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    • Roedelius And Friends – ad honorem ft. Seiichi Suzuki
    • Roedelius And Friends – belvedere ft. George Taylor,Fratellis
    • Roedelius And Friends – dynamo ft. Haeyoung Kim ,Nikos Arvanitis
    • Roedelius And Friends – elektrum ft. Alex Paterson ,Thomas Fehlmann
    • 1. ad honorem ft. Seiichi Suzuki
    • 2. belvedere ft. George Taylor,Fratellis
    • 3. claire obscure ft. Patrick Pulsinger ,Werner Dafeldecker
    • 4. dynamo ft. Haeyoung Kim ,Nikos Arvanitis
    • 5. elektrum ft. Alex Paterson ,Thomas Fehlmann
    • 6. fait accompli ft. Werner Moebius
    • 7. gusto ft. Alec Way , Eric Bonerz
    • 8. hoc volo ft. Timothy O'Keefe
    • 9. in natura ft. David Bickley
    • 10. juste milieu ft. Fabio Capanni

    Remixes of the founding member of legendary Krautrock group Kluster, Hans-Joachim Roedelius! A ten track compilation which features collaborations with The Orb, Patrick Pulsinger, Alec Way, Haeyoung Kim, Fratelli Brothers, Timothy O’Keefe, Fabio Capanni, David Bickley, Seiichi Suzuki and Werner Moebius. The CD showcases works produced over the past 10 years and takes the listener on a journey through many styles of music from Ambient-Glitch Electronics–Dub

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