• Nga Han – Truth
    • Simha – Truth Dub (Chazbo Mix)
    • Clive Hylton – All The Best
    • Simha – Melodica by Chazbo
    • 1. Nga Han – Truth
    • 2. Simha – Truth Dub (Chazbo Mix)
    • 3. Clive Hylton – All The Best
    • 4. Simha – Melodica by Chazbo

    This is the second Roots Masala release featuring two Jamaican artists on vocals. Nga Han comes through with a conscious message in the lyrics, topics regarding truth, righteousness and freedom. Followed by a heavyweight dub from Chazbo with his reverb-drenched echoed mix creating a spacious and immersive sound that takes listeners on a journey through time and space.

    On Side B, listeners can enjoy the powerful voice of Jamaican reggae veteran Clive Hylton on the track "All the Best." This song focuses on the unification of people and the power of positive energy to overcome obstacles. With Clive Hylton's soulful vocals, the track creates a mesmerizing atmosphere, inviting the listener to join in the call for unity.

    Following "All the Best," listeners can enjoy Chazbo's melodica cut, adding a layer of haunting melody to the mix. Chazbo's masterful use of the melodica adds a unique sound to the track, blending perfectly with the deep basslines and intricate rhythms of the riddim.

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