd in the End: The Last Days of the Beatles
        WICKED HARDBACKThis is the story of the last acrimonious days of the Beatles, a final chapter reconstructing for the first time the seismic events of 1969,...
          Forrest StuartBallad of the Bullet: Gangs, Drill Music, and the Power of Online Infamy
          Dr. Stuart's ethnography is simply incredible. He balances strong academic writing with an intriguing narrative, and I never wanted the book to end. I've...
            • Book (800g)£20.00 £12.00
              USA HARDBACK BOOK
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            Pete ShelleyEver Fallen in Love: The Lost Buzzcocks Tapes
            Newly discovered recordings of a music legend in his own remarkable words: punk, Buzzcocks and the inspiration behind some of greatest songs ever written.
              • Book (700g)£20.00 £10.00
                HARDBACK BOOK
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              Post-Punk Postcards50 Designs Inspired by Influential Albums
              Description: Revisit some of the most cutting-edge rock music of the 70s and 80s with these fifty postcards that reinterpret fifty seminal post-punk album...
                Folk Song In EnglandSteve Roud
                ONLY £10!! England was once dubbed 'the land without music', but in the early twentieth century collectors and enthusiasts such as Cecil Sharp, Ralph...
                  Deep Blues 1960–1988 PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Val Wilmer
                  Val Wilmer's seminal photographs documenting of the avant-garde jazz scene in the USA in the 60s and 70s are revered everywhere. Her book As Serious As...
                    Northern Soul 1993–1996 PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Elaine Constantine
                    90s' Northern Soul - nice pix in this groovy new photozine! "It was Saturday night, the year was 1993, and I had recently moved to London to try to push...
                      Sound System Culture Jamaica & UK 1986–88 PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Wayne Tippetts
                      Excellent dancehall photos form the 1980s!Wayne Tippetts: 'It was at a ‘yard’ in the capital Kingston Jamaica on a hot and humid night, April 1986...
                        The Base and Jazz Den Cape Town, South Africa 1987–1989 PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Michael Wyeth
                        The Base was a popular nightclub at 88 Shortmarket Street in Cape Town’s historical city centre. It opened on 19 August 1987. Shortly afterwards, the...
                          Ubiquitous Meh!Songs Wrought Wrong / Fecund With Love
                          Starting out as an organ and drum machine solo project for Luke Richards, Ubiquitous Meh! are now a fully-fledged band. Self-described as ‘Cult post-something...
                            Boss Sounds: Classic Skinhead ReggaeBy Marc Griffiths
                            Rare original secondhand out of print CLASSIC reggae book
                              • Original Book (300g)£125.00
                                Well read but solid condition
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                              Soul Jazz Records presentsStudio One Classics
                              Studio One Classics features a non-stop selection of stone-cold classic Studio One killers! Spanning 40 years of the legendary label, this album is a celebration...
                              • The Skatalites – El Pussycat Ska
                              • Carlton & The Shoes – Love Me Forever
                              • Sound Dimension – Rockfort Rock
                              • Johnny Osbourne – Sing Jah Stylee
                              • The Heptones – Pretty Looks Isn't All
                              • Slim Smith – Rougher Yet
                              • Lone Ranger – Automatic
                              • Horace Andy – Fever
                              • Prince Jazzbo – School
                              • The Wailers – Simmer Down
                              • Burning Spear – Rocking Time
                              • Alton Ellis – I'm Just A Guy
                              • Sugar Minott – Oh Mr Dc
                              • Jennifer Lara – Consider Me
                              • Don Drummond – Confucious
                              • Michigan & Smiley – Rub A Dub Style
                              • Sound Dimension – Full Up
                              • Dennis Brown – No Man Is An Island
                              This Isn't Happening:Radiohead's 'Kid A' and the Beginning of the 21st Century
                              £12 OFF!!! THat's 60% OFF!! MORE THAN HALF-PRICE NEW USA HARDBACK BOOK "This Isn't Happening is beyond a mere analysis of Kid A. It is a vast and contextual...
                                You Are Beautiful and You Are Alone:The Biography of Nico
                                40% OFF!!!! £8 OFF!!!! NEW UK HARDBACK BOOK A ROUGH TRADE, MOJO, UNCUT & LOUDER THAN WAR BOOK OF THE YEAR A redemptive, myth-shattering biography...
                                  Lou ReedA Life
                                  £10 OFF THIS NEW USA HARDBACK - JUST £15 - CURRENTLY £25 AND NONE ON AMAZON Description: As lead singer and songwriter for the Velvet Underground...
                                    Marvin Gaye, My BrotherBy Frankie Gaye
                                    Currently £35 on Amazon. ONLY £12 here! NEW USA HARDBACK BOOK The brother of the Motown legend shares his account of life with Marvin Gaye in this revealing,...
                                      Long Train Runnin'The Doobie Brothers
                                      £13 OFF !!! MORE THAN 50% OFF!!!! NEW USA HARDBACK BOOK "The Doobie Brothers' saga truly is one of the untold stories in rock." --Rolling Stone"Founding...
                                        Janette Beckman — Hip Hop Years The B Sides 1982-2020 PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Janette Beckman
                                        First time ever in print for this new second selection of Janette Beckman's amazing hip-hop photography. Featuring Roxanne Shante, Rakim, Bambaataa, Scott...
                                          While We Were Getting High:Britpop & the ‘90s in photographs with unseen images
                                          A WHOPPING £15 OFF. That's 50% OFF> CHEAPER THAN AMAZON. NEW UK HARDBACK BOOK "To flip through the book is to be immersed back in the glory days of...
                                            Wu-Tang Clan 1994-2004 PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Eddie Otchere
                                            'Of Wu Tang and things…I’d say off the bat it’s the Ol' dirty bastard, asking me to destroy the negatives, that will never leave me. Meth showing...
                                              Billboard Book of Brazilian Musicby Chris McGowan
                                              Good book on Brazilian music
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                                                  Original out of print book in good condition
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                                                Outside the Lines:Lost photographs of punk and new wave's most iconic albums
                                                ONLY £10!!! CHEAPER THAN AMAZON!!!! UK HARDBACK BOOKDescriptionEveryone recognises the iconic photo from the cover of the Ramones' self-titled album of...
                                                  Notting Hill Sound Systems PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Brian David Stevens
                                                  Unbelievably good photo-zine featuring Notting Hill Carnival soundsystem speakers. Speaker box porn, speakers as surreal ghost in the machine monsters! Awesome...
                                                    Notting Hill Carnival 1974 PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Chris Miles
                                                    Unbelievably good photo-zine about Notting Hill Carnival 1974 -wicked and joyous photos! Know history - buy this! Awesome small and beautiful photo-zine....
                                                      Teach Yourself Ballroom Dancingby Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
                                                        • Original Book (350g)£10.00
                                                          Original out of print paperback in good condition
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                                                        Disco PogoIssue 3
                                                        Disco Pogo is the new, bi-annual, electronic music magazine from the original founders of seminal 90s title Jockey Slut. Issue 3 is a heavyweight 220...
                                                          • Magazine (300g)£15.00
                                                            Grace Jones cover
                                                            Expected 10 MayPreorder
                                                          • Magazine (300g)£15.00
                                                            Roisin Murphy cover
                                                            Expected 10 May
                                                          Rasta RevelationBy Jah Shakespear
                                                          n Kingston, Jamaica, Ras Fire is murdered, a Dutch Rasta man with very special characteristics. Johan Bode travels to Jamaica to investigate the case on...
                                                            Soul SurvivorsBy Russ Winstanley
                                                            "I really enjoyed the book, Russ Winstanley seems a real ebullient guy but towards the end it wasnt really all about the music but about the money. They...
                                                              • Original Book (650g)£20.00
                                                                Secondhand out of print paperback in good condition
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                                                              Manuel de la CruzEl Petroleo (1979)
                                                              • – El Petroleo
                                                              • Original 7"£15.00
                                                                Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Unplayed original Tex-Mex 45
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                                                              Cypherby Charles Peterson
                                                              Peterson takes a fresh look at the phenomenon of breakdancing with his own brand of fine art documentation. He focuses not only on some of the most radical...
                                                                Why Me?:The Sammy Davis, Jr. Story
                                                                With wit and candor, rage and integrity, Sammy Davis, Jr. reflects on the dark side of his superstardom--his fear of losing his appeal, alcoholism, his...
                                                                  • Original Book (800g)£15.00
                                                                    Secondhand hardback book in good cond
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                                                                  The Synthesizer Generator: A System for Constructing Language-Based Editorsby Thomas W. Reps
                                                                  This book is a detailed account of the Synthesizer Generator, a system for creat­ ing specialized editors that are customized for editing particular languages....
                                                                    • Original Book (700g)£30.00
                                                                      Secondhand hardback in good condition
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                                                                    Jungle Vol. 1The Icon Catalogue Jungle Vol. 1
                                                                    Calling all Junglists! The Icon Catalogue is a series of small A6 zines profiling 40 record labels in dance music genres - Jungle, UK Garage and Dubstep....

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                                                                            No SeattleSoul Jazz Records
                                                                            Soul Jazz Records new release takes us on a serious road trip into the North-West region of the USA, 1986-97, to explore the amazing lost and forgotten...
                                                                            • Starfish – This Town
                                                                            • Vampire Lezbos – Stop Killing The Seals
                                                                            • Nubbin – Windyyy
                                                                            • Saucer – Jail Ain't Stopping Us
                                                                            • Machine – Blind Man's Holiday
                                                                            • Medelicious – Beverly
                                                                            • Hitting Birth – Same 18
                                                                            • Nubbin – Wonderama
                                                                            • Crunchbird – Woodstock Unvisited
                                                                            • The Ones – Talk To Me
                                                                            • Pod – 123
                                                                            • Thrillhammer – Alice's Palace
                                                                            • Yellow Snow – Take Me For A Ride
                                                                            • Helltrout – Precious Hyde
                                                                            • Bundle Of Hiss – Wench
                                                                            • Starfish – Run Around
                                                                            • Thrillhammer – Bleed
                                                                            • Chemistry Set – Fields
                                                                            • My Name – Voice Of A Generation Gap
                                                                            • Small Stars – It's Getting Late
                                                                            • Shug – AM FM
                                                                            • Treehouse – Debbie Had A Dream
                                                                            • My Name – Why I Fight
                                                                            • Soylent Green – It Smiles
                                                                            • Kill Sybil – Best
                                                                            • Calamity Jane – Magdalena
                                                                            • Saucer – Chicky Chicky Frown
                                                                            • Attica – The System
                                                                            JantraSynthesized Sudan: Astro-Nubian Electronic Jaglara Dance Sounds from the Fashaga UndergroundOstinato Records
                                                                            The first ever release of electronic Jaglara, an obscure dance music being innovated in an area near the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea border called Fashaga. Among...
                                                                            • – DarGoog Intro
                                                                            • – Gedima
                                                                            • – Makhafi
                                                                            • – Ozali
                                                                            • – Shabal
                                                                            • – Jaglara Interlude
                                                                            • – Homoom
                                                                            • – Khadija
                                                                            • – Feej
                                                                            • – Jaborouna Jabor
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                                                                            Jah Walton aka Joseph Cotton & RITS Riddim ForceGanja Man / I Smoke Weed / Fletchers Land Riddim / Ras To The Ranger / DubRoom In The Sky
                                                                            New six track limited 10" from Room In The Sky label featuring Joseph Cotton aka DJ Jah Walton & Goody Gap celebrating the weed on the infectious "Fletchers...
                                                                            • Jah Walton – Ganja
                                                                            • Goody Gap – I Smoke Weed
                                                                            • The RITS Riddim Force – Fletchers Land Riddim (Original run off)
                                                                            • Ras Ranger – Ras To The Ranger
                                                                            • The RITS Riddim Force – Fletchers Land Dub
                                                                            • The RITS Riddim Force – Fletchers Land Melodica
                                                                            Devon RussellDarker Than Blue (A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield)Soulgramma
                                                                            Limited vinyl reissue with original cover art work plus two extra tracks! The record was originally published in 1993, but the first session dates back...
                                                                            • – Love To The People
                                                                            • – Wild And Free
                                                                            • – Darker Than Blue
                                                                            • – Move On Up
                                                                            • – Keep On Moving
                                                                            • – Falling In Love With You **
                                                                            • – Never Too Much Love
                                                                            • – Songs On Sirene
                                                                            • – Makings Of You
                                                                            • – I'm Still Waiting
                                                                            • – Give Me Your Love
                                                                            • – Choice Of Colours **
                                                                            • New LP £28.00
                                                                              Out of stock
                                                                            John CameronFolk, Funk & Beyond The Arrangements Of John CameronAce
                                                                            John Cameron is truly one of the greatest and most recognisable British arrangers of the 60s and 70s. He came out of the British jazz scene, playing live...
                                                                              Baby ConsueloP'ra Enlouquecer (1979)Atlantic
                                                                              Original Brazilian LP from ex-Novos Baianos singer Baby Consuelo.
                                                                                • Original LP£20.00
                                                                                  Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Orig = Orig BRAZILIAN vinyl (small price sticekr removal mark)
                                                                                  Out of stock