Reggae 45 Soundsystem The Label Art of Reggae Singles, A Visual History of Jamaican Reggae 1959-79

    Soul Jazz Books

    Reggae Soundsystem 45! is a new stunning deluxe 500 page flexibound book that features over 1000  full size record label 45 rpm single designs that span the history of reggae music. 

    The book is compiled by the renowned author and reggae expert Steve Barrow (Rough Guide to Reggae/Blood and Fire Records) and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records). Text by Steve Barrow and Noel Hawks.

    As well as the stunning full-size 45 designs, this book is ram-jam filled with text on many of the records, artists, producers and record companies featured in the book.

    The 45rpm 7” single is at the heart of reggae music, the main tool in which reggae music has been communicated to the public by the deejays in the dancehalls of Kingston, through to its dissemination worldwide, over the last 50+years. 

    These unique label designs give us a hidden history of design that is raw, innovative and hip. Ever since the birth of the Jamaican music industry  through to the present day, these idiosyncratic label designs have helped illustrate, signify and energise the music that they accompany.

    Reggae 45 Soundsystem is released to coincide with the publication of a second large format hardback 12x12" book, Reggae Soundsystem which features original album cover art of reggae, also published by Soul Jazz Books.

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                                      • Screechie Dan – We A Don
                                      • Lone Ranger – My Number
                                      • Dennis Alcapone – Riddle I This
                                      • Kentrus – It A Fi Bun
                                      • Lone Ranger – Apprentice Dentist
                                      • King Sporty – DJ Special
                                      • Prince Jazzbo – Little Joe
                                      • Ragga Muffin – Ragga Muffin
                                      • Mad Roy – Universal Love
                                      • King Sporty – Choice Of Music
                                      • King Stitt – Rhyming Time
                                      • Prince Jazzbo – Fire Coal Version
                                      • Dillinger – Fountain on The Mountain
                                      • Michigan & Smiley – Thank You Jah
                                      • Prince Garthie – Raindrops
                                      • Jah Buzz – Automatic Clapping
                                      • Dennis Alcapone – El Paso
                                      • Big Joe – Nanny Version Skank
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                                        • Hortense Ellis – Can I Change My Mind
                                        • Marcia Griffiths – Melody Life
                                        • Myrna Hague – New World
                                        • Marcia Griffiths – Shimmering Star
                                        • Nora Dean – Heartaches
                                        • The Jay Tees – Buck Town Corner
                                        • Jennifer Lara – Turn, Turn, Turn !
                                        • Doreen & Alton – I'm Still In Love
                                        • Doreen Schaeffer – Sugar Sugar
                                        • Denise Darlington – Feel So Good
                                        • Angela Prince – My Man Is Gone
                                        • Nana McLean – Till I Kissed You
                                        • Nina Soul – Barb Wire
                                        • Jackie Opel and Doreen Schaeffer – Welcome You Back Home
                                        • Nina Soul – Sleeping Trees
                                        • Rita Marley – Friends and Lovers
                                        • Hortense Ellis – Secretly
                                        • Marcia Griffiths – You're No Good
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                                        Coxsone's MusicSoul Jazz Records
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                                        • Don Drummond – Roll On Sweet Don
                                        • Derrick Harriott – Answer Me
                                        • Aubrey Adams – Do Du Wap
                                        • Busty & Cool – What A World
                                        • Roland Alphonso – Counter Punch
                                        • Owen & Millie – Do You Know
                                        • Workshop Musicians – Calypso Jazz
                                        • Don Drummond – Elevation Rock
                                        • The Blues Busters – There's Always Sunshine
                                        • Clue J and his Blues Blasters – Unkown Shuffle Blues
                                        • The Jiving Juniors – Darling Don't Leave Me
                                        • The Mellow Larks – Time To Pray
                                        • Owen Gray – Twisting My Baby
                                        • Cecil Loyd Quintet – What Is The Thing Called Love
                                        • Theo Beckford – That's Me
                                        • Simms & Robinson – White Christmas
                                        • Cecil Lloyd Quintet – Sometimes I'm Happy
                                        • Owen Gray – Best Twist
                                        • The Blues Busters – Tell Me Why
                                        • Don Drummond – Dew Drops
                                        • Clancy Eccles – River Jordan
                                        • Workshop Musicians – Serenade In Sound
                                        • Owen Gray – Young Lover
                                        • The City Slickers – Oceans 11
                                        • The Blues Busters – You Had It All Wrong
                                        • Clue J and his Blues Blasters – Salt Lane Shuffle
                                        • Lascelles Perkins – Real Gone Clown
                                        • Don Drummond – Reload
                                        • Clancy Eccles – Freedom
                                        • Clue J and his Blues Blasters – Pine Juice
                                        • The Jiving Juniors – Over The River
                                        • Don Drummond – Schooling The Duke
                                        • The Mellow Cats & Count Ossie – Rock A Man Soul
                                        • Monty & The Cyclones – Summertime
                                        • The Mellowlarks – No More Wedding
                                        • Roland Alphonso & Carol McLaughlin – Just Cool
                                        • Owen & Millie – Sugar Plum
                                        • Clue J and his Blues Blasters – Silky
                                        • Basil Gabbidon – Independent Blues
                                        • Don Drummond and The City Slickers – That Man Is Back
                                        • Simms & Robinson – Searching
                                        • The Shinners – Romantic Shuffle
                                        • Cecil Lloyd Quintet – Grooving With The Beat
                                        • Neville Esson – I Do
                                        • Workshop Musicians – Burnie's Tune
                                        • Owen & Millie – Sit and Cry
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                                        • Don Drummond – Don D Special
                                        • Toots and The Maytals – A Man Who Knows
                                        • Bob Marley and The Wailers – Rude Boy
                                        • Derrick Morgan – It's Alright
                                        • The Skatalites – Something Special
                                        • Lee Perry – Open Up (aka Cook Book)
                                        • The Regals – Shammy Back
                                        • Bob Marley and The Wailers – Diamond Baby
                                        • Jackie Opel – The Mill Man
                                        • The Ethiopians – I Am Free
                                        Fire Over Babylon: Dread, Peace and Conscious Sounds at Studio OneSoul Jazz Records
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                                        • Freddie McGregor – I Am a Revolutionist
                                        • The Silvertones – Burning In My Soul
                                        • Wailing Souls – Without You
                                        • Devon Russell – Jah Jah Fire
                                        • Trevor Clarke – Sufferation
                                        • The Gladiators – Sonia
                                        • Judah Eskender Tafari – Always Trying
                                        • The Viceroys – Ya Ho
                                        • Im and Count Ossie – Give Me Back Me Language And Me Culture
                                        • The Gladiators – Serious Thing
                                        • The Prospectors – Glory For I
                                        • Wailing Souls – Things and Time
                                        • Pablove Black – Inner Peace
                                        • The Gladiators – Peace
                                        • Horace Andy – Mr. Jolly Man
                                        • Wailing Souls – Rock But Don't Fall
                                        • Albert Griffiths and The Gladiators – Righteous Man
                                        • The Viceroys – So Many Problems
                                        Nigeria Soul Power 70 (Expanded Double LP Set)Soul Jazz Records
                                        Seriously rare, killer and classic Nigerian 70s Afro-Funk, Afro-Disco & Afro-Rock tunes bought together. Originally released as a now-long-out-of-print...
                                        • Geraldo Pino – Shake Hands
                                        • Sonny Okosuns Ozziddi – Dance Of The Elephants
                                        • The Wings – We'll Get Home
                                        • Alhaji (Chief) Prof. Kollington Ayinla – E Ye Ika Se
                                        • Colomach – Kassa Kpa Sama Kpa
                                        • Geraldo Pino – Heavy Heavy Heavy
                                        • MFB – Beware
                                        • Tony Grey and The Ozimba Messengers – You Are The One
                                        • Sonny Okosuns Ozziddi – Oba Erediauwa I
                                        • The Wings – Single Boy
                                        • Geraldo Pino – Power To The People
                                        • Original Wings – Igba Alusi
                                        • Don Bruce and The Angels – Sugar Baby
                                        • Geraldo Pino – Africans Must Unite
                                        New Orleans FunkSoul Jazz Records
                                        Album features Ernie K Doe’s ‘Here Come The Girls’, The Meters, Eddie Bo, Professor Longhair, Lee Dorsey, Wild Magnolias and more. This is the definitive...
                                        • The Explosions – Hip Drop
                                        • Lee Dorsey – Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further
                                        • Gentleman June Gardner – It's Gonna Rain
                                        • Eddie Bo – Check Your Bucket
                                        • Professor Longhair – Big Chief
                                        • Huey "Piano" Smith & His Clowns – Free, Single And Disengaged
                                        • Chuck Carbo – Can I Be Your Squeeze
                                        • Aaron Neville – Hercules
                                        • Mary Jane Hooper – I've Got Reasons
                                        • The Gaturs – Gator Bait
                                        • Allen Toussaint – Get Out Of My Life Woman
                                        • Cyril Neville – Tell Me What's On Your Mind
                                        • Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolia Mardi Gras Indian Band – Handa Wanda
                                        • Lee Dorsey & Betty Harris – Love Lots Of Lovin
                                        • The Explosions – Garden Of Four Trees
                                        • Ernie & The Top Notes – Dap Walk
                                        • The Meters – Just Kissed My Baby
                                        • Marilyn Barbarin – Reborn
                                        • Dr. John – Mama Roux
                                        • Danny White – Natural Soul Brother
                                        • Eddie Bo – Hook 'N' Sling, Pt. 2
                                        • Ernie K. Doe – Here Come The Girls
                                        • Robert Parker – Hip-Huggin
                                        • The Meters – Handclapping Song
                                        • 2. The Explosions – Hip Drop
                                        • 3. Lee Dorsey – Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further
                                        • 4. Gentleman June Gardner – It's Gonna Rain
                                        • View full info and tracklisting
                                        Soul Jazz Records presents Studio One Soul (Black vinyl edition)
                                        New classic black vinyl pressing More classic Reggae from Jamaica's most important label ever . Studio One Soul tracks the link between American Funk...
                                            Studio One Rockers (Black vinyl edition)Soul Jazz Records
                                            Soul Jazz Records classic Studio One Rockers available once more on black vinyl edition + download code. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Owned...
                                            • Sound Dimension – Real Rock
                                            • Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping
                                            • Freddy Mcgregor – Bobby Babylon
                                            • Horace Andy – Skylarking
                                            • Lennie Hibbert – Village Soul
                                            • Brentford All-Stars – Greedy G
                                            • Johnny Osbourne – Truth And Rights
                                            • Ernest Ranglin – Surfin
                                            • Michigan & Smiley – Eye Of Danger
                                            • Dawn Penn – No, No, No
                                            • The Skatalites – Phoenix City
                                            • Prince Jazzbo – Crabwalking
                                            • Jackie Mittoo – Hot Milk
                                            • Lone Ranger – Badder Dan Dem
                                            • Cedric Brooks – Ethiopia
                                            Studio One ScorcherSoul Jazz Records
                                            "I think if a nuclear family could have a soundtrack, ours would be the Soul Jazz comp Studio One Scorcher. I wouldn't say it's the best record ever made,...
                                            • The Skatalites – Coconut Rock
                                            • Cedric Im Brooks & The Sound Dimension – Mun-Dun-Gu
                                            • Tommy Mccook, Richard Ace, The Skatalites & Disco Height – Shockers Rock
                                            • Soul Vendors – Ringo Rock
                                            • Jackie Mittoo & Ernest Ranglin – Jericho Skank
                                            • New Establishment – The People Skanking
                                            • Karl Bryan & The Afrokats – Money Generator
                                            • Lester Sterling – Afrikaan Beat
                                            • Sound Dimension – Heavy Rock
                                            • Sugar Belly – In Cold Blood
                                            • Don Drummond & The Skatalites – Heavenless
                                            • Soul Bros. – Bugaloo
                                            • Vin Gordon – Red Blood
                                            • Pablove Black – Push Pull
                                            • Jackie Mittoo & Brentford Rockers – Sidewalk Doctor
                                            • Liberation Group – Namibia
                                            • Brentford Road All Stars – Last Call
                                            • Soul Defenders – Still Calling
                                            • Karl Bryan & Count Ossie – Black Up
                                            • 1. The Skatalites – Coconut Rock
                                            • 2. Cedric Im Brooks & The Sound Dimension – Mun-Dun-Gu
                                            • 3. Tommy Mccook, Richard Ace, The Skatalites & Disco Height – Shockers Rock
                                            • View full info and tracklisting
                                            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£34.00
                                              Expected 03 NovPreorder
                                            Studio One Black Man's Pride 3 : None Shall Escape The Judgement Of The AlmightySoul Jazz Records
                                            This is the latest new installment of Soul Jazz Records’ on-going collection of Rastafarian music at Studio One, featuring classic material from legendary...
                                            • Horace Andy – Conscious Dread Lock
                                            • The Gladiators – A Prayer To Thee
                                            • Freddie McGregor – Beat Down Babylon
                                            • The Manchesters – Selassie Bandman
                                            • The Mellodies – Dread Oppression
                                            • Big Joe – Jah Jah Help Us
                                            • Horace Andy – Oh Lord Why Lord
                                            • Lloyd Jones & The Super Natural Six – Get Up and Try
                                            • The Wailing Souls – Can't Catch Me
                                            • The Nightingales – Jehovah
                                            • Alphanso Stewart – It's No Secret
                                            • Errol Dunkley – Satisfaction
                                            • Mr Manchester – Give Natty Dread Glory
                                            • Lincoln (Sugar) Minott – Wrong Doers
                                            • Noel Campbell & The Gladiators Band – Sufferation
                                            • African Brothers – No Cup No Brock
                                            • Zoot Simms – When The Time Comes
                                            • Glen Miller – Whey No Dead
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                                            One Chord WondersPower and Meaning in Punk RockPM Press
                                            USA PAPERBACK BOOK!!! 50% OFF!!!!!One Chord Wonders was the first full-length study of the glory years of British punk rock. The book argues that one of...
                                              • Book (350g)£13.99 £6.99
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                                              Trojan - The Story of Trojan RecordsBy Laurence Cane-HoneysettTrojan
                                              MASSIVE new book (300+ pages!) A lavish, fully illustrated deluxe book, an official history, from the label’s archivist, historian Laurence Cane-Honeysett Includes...
                                                • Book (1.9kg)£30.00
                                                  Out of stock
                                                Studio One LoversSoul Jazz Records
                                                Lovingly compiled, this album features only the finest Lovers from Jamaica’s finest label. From Blues parties in London, Birmingham, Bristol etc Lovers...
                                                • Delroy Wilson – I Don't Know Why
                                                • Basil Daley – Hold Me Baby
                                                • Myrna Hague – Touch Me Baby
                                                • John Holt & The Paragons – Darling, I Need Your Loving
                                                • The Sharks – How Could I Live (1st Cut)
                                                • The Mad Lads – Ten To One
                                                • Jackie Mittoo – Reggae Magic (2nd Cut)
                                                • Larry & Alvin – Your Love
                                                • Freddy & Jenny – Too Long Will Be Too Late
                                                • Alton Ellis – Let Him Try
                                                • Albert Tomlinson – Don't Wait For Me
                                                • Horace Andy – Got To Be Sure
                                                • Carlton & His Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away
                                                • The Heptones – Ready To Learn
                                                • Bob & Marcia – Really Together (No Strings)
                                                • Ernest Wilson – Undying Love
                                                • Bob Marley & The Wailers – I'm Still Waiting (1st Cut)
                                                • Doreen Schaeffer – We're All Alone
                                                • 2×LP£26.00
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                                                • CD£12.00
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                                                • MP3 Release£9.99
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                                                Soul Jazz Records presents Nigeria Fuji MachineSynchro Sound System & PowerSoul Jazz Records
                                                ‘Synchro Sound System & Power’ features the music of Nigeria Fuji Machine, which includes some of Nigeria's finest ‘Fuji’ master drummers and singers,...
                                                • – Iba
                                                • – Orin Gidi
                                                • – Ilu
                                                • – Ẹyọ-Sẹsẹ
                                                • – Garaje
                                                • – Ọrọ Owe
                                                • – Ire
                                                Tougher Than Tough: Trojan Rude Boy SoundsMusic On Vinyl
                                                On Vinyl’s Trojan compilation series, which celebrates the best works from the legendary reggae label Trojan Records. It was compiled by Laurence Cane-Honeysett,...
                                                • Stranger & Gladdy – Rudies All Around
                                                • Lee Perry – Set Them Free
                                                • Alton Ellis & The Flames – Blessings Of Love
                                                • Lloyd & Glen – Rudies Give Up
                                                • The Heptones – Gunmen Coming To Town
                                                • Derrick Morgan – Tougher Than Tough (Rudie In Court)
                                                • Honey Boy Martin – Dreader Then Dread
                                                • The Valentines – Stop The Violence
                                                • The Originators – Hot Iron
                                                • Alton Ellis & The Flames – The Preacher
                                                • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£28.00
                                                  Limited, numbered, orange vinyl edition inc. Trojan / Music On Vinyl coaster!​
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                                                Inell YoungThe Next Ball GameSoul Jazz Records
                                                Killer New Orleans Funk rarity! Inell Young's searing vocal performance backed by the unbelievably funky James Black's seriously awesome second-line...
                                                • – The Next Ball Game
                                                • – Part Of The Game
                                                Dub Echoes DVD (2009)DVD - Directed by Bruno Natal
                                                'Dub Echoes' DVD out now on Soul Jazz Records!!!!!! 'Dub Echoes' is a newly produced film about Dub, featuring an incredible array of artists, both original...
                                                  Brown SugarI'm In Love With A Dreadlocks: Brown Sugar and The Birth Of Lovers Rock 1977 - 80Soul Jazz Records
                                                  Soul Jazz Records are releasing this first ever collection of the pioneering British reggae Lovers Rock group Brown Sugar including rare singles, dubs...
                                                  • – Black Pride
                                                  • – Our Reggae Music
                                                  • – Hello Stranger
                                                  • – I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks
                                                  • – Hurtin' (with Dennis Bovell)
                                                  • – I'm So Proud
                                                  • – Runaway Love
                                                  • – Dreaming Of Zion
                                                  • – Loving Dreadlocks Dub
                                                  • – You and Your Smiling Face
                                                  • – Do You Really Love Me
                                                  • – Proud
                                                  • – Confession Hurts
                                                  • 2xLP (+ Download Code)£26.00
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                                                  • MP3 Release£9.99
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