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    • crash course in science – flying turns
    • oppenheimer analysis – radiance
    • tara cross – tempus fugit
    • esplendor geometrico – moscu esta helado
    • 1. linear movement – way out of living
    • 2. crash course in science – flying turns
    • 3. oppenheimer analysis – radiance
    • 4. mark lane – who's really listening
    • 5. tara cross – tempus fugit
    • 6. turquoise days – blurred
    • 7. bene gesserit – mickiey, please
    • 8. esplendor geometrico – moscu esta helado
    • 9. das ding – reassurance ritual
    • 10. martin dupoint – just because
    • 11. deux – game and performance
    • 12. somnambulist – things i was due to forget
    • 13. ohama – my time
    • 14. das kabinette – the cabinet

    Ace new compilation of 80's minimal wave music from Europe and North America!

    Most of the tracks on this album were originally released at the time on limited edition cassette tapes or vinyl by the artists themselves and only a handful of people knew about them.  Stones Throw's boss and supreme DJ Peanut butter Wolf alongside Minimal Wave Records label founder Veronica Vasicka!

    'Minimal Wave' has 14 tracks jammed packed with killer analogue basslines, electro drum machines and futuristic sci-fi synthesizer action!

    Unique opportunity to hear these super obscure energetic funky minimal wave gems!

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    • – Oropendola
    • – Mates
    • – The Takedown
    • – Hotel Jonny Chingas
    • – Vertigo
    • – So So So
    • – Sun Go Down
    • – Gecko Sound
    • – Flying Cat
    • – Mates (Dub)
    • – So So So (Dub)
    • – Hotel Jonny Chingas (Dub)
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    Sudan ArchivesNatural Brown Prom QueenStones Throw
    Fittingly for a record named for a homecoming event, Natural Brown Prom Queen is all about home – both Sudan’s adopted hometown of L.A. and Cincinnati,...
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        Limited coloured vinyl edition
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      DJ HarrisonTales from the Old DominionStones Throw
      ‘Tales from the Old Dominion’ is the new album from producer and multi-instrumentalist, DJ Harrison. The record pays tribute to his hometown of Richmond,...
        White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn)Neighborhood Wonderful Stones Throw
        Krondon & Shafiq Husayn collaborate to form White Boiz. The Strong Arm Steady MC and Sa-Ra producer combine their skills for this Stones Throw 14-track...
        • – Mothership Intro
        • – Live From The Mothership / Water Ain’t Wet
        • – Main St.
        • – Learn Tho
        • – Freedom
        • – G.U.N. (God Understand Niguhs)
        • – Mary's Son
        • – Variety / Oliver’s Stone
        • – Heartbreak
        • – Bloomingdales
        • – Hear Say
        • – Erotica Exotica
        • – Suffering Suckatashe (Duel 1)
        • – Going Down (Duel 2)
        Crow44Crow44Stones Throw
        Stones Throw bomb! Desmond Pierce with a collection of New Age hymns, lofi jams, detuned surf breeze meets 60's pop in North Yorkshire.
        • – One Orange (Revisited)
        • – If You're Feeling Down Part 1
        The StepkidsThe StepkidsStones Throw
        Stones Throw chuck a curveball out at the heads - this idiosyncratic album from The Stepkids. It's rocky at first, then jazzy, funky, psych-folky, fuzzy,...
        • – brain ninja
        • – la la
        James PantsSeven SealsStones Throw
        This is the long awaitted new album from James Pants on Stones Throw! Apparently started while reading a mystical book and the book of relevations and...
        • – i live inside an egg
        • – wormhole
        • – sky warning
        • – thin moon
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        Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974Now-Again Records
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        • top drawer – song of a sinner
        • ellison – strawberry rain
        • shadrack chameleon – don't let it get you down
        Sun RaDisco 3000Art Yard
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        Bite HarderThe Music De Wolfe Studio Sampler vol.2De Wolfe
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        • Peter Reno – Street Girl (Instrumental)
        • The Lemondips – Who's Gonna Buy (Instrumental)
        • Nick Ingman – Down Home
        • Peter Reno – Silver Thrust
        • Reg Tilsley – Warlock
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        Chris CarterThe Spaces BetweenOptimo Music
        Originally recorded between 1974 and 1978 at Industrial Records studio in London 'The Space Between' album was first released as a 90 minute cassette in...
        • – outreach
        • – clouds
        • – electrodub
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        DVANatty / GanjaHyperdub
        WOAH! Another killer 12" from Kode9's Hyperdub label! London based producer Scratcha DVA kills it with these two bass-driven shockers! 'Natty' is guaranteed...
        • – natty
        • – ganja
        • 12"£5.99
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        Psych-Funk 101: 1968-1975 A Global Psychedelic Funk CollectionWorld Psychedelic Funk Classics
        Killer funky fuzzy psychedelic tracks from 60s and 70s Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, South Korean and beyond!!!! Psych-Funk 101 showcases the global...
        • husnu ozkartal orkestrasi – su derenin sulari
        • kukumbas – respect
        • kim sun – the man who must leave
        • mehr pooya – ghabileh-ye lily
        • george garanian with the melodiya jazz ensemble – the big search
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        Tom Tom ClubGenius of Love (1982)Island
        Great party anthem on a 12", essential for any DJ ! Instant floor filler ! TUNE ! One of the most famous breaks of all time from this Talking Heads offshoot...
        • – Genius of Love
        • Original 12"£12.00
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        I Love FunkyMixed By Supa D & DJ MA1Rinse
        Heavweight Funky compilation from the Rinse crew arrives just in time for the summer months. Supa D & MA1, respected DJ's in the scene, deliver an...
        • funkystepz & lily mckenzie – for u (supa d special)
        • champion – motherboard
        • geeneus ft ms dynamite – get low vocal
        • roska – feeline
        • egypt – in the morning
        • perempay & dee ft katie pearl – in the air club mix
        • altered natives – rass out
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        T. K RamamoorthyFabulous Notes And Beats Of The Indian Carnatic - JazzEm
        Legendary south Indian film music composer/director, T. K. Ramamoorthy's prescient 1969 recordings of Carnatic - Jazz, indian and western instruments playing...
        • – gowla
        • – ranjani
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        23 SkidooSeven Songs (1982)LTM
        Essential post punk classic reissued on CD with bonus tracks! This is the 1982 debut album from the excellent British post punk band 23 Skidoo reissued...
        • – Kundalini
        • – Vegas El Bandito
        • – Mary's Operation
        • – IV
        • – Last Words (7")
        • – The Gospel Comes to New Guinea
        • – Just Like Everybody
        • – Gregouka
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        The Harder They Come (1972)Starring Jimmy CliffRevolver Entertainment
        Killer film, killer soundtrack. Now digitally remastered! Directed by Perry Henzall, Jimmy Cliff stars in his first screen role as a young and hopeful...
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