• 2xLP + Download Code£19.99
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    • CD£10.99
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    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – LAGEOS
    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Momentum
    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Galya Beat
    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Chasing Numbers
    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Chaos Rain
    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Surfer’s Hymn
    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – N.E.W.
    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Audio Track 5
    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Voodoo Posse, Chronic Illusion
    • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Hubble
    • 1. LAGEOS
    • 2. Momentum
    • 3. Galya Beat
    • 4. Chasing Numbers
    • 5. Chaos Rain
    • 6. Surfer’s Hymn
    • 7. N.E.W.
    • 8. Audio Track 5
    • 9. Voodoo Posse, Chronic Illusion
    • 10. Hubble

    For this anticipated collaboration LCO recorded material before being sent to Actress to work his magic on. 'LAGEOS' also features LCO interpretations of classic Actress tracks such as ‘N.E.W.’ and ‘Hubble’.

    Other Releases on Ninja Tune

    ActressKarma & DesireNinja Tune

    Following the early 2020 mixtape release '88', Actress follows up with 'Karma & Desire'. Breathy, nebulous electronic music experiments featuring Sampha, Zsela and Aura T-09 and more. Killer release!

    • – Angels Pharmacy (feat. Zsela)
    • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£26.00
      • Limited 2x140g 'crystal' clear vinyl
      • Sleeve housed in a silver foil metallic bag with black print
      • Inc. download code
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    • CD£11.00
      Out of stock
    Little DragonNew Me, Same UsNinja Tune

    The Swedish pop troupe's debut for Ninja Tune "is the sound of a band going back to basics and falling back in love with their instruments: drums, bass, keyboards, harp, guitar and voice, to produce some of their most focussed and inarguably best music to date."

    • – Hold On
    • – Rush
    • – Another Lover
    • – Kids
    • – Every Rain
    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£17.99
      Limited orange coloured vinyl edition
      Out of stock
    • CD£10.99
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    Floating PointsCrushNinja Tune

    Floating Points releases his third LP, 'Crush' via Ninja Tune. This album realises more club-ready, darker material, inspired by experimenting with the complex Buchla modular synth system.

    • – LesAlpx
    • LP + Download Code£17.99
      Limited edition version: 140g black vinyl housed in a glossy sleeve with exclusive cover art, artwork printed inside and out, 4 page A4 booklet featuring a score of album track ‘Birth’. Download code included.
      Out of stock
    • CD£8.99
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    Jordan RakeiOriginNinja Tune

    Singer, songwriter and producer Jordan Rakei returns to Ninja Tune with his third album, 'Origin'. Contemporary electronic soul and recommended if you're a Sampha, Tom Misch etc. fan!

    • – Say Something
    • – Mind’s Eye
    • LP + Download Code£16.99
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    • CD£10.99
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    Jayda GSignificant ChangesNinja Tune

    Debut album from Canadian DJ and producer Jayda G - follows strong releases on her own labels, JMG Recordings and Freakout Cult with DJ Fett Burger.

    • – Unifying the Center (Abstract)
    • – Renewal (Hyla Mix)
    • – Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking on the DF)
    • – Leave Room 2 Breathe (feat. Alexa Dash)
    • – Orca’s Reprise
    • – Missy Knows What’s Up
    • – Sunshine in the Valley (feat. Alexa Dash)
    • – Move to the Front (Disco Mix)
    • – Conclusion
    • 2×LP£20.99
      Out of stock
    • CD£10.99
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    Illum SphereGlass EP2Ninja Tune

    Illum Sphere’s 2016 album “Glass” was a focussed statement from the DJ and producer - a poised reflection on detachment and an assertion of his many talents. Now Glass has been reworked across two fresh 12” releases via Ninja Tune. For the second 12”, album cut ‘Red Glass’ is partnered with Hieroglyphic Being’s remix of the same track - following the release of his much sought after and critically acclaimed album for Technicolour Records, he provides a tranced out dispersion of the original. It shares it’s slab of wax with Beau Wanzer’s remake of ‘Fuel The Fire’ - the original becoming a stuttering, looping rhythm of brooding intensity. Limited to 500 copies!!!! 

    • – Red Glass
    • – Red Glass (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)
    • – Fuel The Fire (Beau Wanzer Adjustment)
    BonoboMigrationNinja Tune

    Simon Green aka Bonobo returns with his sixth album, the masterful, magisterial “Migration” – a record which cements his place in the very highest echelons of electronic music and beyond. By turns lush, manic, beautiful, melancholy, joyful, packed with both emotion and technical skill, this is perhaps his most ambitious attempt yet to capture the very textures of human existence in his work - Life's up and downs, loud, quiet and beautiful moments!

    • – Migration
    • – Break Apart (featuring Rhye)
    • – Outlier
    • – Grains
    • – Second Sun
    • – Surface (featuring Nicole Miglis)
    • CD£13.99
      Out of stock
    Seven Davis JrUniversesNinja Tune

    Bumpin' funk and house bombs from Seven Davis Jr - his eagerly awaited long-playing debut! Features the single 'Good Vibes' in collaboration with Julio Bashmore. 

    2xCD version comes with tracks 1 to 10 plus four bonus tracks:

    'Deep Space' / 'Galaxy' / 'Stars' / 'Dimensions'

    2xLP version comes with tracks 1 to 10 plus five alternative bonus tarcks:

    'Karma' / 'Try Me (I'll Funk You)' / 'Options' / 'Luv' / 'Honestly'

    • – Imagination
    • – Freedom
    • – Sunday Morning
    • – Everybody Too Cool
    • – Good Vibes (featuring Julio Bashmore)
    • – Be A Man (featuring fLako)
    • – Fighters
    • – Afterlife (featuring Kutmah)
    • – No Worries
    • – Welcome Back
    • 2×CD£10.99
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    • New 2×LP (180 GRAM) + Download Code£16.99
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    The Cinematic OrchestraMa FleurNinja Tune

    Reissue of The Cinematic Orchestra's revered and in-demand 2007 album 'Ma Fleur'

      • 2xLP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£23.00
        • Limited clear vinyl reissue
        • Three bonus tracks never before released on vinyl
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      RomareProjectionsNinja Tune

      Romare exercises his passion for African American forms, from jazz to juke, and for collage based production methods on this new LP for Ninja Tune! 

      • – Nina’s Charm
      • – Work Song
      • – Motherless Child
      • – Ray’s Foot
      • – Roots
      • – Jimmy’s Lament
      • – Lover Man
      • – Rainbow
      • – Prison Blues
      • – The Drifter
      • – La Petite Mort
      RaffertieSleep of Reason Ninja Tune

      Raffertie drops his most consummate release to date. The threads of house, hip hop and 'bass music' are gathered and fused into a more ambitious body; folding pop elements into his permanently wide-eyed, and buoyant production.

      • – Undertow
      • – Rain
      • – Build Me Up
      • – Gagging Order
      • – Touching
      • CD£9.99
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      • 2×LP£16.99
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      People also bought

      New Horizons: Young Stars of South African JazzAfrosynth Records

      Superb compilation of contemporary jazz from the richly fertile scene in South Africa!

      • Benjamin Jephta Quintet – Evolution Part 2
      • Thandi Ntuli – Cosmic Light
      • MABUTA – Slipstream
      • Kyle Shepherd Trio – Dream State
      • Lwanda Gogwana – Maqundeni
      • Siya Makuzeni Sextet – Out Of This World (single version)
      • Bokani Dyer Trio – Fezile
      • Vuma Levin – Hashtag
      • Reza Khota Quartet – Lost Is A Place
      • Zoe Modiga – The Healer
      • Mandisi Dyantyis – Kuse Kude
      • Yonela Mnana – Leagan
      • 2×LP£21.00
        Out of stock
      The Colours That RiseGrey DoubtRhythm Section International

      Rhythm Section International release this peerless jazz and broken beat album from the excellent The Colours That Rise duo! Mind, spirit and body music featuring guest spots from Andrew Ashong and Yazmin Lacey. Essential release!

      • – Red Dawn
      • – Home Time
      • – Opacity
      • – Orion's Belt and Beyond
      • – The Juice feat. Andrew Ashong
      • – Get Away
      • – If I Was God
      • – Atmosphere feat. Yazmin Lacey
      • – Deep Space
      • LP£22.99
        Out of stock
      Vels TrioYellow OchreRhythm Section International

      Rhythm Section International reissue this infectious, hip hop infused contemporary jazz debut from Vels Trio. 'Yellow Ochre' was released on Total Refreshment Centre back in 2017 and originals now fetch second hand prices of £100+! Features an exclusive bonus track 'Yellow Ochre Pt.1 (Footshooter Remix)'.

      • – Yellow Ochre Pt.1
      • – 40 Point
      • – Tenderness
      • – Godzilla
      • – Yellow Ochre Pt.2
      • – Yellow Ochre Pt.1 (Footshooter Remix)
      • 12" EP£14.00
        Black vinyl repress
        Out of stock
      ActressKarma & DesireNinja Tune

      Following the early 2020 mixtape release '88', Actress follows up with 'Karma & Desire'. Breathy, nebulous electronic music experiments featuring Sampha, Zsela and Aura T-09 and more. Killer release!

      • – Angels Pharmacy (feat. Zsela)
      • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£26.00
        • Limited 2x140g 'crystal' clear vinyl
        • Sleeve housed in a silver foil metallic bag with black print
        • Inc. download code
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      • CD£11.00
        Out of stock
      Lee BannonPattern Of ExcelNinja Tune

      Lee Bannon has a phenomenal level of output. Furthermore the quality of his work is consistently of a high standard. As if that is not enough, this artist also has the ability to conquer multiple genres by constantly changing his style with devastating effect. And so, Bannon continues his quest of morphism, this time for Ninja Tune, with a LP of ambient, atmospherica, drone and glitch. His beat work is almost absent on this album but in its place is a world of texture and moods that are both deep and rich. Another release to applaud from this innovative producer!

      • – Good / Swimmer
      • – Artificial Stasis
      • – dx2
      • – Suffer Gene
      • – Refoah
      • – Shallowness Is The Root Of All Evil
      • – Paofex
      • – Kanu
      • – Aga
      • – Inflatable
      • – Daw In The Sky For Pigs
      • – Disneu Girls
      • – SDM
      • – Memory 6
      • – Towels
      • New LP + Download Code£15.99 £10.00
        Out of stock
      • CD£10.99
        Out of stock
      Zakir HussainMaking Music (1987)ECM Records

      Rare ECM original vinyl w/ Jan Garbarek and John McLaughlin

        • Original LP£40.00
          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original German vinyl
          Out of stock
        Ennio MorriconeMorricone SegretoDecca

        **The hidden, dark-tinged and psychedelic side of the maestro!**

        This collection, featuring 7 previously unreleased tracks, explores what is possibly Morricone’s richest creative period, between the end of the 1960s to the early 80s, demonstrating Morricone’s long lasting influence for generations of musicians and film directors to this day.

        'Morricone Segreto' is an acid-tinged sonic journey through mysterious voices, fuzz guitars, airy strings, eerie synths and modern grooves from the Academy award-winning composer who was always ahead trends, dictating style in his own way.

        • – Vie-Ni (alt. take)
        • – Vita e Malavita
        • – Tette e Antenne, Tetti e Gonne
        • – Patrizia (alt. take – con voci)
        • – Psychedelic Mood
        • – Jukebox Psychédélique
        • – Fondati Timori
        • – Non Può Essere Vero
        • – Eat It (versione singolo)
        • – Nascosta nell’Ombra
        • – Beat per Quattro Ruote
        • – Stark System (Rock)
        • – Il Clan dei Siciliani (Tema n. 5)
        • – Ore 22
        • 2×LP£32.00
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        • CD£13.00
          Out of stock
        SaultUntitled (Rise)Forever Living Originals

        Another breathtakingly original transmission from UK group, Sault! Hot-on-the-heels of their essential 'UNTITLED (Black Is)' of earlier in 2020, 'Untitled (Rise)' sees the band evolve even more, blending funk, dance, post-punk and soul music into the soundtrack of the year. ESSENTIAL!

        • – Strong
        • – Fearless
        • – Rise
        • – I Just Want To Dance
        • – Street Fighter
        • – Son Shine
        • – Rise Intently
        • – The Beginning & The End
        • – Free
        • – You Know It Ain't
        • – Uncomfortable
        • – No Black Violins In London
        • – Scary Times
        • – The Black & Gold
        • – Little Boy
        • 2×LP£32.00
          Out of stock
        • CD£14.00
          In stockAdd to Bag
        BudgieSweet Sweet SpiritThe Good Book

        Finally available on vinyl at last! The first volume of Budgie’s contributions to 'The Good Book I and II" featuring his gospel-sampling collaborations with The Alchemist and includes appearances from J.Rocc, Action Bronson, Aston Matthews and Mick Luter!

        • – The New Messiah
        • – The Baddest
        • – Brother Elijah
        • – Heavenly Spirit
        • – Church on Shrooms
        • – Higher Than Before
        • – With My Soul
        • – Trees & The Sky
        • – Forgive Me
        • – Praise
        • LP£25.00
          Out of stock
        Tony Allen & Jeff MillsTomorrow Comes The HarvestBlue Note

        Detroit techno pioneer, Jeff Mills in collusion with the late legendary Afro-beat drummer, Tony Allen - on Blue Note!

        • – Locked And Loaded
        • – Altitudes
        • – On The Run
        • – The Seed
        • 10"£12.00
          Out of stock