• Matakena – Nuts On Me (Vocal)
    • Matakena – Nuts On Me (Instrumental)
    • Matakena – Aphrodisiac (Vocal)
    • Matakena – Aphrodisiac (Instrumental)
    • 1. Nuts On Me (Vocal)
    • 2. Nuts On Me (Instrumental)
    • 3. Aphrodisiac (Vocal)
    • 4. Aphrodisiac (Instrumental)

    One of the rarer Italo-boogie records finally reissued via Italy's Best Record. A one off release from 1983 produced by Luciano Ninzatti and Stefano Pulga who were responsible for the classics by Kano such as 'I'm Ready', 'It's A War', 'New York Cake' etc.

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    The Gong's GangGimme Your LoveBest Record
    Best Record reissue The Gongs Gang Italo-boogie / proto-house classic, produced by the legendary DJ Tony Carrasco of Klein & M.B.O. in 1983! Killer!
    • The Gong's Gang – Gimme Your Love (Disco Mix) (Vocal)
    • The Gong's Gang – Gimme Your Love (Disco Mix) (Instrumental)