Leron Carson Red Lightbulb Theory '87-'88

    Sound Signature
    • Leron Carson – Mechanism
    • Leron Carson – Dedicated
    • Leron Carson – The Unknown
    • Leron Carson – China II
    • Leron Carson – Red Lightbulb
    • 1. Mechanism
    • 2. Dedicated
    • 3. The Unknown
    • 4. China II
    • 5. Red Lightbulb


    These are highlights from the legendary Leron 1987-88 sessions, recorded when he was ust 15 years of age!!!These rarities were hand made, meaning no sequencing was used for the keys on any of the songs featured, using cassette tape overdubs, a lost science! Theo Parrish asked Omar S to touch these up as an added bonus!

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