2 x 7" - £12.99

      Record Store Day 2016 release. Eric Lau, Tall Black Guy, Kidkanevil and Mr Thing go wild in John Peel's archive. In their own words...'For those new to our Record Store Day projects, this is the third and final part of a trilogy of releases. For the first, the producers could each pick one record from Mr Thing's collection, for the second, he picked one record for each of them. They then were tasked with creating a new track from that singular sample source. This year is no different: each of the four tracks on these records were created using music sampled from the John Peel Archive. We discovered some incredible music that day and in your hands you are holding the results. It's a pleasure to share it with you'.

      Other Releases on First Word Records

      Myele ManzanzaA Love Requited (inc. Theo Parrish remix)First Word Records
      Key moments from Myele Manzanza's 'A Love Requited' get some choice remix action with an absolute doozy from the great Theo Parrish and extra points with...
      • Myele Manzanza – Itaru's Phone Booth (Theo Parrish Remix)
      • Myele Manzanza – Big Deal (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix)
      • Myele Manzanza – Family Dynamics (Darkhouse Family Remix)
      • Myele Manzanza – Pencarrow (Borrowed CS)
      Ross McHenryNothing Remains UnchangedFirst Word Records
      'Nothing Remains Unchanged' is the album from multi-award winning antipodean composer, producer and bass player Ross McHenry. Deep, contemporary, modal...
      • Ross McHenry – Complicated Us
      • Ross McHenry – Adelaide
      • Ross McHenry – 1 East West
      • Ross McHenry – Forest Dance
      • Ross McHenry – Woods
      • Ross McHenry – Processional
      Myele ManzanzaA Love RequitedFirst Word Records
      Third, energetic jazz album from drummer, producer and composer, Myele Manzanza!
      • Myele Manzanza – Ritual
      • Myele Manzanza – Family Dynamics
      • Myele Manzanza – Itaru's Phone Booth
      • Myele Manzanza – Mortality
      • Myele Manzanza – Big Deal
      • Myele Manzanza – Madrid
      • Myele Manzanza – A Love Requited
      Eric LauExamplesFirst Word Records
      First Word enters 2017 with a bang: a 28-track album courtesy of Eric Lau (who produced Yussef Kamaal's 'Black Focus' LP). This, his third instrumental...
      • Eric Lau – New Speed
      • Eric Lau – Lift Off
      • Eric Lau – Contact
      • Eric Lau – RAHW
      • Eric Lau – Harps in Space
      • Eric Lau – Circles
      • Eric Lau – Can I Get a Witness
      • Eric Lau – Spooky Fonk
      • Eric Lau – 4 De La
      • Eric Lau – Harmonics
      • Eric Lau – Love Vamp
      • Eric Lau – The Sun Beyond
      • Eric Lau – Amerie
      • Eric Lau – Rhythm King
      • Eric Lau – Bas
      • Eric Lau – Flute Time
      • Eric Lau – Its Rainy
      • Eric Lau – Its Okay
      • Eric Lau – Myo Shuffle
      • Eric Lau – Masamba
      • Eric Lau – Gold
      • Eric Lau – Lau's Lament
      • Eric Lau – Everything Will Work out Fine
      • Eric Lau – Open Up
      • Eric Lau – Re'lax
      • Eric Lau – Lullaby
      • Eric Lau – Dreams
      • Eric Lau – Good Evening
      Jon PhonicsLetters to HomeFirst Word Records
      Astral Black lynchpin, Jon Phonics, drops his anticipated LP debut, using the MPC to move through various hip-hop moods; touching on neon-stripped...
      • Jon Phonics – It Is Happening Again
      • Jon Phonics – Slo Mo
      • Jon Phonics – Live from the Hypocrite Fest
      • Jon Phonics – Gut Splash
      • Jon Phonics – Nagasaki VIP
      • Jon Phonics – Tapes & Pianos
      • Jon Phonics – Seeta
      • Jon Phonics – Cleaver Hands
      • Jon Phonics – Exotic Wall Furnishings
      • Jon Phonics – Sunshine Emoji
      • Jon Phonics – P_O_V (My Shame
      • Jon Phonics – PPLPERSON (feat. Lee Scott)
      • Jon Phonics – Ka$h Money
      • Jon Phonics – Cheatin' (feat. M9)
      • Jon Phonics – Cotton Wool
      • Jon Phonics – Black Russian