• 12" LEGS012£9.99
      Expected 13 MayPreorder
      • 1. Turbulence
      • 2. Talon's Reach
      • 3. Gruellin
      • 4. Hyphema
      • 5. Rochester Way
      • 6. Oxleas At Night

      Gage returns to Crazylegs to deliver a personal statement bristling with dark energy: a six-track EP called 'Mercury'. Gage has quietly carved his own identity as a creator and purveyor of oddball club music. Output has been irregular but always impressive. Mercury is Gage's loud signal: from the frenzied decay of Turbulence, via the deafening fizz of Gruellin to the breakneck elastic thump of Rochester Way, this record is full of character and originality! Check it!