Roberto Musci The Loa Of Music (The Complete Sessions)

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      • 1. The Way Of Discreet Zen
      • 2. Woman Of Water And Music
      • 3. Claudia, Wilhem R. And Me
      • 4. Shadow Player
      • 5. The Sneerer (Mr G.C.)
      • 6. Importably Music
      • 7. Loa Song
      • 8. Night Music
      • 9. Dalang´s Dream
      • 10. Lidia, After The Snow
      • 11. Drums Of Chambri Lake
      • 12. Katak Dance For H. Partch
      • 13. Kami Shintai
      • 14. Lazy Raga
      • 15. Night Music II
      • 16. Okkulte Stimmen
      • 17. Tantric Hymns
      • 18. The Age Of Fragmentation
      • 19. The Story Of The Serpent Who Created The World
      • 20. The Time Of The Fire And Dream
      • 21. Vinaya Pitaka

      "The Loa of Music" is the debut recording project of Milanese composer and musician Roberto Musci inspired by Voodoo Religion; Vever (the magical voodoo paintings) and Loas, the dark and magic spirits. The deep charm of non-Western music has led him to travel for many years across Africa, India and Asia, studying rhythms, scales, performance and interpretation of the most varied traditional and indigenous music, as well he make many field recordings and collected ethnic instruments that would then be combined with synthesizers and electronics in The Loa of Music.


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