Ndox Electrique T​ë​dd ak Mame Coumba Lamba ak Mame Coumba Mbang

    Les Disques Bongo Joe
      • 1. Jamm Yé Matagu Yalla
      • 2. Lëk Ndau Mbay
      • 3. Ngor Diouf Ya Demon
      • 4. He Yay Naliné
      • 5. Indi Mewmi
      • 6. Yaré Rirewé Bakora Ndoye
      • 7. Ngor Diouf Né Du Wallé
      • 8. Sam Sa Nga Mboro
      • 9. Wali Namalé
      • 10. Sango Mara Riré

      Ndox Electrique results from the collaboration between François R. Cambuzat, Gianna Greco (also known for their work with Ifriqiyya Electrique), and the n'doëp community in Senegal. The project originated from the duo's quest to trace the origins of North African rituals, which led them to the Lebu community in Cap-Vert, an isolated region at Africa's westernmost point.

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