• Chez Damier feat. Leroy Burgess / Ron Trent – Chez Damier feat. Leroy Burgess - Your Love
    • Chez Damier feat. Leroy Burgess / Ron Trent – Your Love (DJ Aly RMX)
    • Chez Damier feat. Leroy Burgess / Ron Trent – Chez Damier - Soul Minimal (Stephan Hoellermann RMX)
    • Chez Damier feat. Leroy Burgess / Ron Trent – Ron Trent & Chez Damier - MY House
    • 1. Chez Damier feat. Leroy Burgess - Your Love
    • 2. Your Love (DJ Aly RMX)
    • 3. Chez Damier - Soul Minimal (Stephan Hoellermann RMX)
    • 4. Ron Trent & Chez Damier - MY House

    Chicago house hero Chez Damier teams up with legendary boogie vocalist/producer Leroy Burgess on strong, deep, soulful house jam. Complete with the crucial 'MY House' which has Damier teaming up with his long term production partner Ron Trent in a CLASSIC style!

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    STR4TAAfter The Rain (Dave Lee Alternative II Mix & Dub)Brownswood

    Killer, alternative 'Britfunk' style versions of one of the key tracks from STR4TA's (Gilles Peterson and Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick’s jazz-funk project) amazing 'Aspects' album!

    • – After The Rain (Dave Lee Alternative II Mix)
    • – After The Rain (Dave Lee Alternative II Dub)
    • 12"£11.00
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    Cuba: Music and Revolution Vol.2 Compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart BakerSoul Jazz Records

    Cuba: Music and Revolution: Culture Clash in Havana: Experiments in Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 2 is the new album compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) that takes off in exactly the same vein as the much-acclaimed Vol. 1 - exploring the many styles that came out of Cuba in the 1970s as Latin and Salsa mixed with heavy doses of Jazz, Funk, and Disco to create some of the most dancefloor-friendly music every made!

    The album comes as a heavyweight 3xLP and deluxe 2xCD set, complete with extensive sleeve notes, and is jam-packed with heavy bass lines, synth and Wah-Wah guitar funk combined with the heavyweight percussion, powerful brass lines and the all-encompassing Latin rhythms of Cuban music known throughout the world.

    Much of the music on this album is featured in the deluxe large format book ‘Cuba: Music and Revolution: Original Cover Art of Cuban Music: Record Sleeve Designs of Revolutionary Cuba 1959-90’, released by Soul Jazz Books and also compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records), featuring the music and record designs of Cuba, made in the 30-year period following the Cuban Revolution.

    The music on this new album features a host of rarities from legendary Cuban artists such as Los Van Van, alongside Grupo De Experimentación, Farah Maria, Ricardo Eddy Martinez, Juan Pablo Torres, Grupo Sintesis and Orquesta Riverside, most of whose names remain largely unknown outside of Cuba but have long been favourite club tracks and secret-weapons in Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker's record boxes!

    The music on this album reflects the most cutting-edge of Cuban groups that were recording in Cuba in the 1970s and 1980s – all searching for a new Cuban identity and new musical forms reflecting both the Afro-Cuban cultural heritage of a nation that gave birth to Latin music - and its new position as a socialist state. Most of the music featured on this album have never been heard outside of Cuba.


    Both Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker have been involved in Cuban music for more than two decades – Gilles Peterson with his many Havana Cultura projects for his Brownswood label and Stuart Baker with a number of Soul Jazz Records albums recorded in Cuba. This Soul Jazz Records album is released in conjunction with Egrem, the Cuban state record company, and has been put together after the many crate-digging trips that both compilers have made on the streets of Havana and beyond in Cuba stretching over a 20-year period, searching out rare and elusive original Cuban vinyl records.


    REVIEWS of CUBA: Music and Revolution vol. 1:

    "We already have a strong contender for 'compilation of the year'. Put together by devout crate-diggers and Cuban music enthusiasts Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (founder of Soul Jazz Records)" JUNO

    "It's abundantly clear that these compilers are at the very top of their game. Everything here was previously unheard outside of Cuba, making this a feast for the curious" Vinyl District

    "Priceless comp that goes far beyond Buena Vista!" UNCUT

    • Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo – Y Que Bien
    • Orquesta Los Van Van – Por Que Lo Haces
    • Los Latinos – Quemando
    • Farah María – Amame y No Pienses Mas
    • FA 5 – Muevete Con Las Fuerzas Del Corazon
    • Tambores De Enrique Bonne – Como Arrullos De Palma
    • Ricardo Eddy Martinez – Expreso Ritmico
    • Los Papines – Solo De Tumba y Bongo
    • Grupo Sintesis – Aqui Estamos
    • Los Van Van – Llegada
    • Grupo Raices Nuevas – Baila Mi Guaguancó
    • Luis Carbonell – La Rumba
    • Orquesta Riverside – En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes
    • Juan Formel & Los Van Van – Llegue, Llegue
    • Grupo Los Yoyi – Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar
    • Los Papines – Para Que Niegas ?
    • Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del ICAIC – ¡ Cuba Va !
    • Raul Gomez – Luces En La Pista
    • Los Brito – El 4-5-6
    • Leo Brouwer – Tema de El Rancheador De La Naturaleza
    • Ricardo Eddy Martinez – La 132
    • Los Reyes 73 – Finalizo Un Amor
    • 3×LP + Download Code £26.00
      Expected 29 OctPreorder
    • 2×CD£13.00
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    Bacao Rhythm & Steel BandRaise It Up / SpaceBig Crown Records

    Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band cover the J-Dilla produced, Slum Village cut 'Raise It Up' backed with a version of Galt MacDermot's 'Space' (as famously sampled on the Busta Rhymes classic 'Woohah Got You All In Check').

      • 7"£10.00
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      Kyle HallThe Polychronic EPForget The Clock

      Detroit's Kyle Hall returns with some DEEP, low-swinging, beatdown house music VIBES!

      • – The Polychronic
      • – Str8 Rollin
      • – Ghost Dog
      • 12"£18.00
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      Deutsche Elektronische MusikSoul Jazz Records

      AVAILABLE AGAIN! Soul Jazz Records new 2018 edition of their long out of print classic first “Deutsche Elektronische Musik – Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1972-83” is ‘a near-definitive guide to some of the world’s most extraordinary music’ (The Guardian).

      Featuring a stunning line-up of groups including Cluster, Can, Faust, Popol Vuh, Neu!, Amon Düül, Harmonia, La Düsseldorf and Tangerine Dream as well as a host of lesser known groups such as Kollectiv, Ibliss, Between and many more. This new edition is fully re-mastered and features all the original artwork and tracks.

      The first seeds of German rock and experimental electronic music were planted in 1968, as students and workers in Paris, Prague, Mexico and throughout the world demonstrated against mainstream society, the war in Vietnam, imperialism and bourgeois values. The birth of a counter-culture, drug experimentation and social change expanded musical worlds. Germany experienced its own cultural revolution fuelled by these worldwide student and worker revolts and by a generation’s desire to rid itself of the guilt of war.

      German rock and experimental electronic music grew out of this worldwide counter-cultural revolution of 1968. The objectives were to create new music, ‘free’ from the past, many German youth turning their back on mainstream society. From the opening of the first collective/cooperative, Kommune 1, in Berlin, to the formation of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group and the bombings, kidnappings and killings of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (RAF), young Germans sought out new values and a lifestyle outside of ‘the system’.

      These cooperative and communal experiences led to a number of new collective German bands forming such as Amon Düül, Faust, Can (all featured here) and others and these ideals drove this new movement. A music that gave seed out of the cultural ‘nothingness’ that young Germans felt as a consequence of Germany’s role in the Second World War. A generation who grew up stifled by the recent history of Nazi atrocities, the guilt of their parents’ generation and their disillusionment at the reintegration of old Nazis into mainstream society.

      Influenced equally by the electronic experimentalism of Stockhausen, the progressive rock of Pink Floyd and the black American jazz and soul music played at the occupying armed forces bases, young German artists seamlessly created out of this a new unique music with its own unique identity.

      Double CD pack with large 36-page outsize booklet encased in slipcase. The vinyl edition is made up of TWO separate volume heavyweight loud gatefold double albums (now + free download codes) featuring all sleevenotes and text.

      Double Vinyl Record A is tracks 1-13 (+ Download Code)

      Double Vinyl Record B is tracks 14 - 24 (+ Download Code)

      Digital download does not include track 3 and 23 which are physical only


      ***** GUARDIAN REVIEW (John Savage)

      ***** GUARDIAN REVIEW (Dave Simpson)

      2x LP Record A/CD1:

      1. Can – A Spectacle
      2. Between – Devotion
      3. Harmonia – Dino
      4. Gila – This Morning
      5. Kollektiv – Rambo Zambo
      6. Michael Bundt – La Chasse Aux Microbes
      7. E.M.A.K. – Filmmuzik
      8. Popol Vuh – Morgengruss
      9. Conrad Schnitzler – Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal
      10. La Düsseldorf – Rheinita
      11. Harmonia – Veterano
      12. Faust – It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl
      13. Neu! – Hallo Gallo

      2x LP Record B/CD2:

      1. Cluster – Heisse Lippen
      2. Ibliss – High Life
      3. Moebius – Hasenheide
      4. Amon Düül II – Fly United
      5. Popol Vuh – Aguirre 1
      6. Ash Ra Tempel – Daydream
      7. Tangerine Dream – No Man's Land
      8. Amon Düül II – Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse
      9. Roedelius – Geradewohl
      10. Can – I Want More
      11. Deuter – Soham

      • Can – Aspectacle
      • Between – Devotion
      • Harmonia – Dino
      • Gila – This Morning
      • Kollectiv – Rambo Zambo
      • Michael Bundt – La Chasse Aux Microbes
      • E.M.A.K – Filmmusik
      • Popol Vuh – Morgengruss
      • Conrad Schnitzler – Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal
      • La Düsseldorf – Rheinita
      • Harmonia – Veterano
      • Faust – It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl
      • Neu! – Hallo Gallo
      • Cluster – Heisse Lippen
      • Ibliss – Hi Life
      • Dieter Moebius – Hasenheide
      • Amon Duul II – Fly United
      • Popol Vuh – Aguirre 1
      • Ash Ra Tempel – Daydream
      • Tangerine Dream – No Man's Land
      • Amon Duul II – Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse
      • Roedelius – Geradewohl
      • Can – I Want More
      • Deuter – Soham
      Overdose of The Holy Ghost: The Sound of Gospel Through the Disco and Boogie Eras (Compiled by David Hill)Z Records


      Something to warm your spirit and purify your soul via Z Records - David Hill returns with another brilliant compilation of soul gospel! 60's, 70's and 80's, sweet-soul crossovers, and funk-flavoured gospel, with much of the production rooted in disco and boogie. Clark Sisters, Ricky Womack, Shirley Caesar and more. Complete with track by track liner notes!

      • – The Clark Sisters - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Dave Lee Edit)
      • – Sharon Johnson - A Better Day
      • – Dan Greer - Love Is The Message (Dave Lee Edit)
      • – Ricky Womack & Christian Essence - I Need You (Dave Lee Edit)
      • – Shirley Caesar - Heavenly Father
      • – Elbernita 'Twinkie' Clark - Awake O Zion
      • – The Clark Sisters - Overdose of The Holy Ghost
      • – Kristle - I'll Go
      • – The Young Delegation - He Lives
      • – Tommy T & Company - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
      • 1. – The Clark Sisters - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Dave Lee Edit)
      • 2. – Sharon Johnson - A Better Day
      • 3. – Dan Greer - Love Is The Message (Dave Lee Edit)
      • View full info and tracklisting
      Barry BrownShowcaseBunny Striker Lee

      Barry Brown's debut album originally released on north London label Third World in 1978 contains the killer tunes "Let Go Jah Jah Children" & "Lead Us Jah Jah" deep roots music at it's finest.

      Features all star line up: Ossie Hibbert, Carlton 'Santa' Davis, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare et al!

      • – Mr Money Man
      • – Let Go Jah Jah Children
      • – Unity Is Strength
      • – We Need Love
      • – Lead Us Jah Jah
      • – Don't Let No One Bribe You
      Kellee PattersonKelleeModulor / Octave Lab

      Reissue of Kellee Patterson's 'Kellee' album, recorded in 1976. Her the second album after her debut album 'Maiden Voyage' was released on Black Jazz Records.

      Produced by Gene Russell, who also produced 'Maiden Voyage', this album includes some killer soul and jazz cover songs. Barry White's masterpiece "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby", The O'Jays "I Love Music", The Stylistics "Stop, Look & Listen To Your Heart", Grover Washington Jr "Mister Magic" and Kenny Logins "Time To Space".

      • – I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby
      • – What You Don't Know
      • – Mister Magic
      • – You Are So Beautiful
      • – I Love Music
      • – Stop, Look & Listen To Your Heart
      • – Jolene
      • – Time To Space
      • – Once Not Long Ago
      • LP£26.00
        Out of stock
      I-Roy & Dennis BovellGet Up Stand UpOld Hard Bread

      Original 1979 Rockers U.K. style from Dennis Bovell with visiting Jamaican DJ I-Roy recorded with members of Aswad & Matumbi, given a fresh mix at Mad Professor's studio by Mr Bovell. Numbered copies only 350..wicked dub on the flip!

      • I-Roy – Get Up Stand Up
      • Dennis Bovell – Stand Tall
      • 7"£15.00
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      Ron Trent7th Heaven (Tribute To The Energy Of Frankie Knuckles)Electric Blue


      The Chicago house legend pays tribute to the legacy of Frankie Knuckles with this unfathomably, deep, spiritual, cosmic, epic, house music production. Absolute heartbreaker, this one - essential release!

      • – 7th Heaven (Tribute To The Memory Of Frankie Knuckles)
      • 12" (Coloured Vinyl)£11.00
        Limited white vinyl edition
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      Papa BujuNan Esistn DfferenzOld Hard Bread

      Special 300 7" only release from Italian label Old Hard Bread / Twinkle Rootz Sound with DJ Papa Buju riding a tuff roots dancehall soundsystem riddim

      • – Nan Esistn Dfferenz
      • – Version
      • 7"£11.00
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      Lady BlackbirdBlack Acid SoulFoundation Music

      **Currently out of stock - more copies arriving from 30th Sept. Pre-order a copy now**

      With a voice that has stopped critics in their tracks, Lady Blackbird is a revelatory new talent with music that transcends the jazz scene through which the LA-based artist is rooted. Reflecting influences as varied as Billie Holiday, Gladys Knight, Tina Turner and Chaka Khan, with critics drawing comparisons to Adele, Amy and Celeste; Lady Blackbird’s distinct and beguiling talent is not one to be missed.

      Minimal yet rich, classic yet timely; eleven tunes that have a sound, feeling and attitude that speak of Lady Blackbird's deep experiences in music.

      • – Blackbird
      • – It's Not That Easy
      • – Fix It
      • – Ruler Of My Heart
      • – Nobody's Sweetheart
      • – Collage
      • – Five Feet Tall
      • – Lost And Looking
      • – It'll Never Happen Again
      • – Beware The Stranger
      • – Black Acid Soul
      • LP (180 gram)£27.00
        Standard black vinyl edition
        Expected 30 SepPreorder
      G.T. MooreJerusalem - Harry J CutPartial Records

      G.T. Moore’s ‘Jerusalem’ - Harry J Cut - on 7” for the first time backed with a previously unreleased dub cut.- `Mount Zion Dub'. Worth it for the melodica drop alone!

      Recorded at Harry J's Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica, 1980. Mixed By Dougie Wardrop, London, 2017

      • – Jerusalem - Harry J Cut
      • – Mount Zion Dub
      • 7"£11.00
        Out of stock
      MadlibBandana BeatsMadlib Invazion

      **Beats: Madlib / Raps: none**

      Instrumental version of the Freddie Gibbs & Madlib album 'Bandana'!

      • – Obrigado
      • – Freestyle Shit
      • – Half Manne Half Cocaine
      • – Crime Pays
      • – Massage Seats
      • – Palmolive
      • – Fake Names
      • – Flat Tummy Tea
      • – Situations
      • – Giannis
      • LP£21.00
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      Lucy VandyRejoicePartial Records

      Great mid 90s soul to reggae cut from vocalist Lucy Vandy, 1st time on 7" vinyl thanks to Partial records with production from Riz All Stars ( Nick Manasseh & Gil Gang)

      • Lucy Vandy – Rejoice
      • Riz All Stars – Big Hearted Version
      Dean MartinHey Brother! Pour The Wine (1970)Music For Pleasure
        • Original LP£7.99
          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+
          Out of stock
        Sis NyaYou Call It PressureHappy People

        The Malta based producer and founder of Dubkey Records, Manwel T, has been creating dub music since 2006, as well as remixing the likes of; Alpha & Omega, Coldcut, Dubmatix, General Smiley, and Public Enemy! For this exclusive Happy People 7” he has teamed up with UK reggae songbird Sis Nya, who has been releasing music since 1980 as a solo artist and in collaboration with; Vivian Jones, UB40, Dave Barker, Aswad, and Black Slate’s drummer Desmond Mahoney (and singer Barbara Naps) on the fantastic ‘One Love Stylee’ as NyaNatty.

        Only 200 pressed.

        • Sis Nya – You Call It Pressure
        • Manwel T – Organic Dub
        Brandee YoungerSomewhere DifferentImpulse!

        Performer, composer and educator Brandee Younger is an accomplished ensemble leader who perviously played with Dezron Douglas on the superb 'Force Majeure' for International Anthem Recording Company. This equally as impressive album is richly detailed contemporary jazz-harp that echoes greats such as Alice Coltrane and Dorothy Ashby. Essential release!

        • – Love & Struggle
        • – Olivia Benson
        • – Beautiful Is Black
        • – Pretend
        • – Reclamation
        • – Somewhere Different
        • – Spirit U Will
        • – Tickled Pink
        AmaraAmaraSola Terra

        Vibrant, energetic, spiritual jazz vibes from Glaswegian collective Amara! An absolute monster of a release from consistent label Sola Terra!

        • – intro
        • – blue
        • – ruby
        • – spirits
        • – psychedelic potato
        • – rotations
        • – street lamp
        CrackazatPeriod Works Album SamplerZ Records

        Absolute MONSTER soulful house release via Dave Lee's Z Records from the immensely talented producer Crackazat! Every track a winner - ranging from classy US vocal house/garage vibes to some slick disco-funk movers - but killer vocal cut 'In My Dreams' and much requested 'Waterfalls' standout particularly. Highly recommended!

        • – Waterfalls
        • – In My Dreams
        • – Sensationalised
        • – Fire Drift
        Sa-RocThe Sharecropper’s Daughter (Deluxe Edition)Rhymesayers

        Six previously unreleased tracks from Sa-Roc's 'The Sharecropper’s Daughter' session featuring MF DOOM!

        • – Options
        • – Wild Seeds
        • – Dusty Roads
        • – Reconstruction of the Heart
        • – The Great Escape
        • – The Rebirth (feat. MF DOOM)
        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.00
          Limited, translucent gold, black & white 'insomnia' effect vinyl!
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        Soul SupremeFeelin' Good / Officially in Love / Still ShiningSoul Supreme Records

        Soul Supreme covers a medley of 'The Official' (Jaylib) and 'Fall In Love' (Slum Village), and two unsung Jay Dee beats: 'Still Shining,' as produced for Busta Rhymes, which has never seen the light of day as an instrumental. Limited 45s - don't miss!

        • – Feelin' Good
        • – Officially in Love
        • – Still Shining
        Al-Dos BandDoing Our Thing With PrideKalita Records

        **Previously unreleased 1976 gospel soul and disco album!**

        Featuring one of the most beautiful, sought-after and expensive gospel soul singles in existence (from which the album title takes its name), as well as seven unreleased gospel soul, funk and disco gems such as ‘Confusion’, ‘Look To The Sky’ and ‘Love Jones Coming Down’ - Kalita deliver the goods once again!

        • – Look To The Sky
        • – Doing Our Thing With Pride
        • – Love Jones Coming Down
        • – Confusion
        • LP£23.00
          Out of stock
        Soul SupremeLet's Ride / Runnin'Soul Supreme Records

        Soul Supreme covers Q Tip's 'Let's Ride' and the classic 'Runnin'' by The Pharcyde! Limited copies - don't miss!

        • – Let's Ride
        • – Runnin'
        Little SimzSometimes I Might Be IntrovertAge 101

        On 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert', Little Simz effortlessly condenses any number of disparate styles and genres into music which thrillingly broaches the gap between urgent modern treatise and hip hop.

        • – Introvert
        • – Woman (feat. Cleo Sol)
        • – Two Worlds Apart
        • – I Love You I Hate You
        • – Little Q Part 1
        • – Little Q Part 2
        • – Gems
        • – Speed
        • – Standing Ovation
        • – I See You
        • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.00
          Limited translucent red & yellow vinyl edition
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