• Rick Wade – Delicious
    • Rick Wade – Mystic Tech
    • Rick Wade – Nasty Night
    • 1. Delicious
    • 2. Mystic Tech
    • 3. Nasty Night

    Detroit deep house legend Rick Wade on Rawax

    AWAX proudly welcomes back Mr. Rick Wade from Detroit on the Motor City Edition Volume 20! Rick delivers with "Mystic Tech Ep" another deep house beauty with his remarkable and unique sound.

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    • – Hyperfunk (S. Gurley Remix)
    Beats to the RhymeA Collection of Instrumental Hip-Hop Records for the Beat ConnoisseurGingko Press
    £10 off this wicked book! Cheaper than Amazon! USA IMPORT DIE CUT, SHRINK-WRAPPED COVER HARDBACK BOOK 40% OFF Original price! COMES WITH FREE CD! THE...
      • Book (700g) 9781584235385£22.00 £12.00
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      Nil's Jazz EnsembleReflexiones / SiempreMukatsuku
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        • – sample one
        • – sample two
        • – sample three
        • – sample four
        • – sample five
        • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) 989327007155PMI£42.00
          Limited blue vinyl edition
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        • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) MMS007I-LP£31.99
        Synthesis Sound ArchiveHidden Future | Reverse SynthesisSynthesis Sound Archive
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        • – Hidden Future
        • – Reverse Synthesis
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        Levon Vincent continues unabashed to combine the Streetwise and the Elegant on his newest release, The Medium is the Message II - A reference to Marshall...
        • – The Medium Is The Message (Long Mix)
        • – The Medium Is The Message (Short Mix)
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        Wicked, super-rare, early 70s gospel business reissued on Athens Of The North!
        • – Traveling Home
        • – I Like To Recommend The Lord
        Zion Train presents The Tassilli PlayersThe Wonderful World Of Weed In DubPartial Records
        A welcome reissue for this herbal-influenced Zion Train album, originally released on Universal Egg in 1995. A spaced-out world-wide dub excursion into...
        • – Sensi
        • – Kerala
        • – Durban Poison
        • – Malawi
        • – Hawaiian
        • – Purple Power
        • – Northern Lights
        • – Level 11
        • – Poison
        • – Twilight Zone
        Sonido Verde De MoyobambaSonido Verde De MoyobambaAnalog Africa
        Formed in 1980 by guitar prodigy Leonardo Vela Rodriguez, Sonido Verde de Moyobamba created some of the hardest, craziest Cumbia to emerge from the Peruvian...
        • – Melancolia
        • – El Limoncito
        • – La Longuita
        • – La Danza Del Vampiro
        • – Zarzamora
        • – Alegria Verde
        • – Maria Esther
        • – El Borracho
        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) AADE017£31.00
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        Levon VincentNiresaNovel Sound
        Tracks for astral projection. Levon creates his own tonality using his original pitch designs to take the listener to a place that did not yet exist, whilst...
        • – Side A
        • – Side B
        Peru Selvatico: Sonic Expedition Into The Peruvian Amazon 1972-1986Analog Africa
        In its isolated cities, cut off from the fashions of the capital, a unique style of music began to develop, inspired equally by the sounds of the surrounding...
        • Descarga Royal – Los Royal's de Pucallpa
        • La Cervecita – Sonido Verde de Moyobamba
        • Selva Virgen – Los Zheros
        • Moyobambina – Grupo Siglo XX de Rioja
        • Humo En La Selva – Los Invasores de Progreso
        • La Hamaca – Los Cisnes
        • Cumbion Universal – Fresa Juvenil de Tarapoto
        • La Trochita – Los Rangers de Tingo Maria
        • La Bola Buche – Los Invasores de Progreso
        • Bailando En El Infnito – Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical
        • Safari En La Selva – Los Cisnes
        • Baila Bonito – Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical
        • Ali Baba – Los Zheros
        • La Palmerita – Fresa Juvenil De Tarapoto
        • Recordando A Aguaytia – Sonido Verde de Moyobamba
        • El Pasito De Miriam – Grupo Siglo XX de Rioja
        • Rio Mar – Los Cisnes
        • La Uñita – Los Zheros
        Takayuki ShiraishiPhotonCamisole
        A fascinating Japanese Ambient Techno excursion finally reissued. Takayuki Shiraishi is no stranger to Camisole Records. With projects like BGM, MLD (CAM022)...
        • – Graviton
        • – Clear
        • – Figure 8
        • – Fluorite
        • – Photon
        • – Clear Away
        • – The Vanishing Point
        • – Afterglow
        • – Wavy Flame
        • – Blue Devided by Blue
        AzuraTheme From AzuraWorld Building
        Short-lived group Azura, as you can pretty much infer from the name alone, made Balearic house back in the 80s. They didn't release much of it but what...
        • – "Theme From Azura" House Version
        • – "Theme From Azura" Dream Version
        Lloyd CharmersSkin TightReggae Funkyfied
        Superb funky cut from 1975 of The Ohio Players big hit, super tight rhythm section uplifting this version. Originally released in Jamaica on Wildflower...
        • – Skin Tight
        • – Skin Tight Version
        Sheila HyltonLot Of LoveReggae Funkyfied
        Another sweet vocal by Shelia Hylton but this time in a groovy reggae disco style. Originally written & recorded by Neil Young "Lotta Love" in 1978. Much...
        • – Lot Of Love
        • – Version Lot Of Love
        Sheila HyltonFalling In LoveReggae Funkyfied
        Classic Disco to Reggae tune from 1983, Sheila Hylton's wicked version of the Surface tune from the same year, built around rhythm box & analogue synth....
        • – Falling In Love
        • – Falling In Love Version
        Susan CadoganChemistry Of LoveReggae Funkyfied
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        • – Chemistry Of Love
        • – Chemistry Of Love Version
        Worldwide Connection Vol.1Non Stop Rhythm
        MONSTER old school rave/bleep techno homage via Tom Carruthers' Non Stop Rhythm label. 'Worldwide Connection Vol.1' channels the spirited vibe of the legendary...
        • – Gynoid 74 - Twice Daily
        • – BDSL- Riding in the Fog
        • – Tom Carruthers - Visions
        • – Phase Omatic - Let's Teleport
        • – Saftbass - Go Dry
        • – Tom Carruthers - North West
        • – Kanadacid - Tabernak Acid
        • – Caniform - Fear
        • – DJ Boog - Basstech7
        • – Rave Industries - Hawaii FM
        Iftin BandMogadishu's Finest: The Al-Uruba SessionsOstinato Records
        The official retrospective on one of Somalia's most famous and beloved private bands, Iftin, and a companion compilation to our Grammy-nominated "Sweet...
        • – Aaway Axdigii aynu isku Ogeyn? (Where is our Promise?) [feat. Shukri Musse]
        • – War Wayneey (Great News) [feat. Aweeys Qaamis & Siteey Qosol Wanaag]
        • – Umaayey iyo Abo (Mother & Father) [feat. Axmed Sharif Killer & Safiyo Axmed Mansuur]
        • – Deriskaagi waa kugu Jahowareeray (Your Neighbor is Confused About You) [feat. Axmed Sharif Killer & Siteey Qosol Wanaag]
        • – Hobolada Hooyibo (feat. Dr. Rafi)
        • – Xiriirkaagii aan kusoo Xarakeeyee (Let's Celebrate our Relationship) [feat. Siteey Qosol Wanaag & Aweeys Qaamis]
        • – Wiilkii aan ku Waashee (The Boy who Drives Me Crazy) [feat. Shukri Musse & Axmed Sharif Killer]
        • – Ruuney (feat. Sahra Azura Xasan & Malow Aw Dinle)
        • – Haba Ley Habaaree (Let Me Be Cursed) [feat. Maryan Naasir & Axmed Sharif Killer]
        • – Shaydan Buulow (Dancing Devil) [feat. Siteey Qosol Wanaag & Aweeys Qaamis]
        • – Sig Sig Nima (Come Closer) [feat. Luul Jeylaani & Cabdirahman Fanaan]
        • – Iisoo Buub (Give it to Me) [feat. Maryan Naasir & Axmed Sharif Killer]
        • – Kurbo Jaceyl (Love & Pain) [feat. Cabdirahman Fanaan]
        • – Imtaxaanka Dunida (The Test of Life) [feat. Mahmud Abdalla]
        • 1. – Aaway Axdigii aynu isku Ogeyn? (Where is our Promise?) [feat. Shukri Musse]
        • 2. – War Wayneey (Great News) [feat. Aweeys Qaamis & Siteey Qosol Wanaag]
        • 3. – Umaayey iyo Abo (Mother & Father) [feat. Axmed Sharif Killer & Safiyo Axmed Mansuur]
        • View full info and tracklisting