Lasry-Baschet Instruments Non-Électroniques

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    • Lasry-Baschet – Toccata Toccarde
    • Lasry-Baschet – Musique Du Film Cosmotonie
    • 1. La Danse Du Cristal
    • 2. Prélude Métallique
    • 3. Toccata Toccarde
    • 4. Invention A 2 Voix Ré Mineur
    • 5. Moelle De Lion
    • 6. Altitude 10000
    • 7. Mister Blues
    • 8. Paludisme (Part Two)
    • 9. Rhapsodie De Budapest
    • 10. Musique Du Film Cosmotonie
    • 11. Paludisme (Part One)
    • 12. Quatour Pour Trois

    A collection of the earliest recordings of the French sound sculpture musicians and Cristalists known as Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet.

    Featuring the first fruits of one of the greatest unisons in experimental French music combining the beguiling haunting sounds of Jacques and Yvonne Lasry and the development of the musical inventions of Bemard and Francois Baschet. Exploring a similar route to that of early Michel Magne recordings (and often likened to “a French Harry Partch”) the emotive music made with these organic, municipal, revolutionary instruments between 1957 and 1962 rode a narrow path between post-Second World War experimental music and anti-electronica before providing the world with the sound of the Granada Television Picture Box theme and one of Magma’s deepest foundations.

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