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      Messa di Orfeo is Popol Vuh's twenthieth and last album, released in 1999 and features music played during the audio-video-light installation as performed in the Labyrinth of Molfetta (Bari-Italy). What makes this album so special is the fact that Popol Vuh were a group that almost never performed live as Florian Fricke didn't feel it would be possible to sustain the level of intensity needed for a full concert, and he preferred to spend the time he would have taken touring with writing and recording.

      Now, for the FIRST TIME ON VINYL (these recordings only received a limited CD release in the late nineties) OWS records proudly presents a deluxe color vinyl edition exclusively for Record Store Day 2018. Strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide this release also comes with an insert containing lyrics, liner notes and rare photographic materials.

      Other Releases by Popol Vuh

      Popol Vuh Einsjager & Siebenjager Wah Wah

      The fifth Popol Vuh album, originally released in 1974. Settling down the partnership of Florian Fricke and Daniel Fischelscher that was started in the previous outing and, again, featuring /Korean soprano Djong Yun on vocals with sporadic contributions by Olaf Kubler on flute to follow te path set on "Hosianna Mantra" and "Seligpreisung". Limited to 500 copies. 

      • – King Minos
      • – Morgengruß
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      Popol Vuh Hosianna Mantra Wah Wah

      An incredibly beautiful work of amazing gothic folk managing to sound as something completely unique. Originally released in 1972, it features a host of musicians that included Conny Veit on guitars, Robert Eliscu on oboe, Djong Yun on vocals and Klaus Wiesse on tambura, led of course by Florian Fricke who played piano and cembalo.

      • – Ah!
      • – Kyrie
      • – Hosianna - Mantra
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      Other Releases on One Way Static

      David HessOriginal Soundtrack: The Last House On The LeftOne Way Static

      Soundtrack to one of the most controversial of all the 'video nasties', Wes Craven's 90 minute horror/sleaze classic of 1972 found a contrast to the blood n guts spilt in David Hess' (who also stars in the film) ardent songwriting skills. Beautiful, tender in places, Hess counjures wistful, psychedelic songs as a backdrop to Craven's ultravoilence.

      • – Little Cows Lookin' For Some Grass
      • – Wait For The Rain
      • – Water Music Sadie And Krug
      • – Phyllis Spills Her Guts
      • – Now You're All Alone
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      Florian FrickeSpielt MozartOne Way Static

      First time ever on vinyl - Florian Fricke (Popul Vuh) super, super deep stuff!!!

      Over the course of his career Florian put out countless Popol Vuh albums and two solo albums, the first one being 'Die Erde und ich sind Eins' (1983) and in 1991 he recorded this very personal album for Florian - every home needs this!

      Strictly limited to 1000 copies.

      • – Allegro Moderato